CDM-50L Portable industrial Dehumidifier

Portable Industrial Dehumidifier CDM-50L Series




  • 90L / 24h
  • 950 CMH


  • 50L / 24h
  • 450 CMH

CDM Series Industrial Dehumidifier System

High humidity in industrial application can change quality and properties of end product manufactured. Not only industrial applications but also large residential use need small capacity industrial dehumidifier system. Using heavy duty large capacity industrial dehumidification system will be costly affair and waste of money and power. Small application which needs to reduce high humidity or drying of small space needs to be address with small portable industrial dehumidifier. For example, for humidity control in small welding rod store needs small unit than large dehumidifier.

While buying industrial dehumidifier system, one needs to ensure that that commercial dehumidification systems should have some minimum important features. First most important feature is that dehumidifier should have strong casing which should withstand rough use at industrial application sites. Secondly control panel of industrial strength dehumidifier should have facility to show room humidity or in other word it should have built in hygrometer. Third is about its operation which should be fully automatic. Which means dehumidifier unit should have facility to set required humidity level. And once humidity level reduce to set level, unit should shut down automatically. And in case humidity increases again above set level then unit should start automatically. Forth important feature is that it should have built in condensate pump or built in condensate tank. And lastly unit should be energy efficient. Industrial portable dehumidifier with axial fan, rotary compressor best quality component always energy efficient.

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Features CDM Series portable industrial dehumidifier

CDM series commercial dehumidifier available in dehumidifier capacity of 90 and 50 liter per day. CMD series dehumidifier industrial has body made of of 1.2mm think, powder coated, fire resistant mental sheet. This commercial dehumidifier provided with automatic defrosting system. CDM series commercial dehumidifier has LCD control panel with built in humidistat to set required humidity level. When set humidity achieved by this dehumidifier industrial, unit will get off automatically. This industrial portable dehumidifier provided with strong wheel and metal handle. CMD series large commercial dehumidifier consist of energy efficient rotary compressor. Environmental friendly R410A refrigerant gas used in CDM commercial dehumidifier. CDM series dehumidifier industrial required 220V, 50Hz power supply. Maximum power consumption of CDM-90L and CDM-50L dehumidifiers are 1260W and 700 Watts respectively. CDM unit provided with point for hose pipe connection for continuous drainage. Drainage water pump is optional. CDM series commercial dehumidifier are designed with rugged body to use in industrial applications, construction sites etc.

  • LCD control panel.
  • Built in Humidistat.
  • Built in Hygrostat.
  • Strong Metal body.
  • Delay timer.
  • Delayed start up for protection.
  • Two dehumidifier capacity.
  • Continuous drainage Hose.
  • Automatic defrost.
  • Environmental friendly R410A gas.

CDM Series dehumidification system capacity & Applications

CDM-90L and CDM-50L series commercial dehumidifier has extraction dehumidifier capacity of 90 and 50 liter per day at 30 deg C and 80%RH humidity level. CDM series dehumidifier industrial can be use in following applications for dehumidification:

  • It can be use in Aviation industry in storage of Jet engines and aviation spares parts which are very sensitive to humidity.
  • CDM series commercial dehumidifier can be use in Pharmaceutical industries during production and storage of medicines.
  • Welding rod need to be store ate low humidity places. CMD series dehumidifier industrial use in welding rod storage.
  • CDM series commercial dehumidifier use in food industries.
  • CDM series dehumidifier industrial use in paper & printing industries where quality of paper and ink colour is effected by high humidity.
  • CDM series portable industrial dehumidifier also use in Indoor swimming pool.