VEDA Best Dehumidifier sale for room.

VEDA Series Best Dehumidifier




  • 25L / 24h
  • 160 CMH


  • 50L / 24h
  • 360 CMH

VEDA Premium Room Dehumidifier

VEDA series room dehumidifier is made for premium places like five star hotel suits, palaces, five start hospitals etc. where each and every piece of object athletically and functionally best in quality. VEDA series best dehumidifier is designed in same line. Many times our best performing home dehumidifier get rejected by many elite class clients even though it has attractive prices simply because of its simple look. Considering such client we have launched VEDA series small dehumidifier crafted carefully to matched aesthetic of five star properties.

Advantages of VEDA series portable dehumidifier is same as that of other unit. It also achieves set humidity level in room and hence restrict development of mould and fungus in home. Study shows that most of allergic health issues are due to duct, mold and fungus. Mould and fugus get eliminated when room get dry with help of dehumidification unit.

High humidity places like Dubai, every home needs dehumidifier during most of months in year. Most of UAE emirates are situated on sea shore line and with high temperature in region, high humidity is very obvious affair. And Portable small dehumidifier always economical and plug and play solutions. Based on room size one can select capacity of air dehumidifier. In market we get home units with capacities from 10 to 30 liters per day. In UAE due to high humidity level we recommend 25 liter per day capacity unit for large size bedroom and 16 liter per day capacity for average size of bedroom. One should make sure that that these house dehumidifier should have all safety features and automatic operation

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Features of VEDA Best Dehumidifier

VEDA series dehumidifier stand for quality and comfort with aesthetic. Casing of unit made up of high quality plastic of elegant white colour with golden strip. Control panel is on top of unit with golden colour base. It delivers dehumidifying water of maximum 16 liters per day. Control panel is with touch buttons and LCD panel. LCD panel shows current humidity level continuously. User can set required humidity level. Operation of unit is fully automatic, which makes it stop working automatically when room humidity reduce to set humidity level or start automatically if room humidity goes higher than set humidity level. Electronic and mechanical components fitted in VEDA dehumidifiers are from best branded manufacturers which ensures reliable, quality and safe operation of unit. built with high quality components. Compressor is with Efficient at low speed, stable operation, long service life, Compressor with keel of motor can make winding close & effect of noise when it works. Condenser and evaporator is with new design inner double internal thread copper condenser; Anti-fouling self cleaning, 100% copper pipe. Unit stuffed with features like auto defrost, two fan speed, on/off timer, built in water tank & facility to connect external hose for continuous drainage, tank full indication and auto shut down automatically if tank is full.

VEDA Dehumidifier sale & Applications

VEDA Series air dehumidifier suitable for following applications:

  • For five star hotel suits.
  • Exhibition centers
  • As Home Dehumidifiers.
  • For Hotel room.
  • As air Dehumidifier for Basements.
  • In Luxury Cruise.
  • Dehumidifiers for restaurants.
  • In Museum to protect valuable artefacts.
  • For Humidity control unit small server rooms.
  • Best Dehumidifier for premium properties.