Large Warehouse Dehumidifier -SPD Series




  • 136L / 24h
  • 1300 CMH


  • 240L / 24h
  • 2800 CMH

SPD Series Dehumidifier

Very important aspect of swimming pool design is to consider efficient dehumidifier for swimming pool. In Indoor pool room area high humidity generated due to evaporation from open water surface of swimming pool. Evaporation get accelerated if pool water is heated which gives rise to high humidity in indoor pool room area. Hence Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Sizing is directly proportional area of swimming pool. to High humidity in pool room not only damage your property but also it can affect your health too.

Hence dehumidification system for indoor swimming pool rooms should be taken into consideration at the initial stage itself. Swimming Pool Dehumidification Systems should able to reduce water vapour in indoor pool room. CtrlTech offer ceiling mount ducted type, wall mount type, through the wall Pool Dehumidifier System.

Our SPD series dehumidifier for swimming pool is most commonly used dehumidifier for pool room in Middle Eastern countries. Recommended humidity level in indoor 60% to 65%RH. Humidity less that this will make air too dry and swimmer can feel uncomfortable after coming out of water. Indoor pool dehumidification system cost is also depend on which type of unit you decide to go for. Ducted type pool dehumidification equipment are more efficient but costly one. Ducted type commercial dehumidification systems can be installed independently with separate ducting or it can be connected in parallel with return or supply duct of HVAC system. Dehumidification Calculation for pool room should be done considering lowest air temperature and highest water temperature that user wants to keep during usage of pool.

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Features of SPD Series Dehumidifier

SPD series units are specially designed Dehumidifier for swimming pool. It is ducted type wall/ceiling mount type pool room dehumidifier. This unit available from dehumidifying capacity of 136 to 1200 liters/day. SPD dehumidification system is provided with wall mount LCD humidity controller which can be connected to unit with help of special aviation plug. From Humidicty controller we can set required humidity level. Optionally we can choose probe type controller to insert in ducting. SPD pool room dehumidifier offered with customized G4 filter at inlet duct which not only brings clear air but also protecting machines to run normally. Well know compressor brand is provided for high efficiency and low noise operation. Electrical design of SPD series dehumidification system comply international standard EN60204. This indoor pool room dehumidifier has built-in automatic defrosting system. Unit has delayed start up for protection. Domestic top fan in used in this dehumidifier for swimming pool which is perfect in performance and noise controlling. SPD series has Large Dehumidification Units also. Capacities of these large HVAC dehumidification system can be up to 1200 liter/day.

Applications of SPD Series Dehumidifier

Use of Indoor pool dehumidifier can brings lots of benefits to users.

  • Dehumidifier for swimming pool help to save energy and reduce your electricity bills.
  • Pool room Dehumidifier reduced humidity in indoor pool area and protect your property from damage due to high humidity.
  • By reducing humidity, dehumidifier for swimming pool restrict development of mould mites and hence protect health of occupants.
  • We often use chemical for cleaning of swimming pool and swimming pool water contains heavy amount of chlorine. When water evaporates from surface of swimming pool, chlorine also evaporates which is not good for our health. Pool room dehumidification system help to reduce this chlorine level in air.
  • By reducing humidity, indoor pool dehumidifier avoids bad smell.

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