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Used dehumidifiers.

Used dehumidifiers are a cost-effective and more affordable solution than buying equipment upright. With a wide spectrum of refurbished and secondhand industrial and commercial models holding a plethora of capabilities in contrast to those of new units, contact us today for a hassle-free buying experience, and ensure optimal humidity levels in your surroundings.
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Used dehumidifier

Used industrial dehumidifier - A fleeting look.

Though new units have numerous added advantages in terms of exceptional operational capability under diversified terrains, warranty, high-grade performance, used dehumidifiers also find varied use in an array of applications.

Firstly, cost-effectiveness is the key to considering purchasing used units. Dehumidification appliances are an undeniable constituent of environments where moisture-generation is involved, be it residential, commercial, industrial, etc.

Besides finding use in a range of spaces, used air dryers find extensive use where continuous and effective moisture removal is crucial, which would otherwise lead to moisture damage in the form of corrosion, condensation on certain surfaces, building structure disfigurement, damage to expensive industrial equipment and machinery, and more.

In certain distinct areas where incorporation of such units are critical, purchasing multiple units for a larger area demands hefty investment...

Also, when these machines are required only for a periodic season, such as a backup for the primary unit, or seasonal art exhibitions, events, secondhand dehumidifiers are the go-to choice.

Besides being extremely useful for short-term use or seasonal times when high humidity levels during the summers are an alarming concern, buying used machines is also a major contributing factor towards sustainability, and holds a holistic approach towards the environment, reducing wastage.

By opting for used dehumidifiers for sale, you are giving an extended life to a system which would have ended in a landfill. This also helps save additional resources and costs associated with manufacturing a new appliance.

Reliable suppliers like CtrlTech offer phased out models of new units every year, in addition to refurbished dehumidifiers, that are packed with resilient components and features, which allows these units to achieve the same working efficiency to those of new units.

Saving you upon hefty upfront investments, and catering to a diversified category of needs, used moisture removal machines are a highly recommended option for those within a tight budget.
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Used industrial dehumidifier for sale - A process brief.

  • You can contact us and send us an enquiry concerning your needs about used dehumidifiers.

  • We will understand your requirement in terms of rating and type of dehumidification system you need and provide you list of used industrial dehumidifiers that are available in stock for sale.

  • On request, customers can visit our warehouse to see this secondhand dehumidification system before making a buying decision. Customer needs to book the appointment in advance.

  • We prepare a quotation and forward it to you for approval. Upon mutual agreement, we proceed with the purchase order, and accept a 100% advance payment.

  • Post the payment, we deliver the unit to your doorstep, or customers can pick up from the warehouse, as per their convenience.

  • In the case or large capacity unit, commissioning and complete testing will be done by our experienced technicians, ensuring no faults or defects in the machine at the time of delivery.

  • These used industrial dehumidifiers are provided with a warranty period of 6 months from the date of delivery.

Second hand dehumidifiers - A snapshot of comfort.

Second hand dehumidifiers are basically pre-owned and used appliances, which are refurbished and sold again at a comparatively lower cost.

Humidity removal machines are typically incorporated into high moisture prone environments, which is why they are innovatively constructed to be sturdy and durable for a longer period of time.

Equipped with resilient features and high-grade premium internal components that facilitate the same operational efficiency of refurbished systems as that of new units, these used dehumidifiers for sale are exceptionally suitable for use in the long run.

Besides being affordable and cost-effective as compared to brand new appliances, these machines are the ideal go-to choice for establishments and corporations within a limited budget.

Additionally, used commercial dehumidifiers also find a common spot for short-term use or during seasonal periods, when fluctuating levels of humidity and temperatures need to be moderated for ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment.

Being considerate about the environment and saving up on resources which would have been utilized in constructing a new appliance, is the prime benefit behind choosing... used dehumidifiers.

Although, certain factors need to be considered before making your buying decision, such as history about the unit, maintenance and repair frequency, outfitted features, and most importantly, the seller from which you are buying.

Reputed sellers like CtrlTech provide extended warranty on used units, guaranteeing you a safer side if the unit malfunctions within the said period.

Holding an impressive list of humidity moderator devices, for an infinite range of applications, contact CtrlTech today to schedule a site visit and get rid of surplus moisture in your space.
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Buy used dehumidifier

Used commercial dehumidifiers - Diverse range for diverse needs.

