Ducted Swimming Pool Dehumidifier-CDP Series




  • 162L / 24h
  • 3600 CMH


  • 136L / 24h
  • 000 CMH

CDP Series Dehumidification

It is always been a challenge to address high humidity problem. Pool Dehumidification system and especially ducted dehumidifier can be right solution for your indoor swimming pool room. Swimming pool surface generates lot of humidity due to evaporation of water. And Evaporation rate will be more if water of swimming pool is heated. This high humidity generated by swimming pool water surface need to counter with help of efficient pool dehumidification system.

High humidity in pool area not only damage property but also it can create health issues. According to type of swimming pool we need to select proper type of pool dehumidification system. For very small personnel swimming pool used by one or two members, we can also choose wall mount type pool room dehumidifier.

In wall dehumidifiers also can be consider for small residential pools. But size of residential swimming pool is bigger than 5×5 meter, a ducted dehumidifier is recommended. Ducted type pool dehumidification systems generally ceiling or wall mounted which saves space in indoor pool area. Other advantage of ducted dehumidifier is its high capacity of process air. Ducted dehumidifier available with airflow of 1100 to 10000 CMH. For Commercial swimming pool always ducted dehumidifier preferred due to requirement of high air flow and extraction capacity. Maximum number of occupant at any given time in commercial pool area play vital roll While sizing pool dehumidification system for commercial swimming pool. Commercial pool dehumidification units mostly connected in parallel to main supply or return duct of central air conditioner.

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Features of CDP Series Dehumidifier

CDP series is ducted dehumidifier for efficient pool dehumidification. CDP series pool room dehumidifier available in three capacities depending on their capacity of air flow and dehumidification capacity. Dehumidification Systems for Indoor Pool consist of rotary/reciprocating compressor with environmental free R407c refrigerant gas. Body this ducted dehumidifier is made up of thick hot-galvanised, powder quoted panel with 50mm insulation. This pool room dehumidification system has facility to connect optional water cooled condenser. Control panel of this swimming pool dehumidification system has LED indication for Power on, compressor on/off and heating coil on/off. While control panel has button to select mode of fan and dehumification. CDP commercial ducted dehumidifier can set on continuous fan mode of off mode which mean fan will start automatically whenever required. CDP pool dehumidification system has radial fan for silent operation. It is provided with duct opening to take intake of fresh air also. Air discharge in CDP dehumidifier for indoor pools can be change either from top or from side opposite to air inlet side. Control panel of this ducted dehumidifier also can be remotely mounted. We have option of connecting wall mounted or duct mounted hygrostat to this pool dehumification system. Failure monitoring kit also can be connected to this pool room dehumidifier which unable to monitor unit.

Applications of CDP series Dehumidifier

CDP series pool room dehumidifier are use in different applications. Some of the applications are as follow:

  • CDP series pool room dehumidifier commonly use for indoor swimming pool area.
  • This ducted dehumidifier use for dehumidification in warehouse.
  • Due to its silent operations, this pool dehumidification system also use in community hall, theatres etc.
  • Due high air flow and dehumification capacity, this pool room dehumidifier also use in therapy pool where due to hot water high humidity get generated and which need to remove in short time.
  • This ducted dehumidifier also use in Archives, Museums etc.
  • Due to its wall/ceiling mount orientation, it can be use for dehumidification in Production areas.