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CD-85L Industrial dehumidifier review.

Explore our comprehensive review of the CD-85L dehumidifier designed for industrial use, where we delve into its exceptional performance, robust features, and real-world applications. Discover how this powerful and reliable dehumidifier can effectively tackle high humidity levels, protect valuable assets, and create an ideal working environment, as we analyze its strengths and considerations for industrial settings.
CD-85L Industrial dehumidifier review


CD-85L dehumidifier for industrial use is a great appliance for incorporation in an infinite set of industrial establishments where moisture control plays a crucial role to mitigate the risks associated with moisture-induced damage...

Industrial and commercial factories and settlements are often involved in recurring moisture-generation processes, which if not addressed within time, can impose significant hazards, not only to the building structure, but also to the health of workers.

Excess moisture accumulation in the surroundings can also corrode and damage expensive equipment machinery, rendering them nonfunctional and resulting in incurring hefty costs.

With a humidity extraction capacity of 85 liters per day, this moisture removal unit is highly efficient in optimizing humidity levels for an array of settings, ensuring a comfortable workspace for all.

Being an industrial room dehumidifier, this unit is used under several different dynamic humid conditions, which can cause severe moisture damage. For the same reason, the exterior body of this system is constructed of impact-resistant plastic, and the system is protected against corrosion. This exterior build-up makes the machine more reliable and durable in the long run.

Besides being inexpensive, light-wight, and highly portable, CD-85L is an ideal choice for residential and small-scale commercial environments due to its high efficiency and low noise level. It is the best product by CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier UAE.

The CD-85L is a proven commercial dehumidifier model offered by CtrlTech for the last 12 years. The whole gamut of dehumidifiers offered by CtrlTech includes all kinds of dehumidifiers, including swimming pools and portable dehumidifiers for homes.
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CD-85L industrial grade dehumidifier - Exploring the features.

CD-85L industrial grade dehumidifier - Exploring the features

The CD-85L industrial air dehumidifier is a package of the best features put together at a very economical cost. It has all those "must-have features" that industrial dehumidification systems should have...

As a reputed industrial dehumidifier manufacturer, CtrlTech is committed to offering value for money to their clients. The body of this large commercial dehumidifier is made up of high-quality plastic, which has the capability to resist corrosion.

The CD-85L industrial dehumidification system is provided with large pneumatic wheels and handles to move the unit easily. The filter is located at the front of the unit and can be easily removable and washable.

The dry air outlet is at the back of the unit, and a hose pipe connection point is also available at the back for continuous drainage of condensate water.

The CD-85L commercial dehumidifier is provided with a meter hose pipe, and a hose pipe storage handle is provided to wind it when the dehumidifier is not in use.

This small portable dehumidifier requires very little storage space due to its small footprints. The control panel of this dehumidifier has an LED display, which continuously shows the current humidity and the set humidity level. Users can set the required humidity from the control panel.

Holding 10+ years of experience in the business and well-known for providing quality products and services, CtrlTech has surfaced to be among the most reliable dehumidifier suppliers in UAE, with its range of units designed to accommodate the most unpredictable and diversified set of humid environments.
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CD-85L industrial dehumidification system - Advantages summarized.

CD-85l industrial dehumidification system - Advantages summarized

The CD-85L industrial room dehumidifier is provided with a built-in humidistat, which enables users to set the required humidity level...

This industrial strength dehumidifier has auto shut and start features, meaning that when the set humidity is achieved, the unit will shut down automatically and start again if the room humidity exceeds the set humidity.

It also has a built-in hygrostat, which shows the current room humidity on the control panel. Additionally, this commercial dehumidifier has a drainage point to connect a hose pipe and a built-in filter.

CD-85L is the best choice for commercial dehumidification in crawl spaces, such as basements.

The CD-85L industrial commercial dehumidifier has an in-built filter at the inlet that traps dust and any airborne particles from circulating in the air. The unit is fitted with caster wheels and a push handle that allows for easy mobility, allowing for convenient movement across the workspace.

It can be used in various industrial applications, including pharma, warehouses, oilfields, and large halls. It is also suitable for swimming pool dehumidification for small residential pools.
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Understanding the control panel of CD-85L.

Understanding the control panel of CD-85L

The control panel of the CD-85L air dryer units is equipped with the facility to set the required humidity level. It has two keys to increase and decrease the value while setting the desired humidity level. ..

The control panel is equipped with a small LCD display that continuously shows the current room humidity level and the set humidity level.

The panel also consists of a Purge key, which allows us to set the dehumidifier in purge mode to flush out water from the internal tank of this dehumidification unit.

This portable commercial dehumidifier can be set to automatically turn on or off with a delay timer from the control panel. It is a commercial dehumidifier with a pump that can flush out condensate water. These units can also be used as residential indoor pool dehumidifiers.
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Operative methods of this industrial room dehumidifier.

