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CDM-90L Commercial dehumidifier review.

Embark on a comprehensive review of the CDM-90L dehumidifier designed specifically for industrial use, as we explore its outstanding performance, advanced features, and practical applications. Uncover how this high-capacity dehumidifier efficiently controls humidity levels, safeguards against moisture damage, and enhances productivity in diverse industrial environments, while considering its unique strengths and considerations for optimal performance.
CDM-90L Commercial dehumidifier review


CtrlTech, a renowned company specializing in industrial dehumidifiers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Middle East countries, is excited to introduce their latest addition to their extensive range of dehumidification products - the CDM-90L commercial dehumidifier...

With its attractive appearance, compact structure, and user-friendly operation, the CDM-90L air dryer is a versatile solution suitable for various industrial applications, research laboratories, medical drug storage, underground projects, kitchens, archived rooms, and warehouses. Let's explore the notable features and benefits of the CDM-90L industrial dehumidifier machine.

Bringing forth extreme proficiency in delivering quality and reliable products, backed by an experience of 10+ years in the industry, CtrlTech has surfaced to be among the most prestigious dehumidifier suppliers in UAE.

Our comprehensive tail of units are expertly engineered and designed to cater to the diversified set of humidity scenarios under an array of unpredictable weather conditions, without jeopardizing the performance and ensuring optimal temperature conditions at all times.

Armed with premium-grade components and robust features, CtrlTech commercial size dehumidifier units are constructed to be exceptionally durable and sturdy, making them ideally suitable for long-term use.
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CDM-90L commercial size dehumidifier - Outstanding features.

CDM-90L commercial size dehumidifier - Outstanding features

Specifically designed to remove surplus moisture levels from industrial and commercial surroundings, and maintain optimal humidity levels, this air dryer finds extensive use in a wide range of settlements with its notable features...

Impressive extraction capacity: With a remarkable extraction capacity of 90 liters per day, the CDM-90L ensures effective moisture removal in various industrial settings.

LCD control panel: Equipped with an LCD control panel, this dehumidifier enables users to easily set the desired humidity level and adjust the operating time. The panel continuously displays the current humidity level, thanks to the built-in hygrostat.

Durable construction: The CDM-90L features a robust construction with a fire-resistant, powder-coated steel metal body. The 1.2mm thickness ensures durability, while the large foot wheels and sturdy handle enhance portability.

Efficient airflow: The commercial air dehumidifier efficiently channels humid air from the front and expels dry air from the back, ensuring optimal moisture control.

Continuous drainage: The CDM-90L includes a drainage point that allows for easy connection of a flexible pipe, enabling continuous drainage for hassle-free operation.

Environmentally friendly: The commercial dehumidification system of the CDM-90L incorporates a rotary compressor that utilizes the environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant gas, contributing to sustainable practices.

Auto defrost mechanism: The CDM-90L is equipped with an auto defrost system, ensuring efficient operation even in low-temperature environments. During defrosting, the fan operates while the compressor temporarily stops.

Scalable solution: The CDM-90L industrial dehumidification system is highly scalable. Multiple units can be used together to meet low humidity requirement in larger spaces or more challenging industrial applications.

Portability: The CDM-90L is designed for easy transport and maneuverability. It features large foot wheels and a sturdy handle, allowing users to move the dehumidifier effortlessly.
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CDM-90L dehumidifier for industry - Operations explained.

CDM-90L dehumidifier for industry - Operations explained

CDM-90L industrial dehumidification unit follows a complete automatic operation and is extremely simple to monitor and operate. To initiate the startup of the CDM-90L, follow the steps mentioned below:

Optimal performance and maintenance tips for CDM-90L.

Optimal performance and maintenance tips for CDM-90L

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of the unit, here are some maintenance tips for this industrial dehumidifier machine...

Proper ventilation: Ensure adequate airflow around the heavy duty commercial dehumidifier for optimal performance. Avoid placing the unit in confined spaces or obstructing the air inlet and outlet.

Regular cleaning: Clean the air filter and dehumidifier regularly to remove dust and debris. This helps maintain the efficiency of the unit and ensures clean air circulation.

Check drainage: Regularly inspect the drainage system and ensure proper connection to avoid water leakage or blockage.

Professional dehumidifier maintenance: Consider scheduling periodic professional maintenance to keep the dehumidifier in optimal condition. A trained technician can inspect and service the unit to prevent any potential issues.
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With its impressive features, user-friendly operation, and durability, the CDM-90L industrial dehumidifier from CtrlTech is an excellent solution for controlling moisture in various industrial settings. ..

Whether it's a research laboratory, medical storage facility, or warehouse, the CDM-90L delivers efficient and reliable dehumidification performance. Invest in the CDM-90L to create a comfortable and moisture-free environment while safeguarding valuable assets and ensuring the productivity of your operations.
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Frequently asked questions.

The CDM-90L commercial dehumidifier offers a range of distinctive features and benefits that set it apart in the market. Here are some of its unique selling points:

Large Capacity: The CDM-90L boasts an impressive dehumidifying capacity of 90 liters per day. This high capacity makes it suitable for commercial and industrial spaces with significant moisture challenges, providing efficient and effective moisture control.

Inbuilt Internal Water Tank: The unit comes equipped with a convenient internal water tank with a capacity of 8 liters. This allows for easy collection and management of condensate water. When the tank reaches its full capacity, the dehumidifier will indicate the need for emptying.