CtrlTech is among the most reputed and well-known used dehumidifier suppliers in UAE with over 10+ years in the business and respected for providing quality products and services. CtrlTech holds a comprehensive catalog of used commercial dehumidifiers for sale that is expertly designed and engineered to accommodate the infinite range of humidity levels in unpredictable surroundings. Besides, we also hold an impressive list of refurbished and phased out models for sale at an affordable cost, tailored to cater to the moisture removal needs of any terrain. Contact us today for a hassle-free buying experience.

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Cross-country presence across the Middle East.

  • Dubai.

  • Abu Dhabi.

  • Sharjah.

  • Fujairah.

  • Ras Al Khaimah.

  • Umm Al Quwain.

Over the past decade, CtrlTech has surfaced to be among the most reliable providers of used industrial dehumidifiers. Based out of SAIF Zone Sharjah, we serve in all countries across the Middle East, including all the 7 Emirates.

Humidity levels and surplus moisture content are an alarming concern in the Middle eastern countries, which are known for their hot and humid temperatures. Hence, incorporation of air dryer machines becomes a mandate to ensure optimal humidity levels in the air.

Involving a costly affair demanding hefty upfront investments, used dehumidifiers come out to be the most cost-effective and efficient solution to preserve a comfortable space for all, while putting forward an environmentally-friendly approach, facilitating sustainability.

Frequently asked questions.

There are a spectrum of benefits of buying a used dehumidifier. Some of the most common ones include:

Lower cost: Being a phased out or refurbished model, used units are sold at a comparatively lower price as compared to brand new models, and is an extremely cost-effective solution for those within a tight budget. If bought from a reliable supplier, these units have the same operational efficiency to that of new models, and hence does not jeopardize performance.

Suitable for temporary use: New humidity removal machines demand a hefty upfront cost, which might not be a feasible option. If you need a used dehumidifier for short-term use, such as during short-term stay, home renovation, art exhibition, etc, a used unit is the most economical situation than buying a new unit.

Eco friendly: When you purchase a second hand dehumidifier, you are indirectly contributing to extending its useful life, and thus aiding in minimizing wastage and harmful impact on the environment.

However, there are certain downgrades too of buying a used humidity removal unit. For instance, it might not have the same degree of customer service as a brand-new equipment or a guarantee. The possibility of buying a device with concealed damage or flaws that aren't immediately obvious also exists. Ultimately, your specific demands and circumstances will determine whether purchasing a used industrial dehumidifier is the best option for you.

When buying a used industrial dehumidifier, there are specific factors you need to consider and ensure to check if the unit is in proper working condition. Some of the ways by which you can do so are:

Inspection of the unit: Examine the unit for any potential signs of damage, such as tear, cracks, dents, corrosion, etc.

Check the air filters: Have a thorough look at the air filters fitted at the air inlet. If there is accumulation of dirt or debris, that means the device has not been properly maintained, and might lead to frequent overheating during its operations.

Test the working conditions: If possible, try plugging in the device and check if the compressor is in good working condition, the fan is working, and other features such as humidistat, LCD panel are working properly.

Past enquiry: Try and enquire about the device’s past history and if it had undergone any major repairs or had a history of malfunctions. This way, you can put on a rough idea about the present working conditions of the used dehumidifier.

It is quite hard to accurately determine the energy efficiency of used systems, as it will be impractical to draw a comparison chart between new and used dehumidifier models. Despite of it, there are certain factors that you can take into consideration:

Energy star label: There are distinct air dryer units that have an energy star label, which means the unit complies with industry-grade efficiency standards. But it is important to keep in mind that all energy-efficient units do not have a label or rating. So it is highly advised to check in for energy-efficient features, such as premium internal components, efficient rotary compressor, etc.

Unit age: The older the unit, the less energy-efficient it will be. Power consumption of the unit matters a lot in the case of used industrial dehumidifiers.

Energy-saving features: All moisture control machines are equipped with specific resilient features that aid in achieving optimal operational efficiency of the device. Look for features that help reduce excess power consumption, like adjustable humidity controls, auto shut down feature, programmable delay timer, etc.

Though there are plenty of suppliers, CtrlTech has surfaced to be among the oldest, well-known, and reputed humidity dryer suppliers in Dubai, with over 10+ years of experience in the business.

CtrlTech is best known for delivering quality products and service to its customers and has a wide spectrum of used commercial dehumidifiers for sale, with free sizing and capacity calculation!

Choose CtrlTech’s used dehumidifiers for sale for all your humidity removal requirements.

Following are the factors that should govern your considerations when comparing used dehumidifiers.

