Industrial Dehumidifier-CD85 L Series




  • 85L / 24h
  • 730 CMH


  • 90L / 24h
  • 360 CMH

CD-85L Industrial Dehumidifier

It is very important to create regulated humidity environment during various industrial manufacturing process or product storage to maintain quality of product. Industrial portable dehumidifier are extensively use in various industrial applications. Storage of electronic components need low humidity environment where industrial portable dehumidifiers come into picture. Printing industry required controlled humidity space to avoid changing of ink colour.

Industrial dehumidifiers is must have equipment in film storage and processing, seed drying, leather storage applications. Industrial dehumidifiers are mainly working on condensation or desiccant principle. Condensation type industrial portable dehumidifier remove water from air by cooling air up to dew point at which moisture condensate into water.

Desiccant type industrial dehumidifiers absorbs humidity from air with help of desiccant wheel made up by mainly silica gel. Condensation type dehumidifier price is relatively less than desiccant type dehumidifier price. Condensation type industrial portable dehumidifier are use for major applications due to its capability to control humidity at lower cost than that of desiccant type industrial dehumidifiers. Controlling humidity with help of industrial dehumidification systems in industrial processes is tedious job and always need an expert. CtrlTech offers wide range of industrial dehumidification systems. Our gamut of products includes CD series large commercial dehumidifier and DD series commercial desiccant dehumidifiers.

Offer wide range of Dehumidifier

Features of CD-85L Dehumidifiers

CD-85L portable industrial dehumidifiers are available in two sizes; 65 and 85 liter/day. Body of this portable dehumidifier is made up of non-corrosive high quality plastic. Unit have built in drain water pump to flush water at up to 4.5 meter height. Also PURGE button provided on control panel of large dehumidifier to empty water from reservoir. During operation pump purges automatically to empty drain reservoir. Control panel of this industrial dehumidifiers provided with adjustable humidistat with which se can set desired humidity level. Unit has built in hygrostat and LCD panel shows set humidity on left and current humidity on right side. At front side removable filter provided at intake of industrial dehumidifiers. Air outlet hood is provided at back side CD series portable dehumidifier which can be connected to flexible duct. This industrial dehumidifiers has automatic defrosting feature and defrost indicator on control panel lights when dehumidifier goes into defrost mode. Three meter hose pipe provided with this portable dehumidifier for continuous drainage. Drain water pipe supporter is provided to coil this pipe when this portable dehumidifier not in use. Control panel of this industrial dehumidifiers can be lock by pressing “T” and Purge button together. 290mm strong pneumatic tyres and handle make this CD series industrial dehumidifiers very portable.

Applications of 85L Commercial Dehumidifier

CD-85L Portable dehumidifier price is very attractive as compared to features and performance of this industrial dehumidifiers. CD-85L portable dehumidifier can be use in following applications:

  • CD-85L industrial dehumidifier use in food industries like chocolate, fruit drying, tea, potato chips processing industries.
  • CD-85L Industrial portable dehumidifier use in leather and rubber industries to avoid bad smell and distortion of quality.
  • CD-85L industrial dehumidifiers use in museum and library to protect costly artefacts and old documents.
  • CD-85L portable dehumidifier used in high humid water treatment plants to avoid corrosion of machinery.
  • CD-85L commercial dehumidifier use in Marine industries.