DH Series

Industrial Basement Dehumidifier-DH Series



DH 30

  • 30L / 24h
  • 500 CMH


  • 50L / 24h
  • 450 CMH

DH Series Basement Dehumidifiers

DH series basement dehumidifiers is a effective device to counter common problem of high humidity at basements. It is very common to observe high humidity in basements due to cold temperature and lack of sunlight at basements. Industrial dehumidification device like DH series basement dehumidifiers has high air processing capacity and can work at lower temperature also. While selection pint dehumidifier capacity for basement dehumidifier, we need to take into consideration size of basement, minimum temperature at basement and highest humidity level at basements.

Basement dehumidifiers should have some of must have features. While selecting basement dehumidifiers, we need to make sure that this industrial dehumidification system should have feature like automatic defrost, automatic shutdown, built in humidistat, Built in hygrostat, hope connection facility. Basements always has low temperature. Due to which ice can be form on coil of basement dehumidifier. Hence industrial dehumidification units used in basement should have automatic defrost feature to remove ice on coil. With help of humidistat feature, you can sent required humidity level that pint dehumidifier should achieve. And once this set humidity achieved then basement dehumidifiers should automatically shutdown to save electricity. Industrial dehumidification systems should have LCD display with hygrostat to continuously display current humidity level in basement.

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Features DH Series Industrial dehumidification Unit.

DH series industrial dehumidification unit available in capacities of 20 and 30 liter per day. This basement dehumidifiers has high air flow of 500 CMH. This pint dehumidifier can work at low temperature of 5 deg C also. DH series industrial dehumidification unit is equipped with axial fan and fully hermetically sealed rotary compressor. DH series unit provided with four wheel out of that two are lockable. This basement dehumidifier has drain tanks of 8.3 liters and also 3/4″ threaded connection is provided to connect hose pipe for continuous drainage. DH series industrial dehumidification system can be use as lower temperature since unit is equipped with automatic defrost system. Humidistat is provided on control panel to set humidity between 40 to 90%RH. Front display of this basement dehumidifier has LED indications of tank full, fault, defrost & normal running. Operating hours counter is provided on panel of DH series pint dehumidifier. This industrial dehumidification unit runs on single phase 230V power supply and use environmental friendly R134 refrigerant gas.

  • Axial fan.
  • Hermetically Sealed Rotary compressor.
  • Built in Humidistat.
  • 8.3 liter drain tank.
  • Drain tank full indication.
  • Automatic defrost.
  • Transport frame.
  • Filter.
  • Automatic defrost.
  • Operating hour counter.

Applications of DH Series pint dehumidifier

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