Capacity: Humidity removal capacity determines the amount of moisture that the unit can effectively remove from the surrounding atmosphere in a single day. The crucial factor here lies with the environment for which you want to implement the unit, for example your residential building, industrial settlement, storage units, food processing plants, basement, etc. A large area is prone to higher humidity levels, thereby compelling the need of a large capacity unit.

Energy efficiency: Systems that are designed to operate under heavy-duty conditions, such as large industrial or commercial settings, are obviously to consume a bigger load of power, which can result in skyrocketing electricity bills. Hence, check for features that aid in energy efficiency and help reduce excess power consumption, such as adjustable humidity controls, efficient compressor, delay timer, automatic shut down, dual operation - ventilation and dehumidification, etc.

Noise level: Operational noise depends on device to device, and is strongly dependent on the environment that you are looking to implement the unit in. For large areas, a machine with an adequate noise level can still be considered, in contrasted to residential areas such as bedrooms or halls, where silent operation is of prime importance.

Pricing: The more the unit is packed with robust features, the higher the price chart will rise. Therefore, it depends upon your selection of used dehumidifiers that aligns with your humidity moderation needs.

There can be hefty price fluctuations even between used machines, which is primarily due to the features the unit is armed with. There are several factors that such units possess, which contributes to the different price ranges.

Factors that affect the price range of a used commercial dehumidifier are the capacity of the unit, energy efficiency, components that the unit is equipped with, and the number of features the device is armed with that aid in achieving optimal performance efficiency.

Typically, the price range of such machines can be even 50% less than then actual price of the new unit.

Yes, purchasing a used dehumidifier has positive effects on the environment. You can reduce waste and preserve resources by deciding to purchase a secondhand dehumidifier. You are essentially recycling a product when you buy a used dehumidifier because it may otherwise have ended up in a landfill or been thrown away.

Additionally, buying a phased-out dehumidifier can help reduce the need for new production of appliances, which lowers your carbon footprint. New appliance production can be a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, purchasing refurnished dehumidifiers aids in preserving the energy and resources used in their manufacture. New appliance manufacturing can consume a lot of energy and resources, including water, raw materials, and fossil fuels. You are not adding to the energy and resource demands of new production when you purchase old goods.

Yes, it is possible to incorporate a used commercial dehumidifier for sale in a commercial setting, but there are a few important factors to consider.

Commercial properties such as warehouse facilities, malls, manufacturing plants, storage spaces, are prone to continuous moisture-generation processes, primarily due to the processes they are involved in.

To meet the diverse and complex humidity moderation requirements, you need an air dryer with a high capacity and armed with advanced features.

Secondly, consider the age of the unit. Over the period of time, units tend to wear out and operational efficiency subsides comparatively to a newer model, which leads to higher energy costs.

Last but not least, you should always consider having a warranty period for used dehumidifiers on sale. That keeps you on the safer side in case of any equipment defects and if malfunctioning occurs.

Reliable suppliers like CtrlTech offer a 6 month warranty period across their entire range of used dehumidifiers in UAE.

The energy costs associated with buying a used system can lead to lower utility costs as compared to buying a new machinery upfront.

Generally speaking, the energy efficiency of the unit plays a crucial role in determining the power consumption and thereby costs involved.

A used dehumidifier that has energy efficient features leads to potential energy savings as compared to a new unit which is not energy-efficient.

However, it is also important to keep a note that older models might not be as efficient as new machineries. Additionally, you should also consider the build structure and components the unit is fitted with, which enables the unit to perform with the same capabilities as a new one, in the long run.

However, some of the most critical factors that you need to look upon are the age, brand, energy efficiency and maintenance requirements of the used industrial dehumidifier.

Equipment brought from reliable suppliers like CtrlTech are appreciated, as reputed suppliers are best known for delivering quality products and providing warranty on used machines as well, that safeguards you from overhead costs in case of any defects or malfunctions.

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We bought eight CD-60L units from CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai for our villa in Jumeirah Golf Estate. These portable dryers are excellent. It has an exquisite look and outstanding performance. The best part is we can set humidity, fan speed, and timer. In addition, we got immediate free delivery and assistance for installation and demo. CD-60L is the best portable dehumidifier in UAE at a very reasonable price.




Happy with ceiling mount duct dehumidifier supplied by CtrlTech for our warehouse in Logistic city Dubai. Delivery and installation was very smooth. We strongly recommend this dehumidifier supplier.




I am living in Mudon Dubai. Called CtrlTech to solve the high humidity issue in my indoor swimming pool. They visited my swimming pool, did dehumidifier calculation, and installed a swimming pool dehumidifier at my villa. Since then, there is no condensation of glass and no bad smell. I strongly recommend this supplier.



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