Drain Hose Connection: The CDM-90L offers the flexibility of connecting a drain hose pipe directly to the unit. This feature enables continuous drainage, eliminating the need to manually empty the water tank. It is particularly useful in applications where a suitable drainage point is available nearby.

Attractive Design: The CDM-90L showcases an attractive and modern design, blending functionality with aesthetics. Its sleek appearance makes it a visually appealing addition to various commercial settings.

Plug and Play Device: The unit is designed for easy installation and use, functioning as a plug and play device. Simply connect the power cord to an appropriate power source, set the desired settings, and the dehumidifier is ready to tackle excess humidity.

Mode Selection: The CDM-90L features mode selection options, allowing users to choose between different operational modes based on their specific needs. These modes may include options such as continuous operation, automatic humidity control, or fan-only mode, providing versatility to adapt to various environments.

On/Off Delay Timer: The inclusion of an on/off delay timer in the CDM-90L provides additional convenience and energy efficiency. Users can program the dehumidifier to automatically turn on or off at specific times, helping to optimize energy consumption and tailor the operation to their schedules.

These unique selling points of the CDM-90L commercial dehumidifier make it a standout choice for moisture control in diverse commercial and industrial applications.

Whether you require robust dehumidification in large spaces or seek a user-friendly and efficient solution, the CDM-90L offers a combination of capacity, functionality, and design to meet your specific requirements. Refer our resouces page for more dehumidification calculation, sizing, and maintenance.

Yes, the CDM-90L dehumidifier is equipped with an intelligent system that automatically stops its operation when the internal water tank reaches its full capacity.

This feature is designed to prevent any potential spilling or overflow of water, ensuring a hassle-free and safe user experience.

When the tank is full, the dehumidifier's built-in sensors detect the water level and activate a "tank full" mechanism. As a result, the unit will automatically shut off to indicate that the tank requires emptying.

This feature helps protect the surroundings from any accidental water leakage and maintains the efficiency of the dehumidification process.

To resume the dehumidifier's operation, simply follow the instructions provided in the user manual to safely empty the water tank.

Once the tank is emptied and securely reinserted into its designated place, the CDM-90L can be restarted, and it will continue its effective moisture control in your desired space.

It is important to note that regularly checking and emptying the water tank of the CDM-90L dehumidifier is necessary to ensure uninterrupted operation and optimal performance.

The automatic shut-off feature when the tank is full provides added convenience and peace of mind, preventing any potential water spillage and allowing you to maintain a dry and comfortable environment.

Yes, the CDM-90L commercial dehumidification system is designed with a strong focus on environmental sustainability. It incorporates several features that contribute to its eco-friendly nature, making it a responsible choice for moisture control. Here's why:

Compliance with Norms and Guidelines: The CDM-90L unit meets all the necessary norms and guidelines to qualify as a green product. This ensures that it adheres to environmentally friendly standards and practices.

Use of PANASONIC Compressor and R410a Refrigerant: The dehumidifier utilizes a PANASONIC compressor, known for its energy efficiency and reliability.

It operates with R410a refrigerant gas, which is nonpoisonous and non-flammable. Compared to traditional refrigerants, R410a has a lower impact on ozone depletion and global warming potential, making it a more environmentally conscious choice.

Low Power Consumption: The CDM-90L dehumidifier is designed to be energy-efficient. With a power consumption of only 1000 watts, it helps minimize electricity usage without compromising its dehumidification performance.

This energy efficiency contributes to reducing overall energy consumption and the carbon footprint associated with operation.

Natural Construction Materials: The materials used in the construction of the CDM-90L dehumidification system are chosen to be natural, emphasizing sustainability. By opting for natural materials, the environmental impact associated with the production and disposal of the unit is reduced.

These environmental considerations demonstrate the commitment of the CDM-90L commercial dehumidification system to sustainability and responsible resource management.

By choosing this unit, you can effectively control moisture levels in your commercial space while minimizing the impact on the environment.

The CDM-90L portable dehumidifier is available at a price of AED 6950 plus VAT. This cost includes the high-performance features and capabilities that make this dehumidifier an excellent choice for commercial applications.

For customers interested in placing a large order, there is an opportunity to request a special price. This allows for potential discounts or customized pricing options based on specific requirements.

By reaching out to the manufacturer or authorized dealers, clients can explore the possibility of obtaining the CDM-90L dehumidifier at a more competitive rate.

Considering the impressive dehumidifying capacity of 90 liters per day that the CDM-90L offers, the cost per liter/day of dehumidification becomes very economical.

This means that the cost incurred for each liter of moisture removed from the air on a daily basis is remarkably low, making it a cost-effective solution for efficiently controlling humidity levels in commercial environments.

The pricing of the CDM-90L portable dehumidifier takes into account its exceptional performance, reliability, and durability, ensuring that you receive value for your investment.

The control panel of this product is easy to use and self-explanatory. It has an LCD which continuously shows the current room's humidity and temperature. Users can set the following parameters from this panel.

  • With the help of the mode button, one can set required humidity to 50%, 600%, or at 30% RH.

  • Also, using the “UP” and ‘DOWN” button, users can set random required humidity.

  • Timer button is provided to set the delay on and off the timer.

  • Using the “SET” key, users can set internal parameters and reset units in factory settings.

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