Operative methods of this industrial room dehumidifier

Before starting the operation of this dry air dehumidifier, we need to position it correctly. First and foremost, the unit should be installed in a closed area. Make sure that all doors and windows are closed. ..

This best commercial-grade dehumidifier should be positioned with a clearance of a minimum of 80 cm at the backside, 30cm at the two sides, and at least 50 cm at the front side.

To switch on this commercial dehumidification system, simply press the power button. The unit will start if the set humidity is lower than the room humidity.
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Maintenance tips for this industrial portable dehumidifier.

Maintenance tips for this industrial portable dehumidifier

The maintenance of the CD-85L industrial portable dehumidifier is very simple. We mainly need to focus on the maintenance of the filter and the battery. ..

The filter is accessible from the front side. You can remove the filter, clean it with warm water, and reinstall it once it's dry. Clean the vacuum hose and nozzle as well.

The control panel display of this pool dehumidification unit is powered by a 9V battery, which powers the PCB of the control panel. To change this battery, remove the four screws, and you will see the PCB board with the attached battery. Simply unplug the old battery and replace it with a new one.
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Troubleshooting this commercial dehumidification unit.

Troubleshooting this commercial dehumidification unit

Whenever there is an issue with the unit, the LCD panel of this commercial dehumidification system will display a fault code like E1, E2, E3, or E4. Each error code corresponds to a specific error message, which helps determine the exact reason for the failure of the unit...

E1 code: Coil sensor error
E2 code: Humidity sensor error
E3 code: Low or no refrigerant error
E4 code: Water pump fault or blockage

By following the above mentioned tips and tricks, you can self diagnose the issues in this dehumidifier for industrial use, and take appropriate measures to rectify them!
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Frequently asked questions

The CD-85L industrial dehumidifier boasts several unique features and selling points that set it apart from other models in the market. Let's take a closer look at what makes the CD-85L stand out:

Robust Construction: One of the standout features of the CD-85L is its robust construction. Built with durability in mind, this industrial dehumidifier is designed to withstand demanding environments and heavy-duty usage.

Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, even in harsh conditions.

Internal Condensate Pump: The CD-85L is equipped with an internal condensate pump, which is a valuable feature for industrial settings. This pump allows for automatic drainage of collected moisture, eliminating the need for manual intervention or constant monitoring.

The convenience offered by the internal condensate pump ensures continuous operation without interruptions.

Strong Wheels: Maneuverability is essential when it comes to industrial dehumidifiers, and the CD-85L delivers in this aspect. It features strong wheels that facilitate easy transportation and movement across various surfaces.

The sturdy wheels enable effortless relocation of the dehumidifier, ensuring flexibility and convenience in different workspaces.

Non-Corrosive High-Quality Plastic Body: The CD-85L showcases a non-corrosive high-quality plastic body, which serves as an added advantage in industrial environments. This feature ensures resistance to corrosion, rust, and other corrosive elements commonly found in industrial settings.

The non-corrosive plastic body contributes to the longevity of the dehumidifier, making it suitable for demanding applications.

Affordable Price: Alongside its impressive features, the CD-85L offers an affordable price point. The combination of its robust construction, internal condensate pump, strong wheels, and non-corrosive plastic body at a competitive price makes it an attractive choice for industrial users seeking a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality and performance. What to know how to do dehumidifier calculation, selection, & maintenance? go to our resource page.

The CD-85L portable dehumidifier is priced competitively, offering excellent value for its specifications and features. The price range for the CD-85L typically falls between AED 7500 to 8300.

When comparing the CD-85L to other models in the market with similar specifications and features, it stands out as a cost-effective option. In fact, the CD-85L is priced at least 20% lower than other models offering comparable specifications and features.

This significant price advantage makes the CD-85L an attractive choice for those seeking a portable dehumidifier that delivers reliable performance without breaking the bank.

By offering a compelling price point alongside its quality construction, efficient operation, and useful features, the CD-85L provides customers with a cost-effective solution for their dehumidification needs.

Whether it's for residential use, commercial spaces, or industrial applications, the CD-85L portable dehumidifier offers affordability without compromising on performance and effectiveness.

Yes, regular maintenance is important to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the CD-85L dehumidifier. Here are some essential maintenance procedures that should be followed:

Cleaning the Exterior: Regularly clean the exterior surfaces of the dehumidifier using a soft cloth or damp sponge. This helps remove dust, dirt, and other contaminants that may accumulate over time.

Cleaning the Air Filter: The air filter of the CD-85L should be cleaned regularly to prevent dust and debris from obstructing the airflow. Remove and clean the filter, typically by rinsing it with water or using a vacuum cleaner. Ensure the filter is completely dry before reinstalling it.

Checking the Drainage System: Verify that the drainage system of the CD-85L is functioning properly. Ensure that the drain hose or collection tank is clear and free from any blockages. If the unit is equipped with an automatic drainage pump, check its operation to ensure it is effectively removing the condensed water.

