Warehouse Dehumidification System-AD7



AD 7

  • 78L / 24h
  • 810 CMH


  • 85L / 24h
  • 730 CMH

AD Series Dehumidification System.

Industrial dehumidification is very complex subject to understand and for offering solution with help of different types of dehumidifier machine. Dehumidifier for industrial use are basically of two types based on its principle of working. First is Refrigerant based or condensation type industrial dehumidification system and other is desiccant based dehumidifier machine.

Each type of dehumidifier has its own advantages and disadvantages. Condensation type dehumidifier has low initial purchase and running cost while installing and running of desiccant type dehumidifier machine is very costly affaire. However certain industrial processed demands desiccant type dehumidification system. These process are carried out at very low temperature. Disadvantage of refrigerant type dehumidifier for industrial use is that it can not do dehumidification at low temperature. Industrial dehumidifier systems can be of floor mounted portable type or it can be of ceiling mounted type ducted air dehumidifier machine. Industrial applications such as small storage of furnished material can use floor mounted dehumidification systems but for large storage better to use ceiling mounted ducted type industrial dehumidification systems. AD series dehumidifier for industrial use is portable type dehumidifier machine. For dehumidification calculation and selecting right type and size of commercial dehumidification systems, please refer our commercial dehumidifier buying guide.

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Features AD Series Dehumidifier For Industrial Use.

AD series dehumidifier for industrial use available in capacity of 78 and 55 liter per day. It is floor mounted type industrial portable dehumidifier. Body of AD series industrial dehumidification system made up of impact resistant, corrosion proof plastic. Control panel, air inlet and outlet are made up of galvanised steel. It is condensation type dehumidifier machine. Unit provided with two 30cm diameter wheel with push handle integrated in casing. AD series dehumidifier for industrial use has inbuilt condensate pump which can push drain water up to height of 4 meters. Filter are installed at air inlet which is on back side while dry air outlet is from front side. AD series Industrial dehumidifier machine has hermetically sealed rotary type compressor which protect against vibration and overloading. Environmental friendly R407c refrigerant used in AD series dehumidifier for industrial use. This dehumidification system comply protection class of IP 14. Panel of this dehumidifier machine includes working hour counter, switch for on/off & illuminate neon for defrost mode, pump fault, humidity ok. 5 meter long input power cable provide with unit which can be keep in cable keeper on top side of unit.

Applications of AD Series Dehumidifier Machine

AD series dehumidifier machine use for various applications. Some of applications of AD series dehumidification systems are as follow:

  • Industrial applications: This dehumidifier machine use for various industrial applications and storage.
  • Flood Restoration: Due to its powerful air flow and extraction capacity it use as restoration dehumidifiers to dry facility quickly.
  • Cold Room: This dehumidifier machine use for dehumidification in cold with temperature more than 14 deg C.
  • Water Work Facility: In water work facilities this dehumidification system use to control humidity.
  • Large Spaces: This dehumidifier machine use for dehumidification in large spaces like warehouse, gymnasium, museum & Archives.