AP Series

Wall Mount Swimming Pool Dehumidifier-AP Series




  • 66L / 24h
  • 1000 CMH


  • 47L / 24h
  • 875 CMH

AP-70L Dehumidifier

Indoor pool dehumidifier is must have equipment when you decide to construct indoor swimming pool. Dehumidifier in swimming pool area helps to reduce humidity generated mainly from water surface of pool. Selecting right size and type of dehumidifier which suites to your indoor swimming pool requires expertise. For indoor pool dehumidifier sizing, we mainly needs size of pool, maximum temperature of water & indoor air temperature.

Indoor pool dehumidifier can be ceiling mounted, floor mounted or wall mounted dehumidifier. For small residential pool often client demands for wall mounted dehumidifier to save space. Another reasons for considering these small wall mounted dehumidifiers is to avoid any clumsy look due to floor mount type which will not match with interior of indoor pool area.

low extraction capacity is disadvantage of wall mounted dehumidifier due wto which this type of dehumidifier can not be use as commercial swimming pool dehumidifiers. As compared to ducted type whole house dehumidifier, wall mounted type dehumidifier are less efficient. Other type of wall mounted dehumidifier is through wall mounted or built in wall dehumidifiers. These dehumidifier installed on back side of wall and only inlet and outlet air grill is visible. Through wall mounted indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers are easy for maintenance. Indoor pool dehumidifier should be consider for pool room dehumidification when size of swimming pool not more than 50 square meter. CtrlTech offers all types of pool room dehumidification products.

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Features of AP-70L Dehumidifiers

AP series wall mounted dehumidifier are available in extraction capacity of 50 and 70 liter/day. This indoor poo dehumidifier provided with wall mount bracket which make installation job very easy. AP series wall mounted dehumidifier is slim in design, elegant in look. This indoor pool dehumidifier unit has only 26cm thick and 54 kg in weight. Hygrostat is provided to set required humidity level. This swimming pool dehumidifier has fresh air intake if you one like to use it. Also this wall mounted dehumidifier is equipped with automatic defrosting feature. Control panel of this indoor pool dehumidifier has indication of power on, defrost indications. If required optional pump kit can be installed in this swimming pool dehumidifier to flush out drain water. This indoor pool dehumidifier has energy efficient radial fan which makes operation noise free. This wall mounted dehumidifier also can be use as floor mount with help of four rubber leads supplied with unit.

Applications of AP-70L Dehumidifier

AP series wall mounted dehumidifier use for following applications:

  • This wall mounted dehumidifier commonly use in indoor swimming pool.
  • AP series swimming pool dehumidifier also use in high humidity areas like spa.
  • Due to its silent operation and space saving feature, AP indoor pool dehumidifier also use in Library.
  • AP series swimming pool dehumidifier has high airflow for given capacity hence it use in Museums where low humidity needs to be maintain.
  • Due to its slim, elegant look, AP series wall mounted dehumidifier also use in living areas and cellars.

To know more about AP series indoor pool dehumidifier and other swimming pool dehumidification products please contact us.