Inspecting the Coils: Periodically inspect the coils of the CD-85L for any signs of dirt, dust, or debris buildup. If necessary, gently clean the coils using a soft brush or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Ensure the unit is turned off and unplugged before attempting any cleaning procedures.

Testing the Humidity Levels: Use a separate hygrometer to test the humidity levels in the area where the CD-85L is installed. This helps verify the effectiveness of the dehumidifier and ensures it is maintaining the desired humidity level. Adjust the settings of the dehumidifier if necessary to achieve the desired humidity range.

Emptying and Cleaning the Water Tank: If the CD-85L has a built-in water tank, regularly check and empty it when it reaches its capacity. Additionally, clean the water tank periodically to prevent the buildup of bacteria or mold.

Maintaining Proper Ventilation: Ensure that the CD-85L is placed in an area with adequate ventilation. Avoid obstructing the air intake and discharge vents of the unit, as this may affect its performance. Regularly check for any obstructions and ensure proper airflow around the dehumidifier.

By following these maintenance procedures, you can keep your CD-85L dehumidifier in optimal working condition.

The CD-85L industrial dehumidification system comes with a warranty period of one year from the date of delivery. This warranty provides coverage for any manufacturing defects or malfunctions that may occur during the specified timeframe.

During the warranty period, you will not be charged for any repairs or replacement of spare parts necessary to rectify the covered issues.

To avail the warranty service, follow these simple steps:

Contact CtrlTech: In the event that you encounter any problems or require warranty assistance, get in touch with CtrlTech, the authorized service provider for the CD-85L industrial dehumidification system. You can reach out to us via phone or email.

Provide Serial Number and Invoice Details: When contacting CtrlTech, be sure to provide them with the serial number of your CD-85L unit. The serial number uniquely identifies your specific unit and helps ensure a smooth warranty claim process.

Additionally, provide us with the invoice number or any other relevant purchase details as proof of your product's warranty eligibility.

Describe the Issue: Clearly explain the issue you are experiencing with your CD-85L unit to the CtrlTech representative. Providing a detailed description of the problem will assist us in diagnosing the issue accurately and taking appropriate action.

Follow Instructions: CtrlTech will guide you on the next steps to initiate the warranty claim process. This may involve sending the unit for inspection or arranging a service visit, depending on the nature of the issue. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure a seamless warranty claim experience.

CtrlTech, as the authorized service provider, will handle your warranty claim promptly and efficiently. Our dedicated team of professionals will work towards resolving the issue and ensuring that your CD-85L industrial dehumidification system is back in proper working condition.

For any warranty-related concerns or inquiries specific to your CD-85L industrial dehumidification system, contact CtrlTech directly using the provided contact information and follow the outlined steps to initiate the warranty claim process.

The CD-85L dehumidifier is a versatile and powerful humidity removal unit designed to address moisture-related challenges in various environments. Here are some of the common applications where the CD-85L can be used effectively:

Industrial Sites: The CD-85L is well-suited for industrial settings where controlling moisture is essential. It helps maintain optimal humidity levels, preventing condensation, mold growth, and corrosion in areas such as factories, manufacturing facilities, production lines, and industrial warehouses.

Store Rooms: Whether it's a retail store, storage facility, or inventory room, the CD-85L provides efficient dehumidification to protect stored goods from excessive humidity, ensuring their quality and extending their shelf life.

Construction Sites: Construction sites often experience high humidity levels due to various factors such as freshly applied concrete, water ingress, or weather conditions. The CD-85L is ideal for drying concrete, reducing moisture during construction projects, and preventing moisture-related issues like warping, mold growth, and damage to building materials.

Food Storages: Food storage areas require proper humidity control to prevent moisture-related problems such as spoilage, odors, and microbial growth. The CD-85L effectively regulates humidity levels, preserving the quality and freshness of stored food products.

Warehouses: Large warehouse spaces can suffer from high humidity, especially in humid climates. The CD-85L helps maintain suitable humidity levels, protecting stored goods, equipment, and inventory from moisture damage, rust, and degradation.

Indoor Swimming Pools: Indoor swimming pool areas often experience high humidity due to evaporation. The CD-85L efficiently removes excess moisture, preventing condensation on walls and surfaces, reducing the risk of mold and mildew, and improving air quality for a more comfortable and healthier environment.

Pharmaceutical Factories: Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities require controlled humidity levels to ensure product stability and prevent moisture-related issues. The CD-85L helps maintain the required conditions, protecting sensitive pharmaceutical products and maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.

These are just a few examples of the many applications where the CD-85L dehumidifier can be utilized effectively.

Its robust performance, reliable operation, and ability to handle demanding environments make it a versatile solution for combating excess moisture and creating a healthier and more comfortable space.

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