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Industrial dehumidifier rental.

Industrial dehumidifier hire is the most economical option for short term uses. It will not only save money but you get very quick service. Compelling the dire need of a humidity removal machine in commercial and resident habitats, avail our dehumidifier rental services for a hassle-free moisture control experience.
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Industrial dehumidifier rental near me
Industrial dehumidifier hire

Industrial dehumidifier rental - A quick glimpse.

Industrial dehumidification systems are typically high-capacity units that find extensive use in a wide variety of applications and are not limited to industrial settlements. From warehouse facilities, storage units, commercial complexes, the utilization of these machines are infinite.

Bringing forth exceptional operational efficiency and the capability to work under extreme conditions without jeopardizing performance, these advanced machineries are equipped with high-grade components and features that facilitate its working.

Being an undeniable component of environments where effective moisture control is critical to maintain a safe surrounding and eradicate risks of moisture damage, the costs associated with these high-capacity units are typically high.

Though renting and buying will always be a matter of debate and having their own set of benefits, the end purpose always lies upon how long the equipment will be in use...

Based upon this metric, an industrial dehumidifier hire can be considered to be among the most ideal and cost-effective solutions.

There are circumstances where you might need a dehumidification system for a shorter period of time, or when you are experiencing periodic operational disruptions with your existing systems.Under these conditions, buying a new machine and making an upfront investment is incomprehensible, hence, getting an industrial dehumidifier for hire is always advised.

Several applications like paint, concrete drying, flood recovery, and certain events need a dryer only for a concise period of time. Under such scenarios, it is not recommended to buy a new unit. Rather, industrial dehumidifier rental is the best option.

Dehumidifier rental companies in Dubai deliver and fix units free of cost at your locations.
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Temporary industrial dehumidifier hire - How does it work?

  • You can send your enquiry for industrial dehumidifier rental to us, wherein we evaluate and understand your requirements. We estimate on the metrics of unit capacity, the rental tenure, product delivery or on-site pickup, and unit installation.

  • According to the assessed metrics, we suggest you a specific industrial dehumidification unit, if you don’t have any in mind. Based upon the above details, we forward you a quotation.

  • Upon mutual agreement on the quotation terms, we proceed towards the final order confirmation and accept the purchase order.

  • Post the acceptance of the purchase order, we obtain a 100% advance payment.

  • Upon the payment confirmation, we deliver the dehumidifier on rent to the customer's place, or prepare the order for on-site pickup by the user, as agreed upon during the quotation.

  • Our engineer visits your place for complete installation and setting up the unit to a ready-to-operate condition. The engineer will ensure the proper functioning of the unit and familiarize you regarding the unit and validate the device is in proper working condition.

  • After the tenure period is over, our staff will collect the unit from your doorstep, or you can drop it off as mentioned in the rental agreement. Our engineer will check for any potential damages and raise claim settlements accordingly, if any. We make the dehumidifier hiring experience pleasant.

Dehumidifier for hire - A glimpse of convenience.

Undoubtedly, humidity removal machines are an inseparable component of any industrial and commercial establishments. Maintaining optimal moisture levels in such surroundings are of crucial importance to mitigate moisture levels.

However, these units demand hefty upfront investment and are not incomprehensible when you need such units for a shorter period of time or during any particular event, and even under situations when budget is a concerning constraint.

Under such circumstances, temporary industrial dehumidifier rental is the best solution. Ctrl Technologies holds a widespread array of products which are available in multiple models and capacities to tackle the different unpredictable humidity conditions of heterogeneous environments.

Businesses can save the upfront expenditures of buying, maintaining, and equipment repairing by availing industrial dehumidifier hire. Renting provides the freedom to adapt to the alterations in your needs, such as momentary ... increases in humidity brought by sudden climatic fluctuations or unit malfunction.

Access to the most recent technology, which might be pricey to buy outright, is another benefit of industrial size dehumidifier for rent.

Last but not least, renting enables hefty costs to be set aside that can be invested elsewhere for business purposes. Because of this said reason, considering commercial dehumidifier rentals paves the path for a cost-effective solution when fluctuating humidity levels need to be controlled temporarily or during specific events.

If you want to avoid the upfront expenditures of owning and maintaining advanced machinery like these upright, renting goes a long way.
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Temporary industrial dehumidifier rental

CtrlTech’s industrial dehumidifier rental services.

Though being a matter of debate between renting and buying equipment, the primary objective of industrial dehumidifier hire is to cut the cost on hefty upfront investment. Expertly engineered and designed to accommodate the diversified climatic conditions under an array of difficult terrains, we hold a spectrum of products available in numerous models and capacities to cater to the humidity requirements of distinct environments. CtrlTech holds an impressive list of phased out models of temporary industrial dehumidifiers, with an extremely streamlined process of renting and incorporating them to your workplace. Backed by a market presence of over 10+ years, stop searching for industrial dehumidifier rental near me and choose us for your humidity moderation needs.

More Industrial Dehumidifier Services

We serve in the following locations.

  • Dubai

  • Abu Dhabi

  • Sharjah

  • Fujairah

  • Ras Al Khaimah

  • Umm Al Quwain

Control Technologies FZE (Ctrl Tech) is based out of SAIF Zone Sharjah, and serves in all countries across the Middle East, including all the seven Emirates. We are the oldest dehumidifier supplier in Dubai, UAE, with over 10+ years of experience in the business.

Temporary industrial dehumidifier rental is a crucial component and a common machinery that can be often spotted in mIddle Eastern countries, primarily due to their natural hot and humid climate throughout the year, which drives high moisture content in the air across any type of surrounding.

With varying and fluctuating degrees of temperature in these countries, implementation of a humidity removal machine, be it at home, industrial settlement, offices, swimming pool rooms, or a manufacturing plant, these units are an undeniable component.

These machineries are extremely crucial for effective moisture management and preserve a comfortable space for all, compelling the aggressive demand of these units.

To meet the surplus demand across a wide range of establishments, it is always advisable to go for industrial dehumidifier hire, rather than investing upfront, depending upon use cases such as the purpose of equipment, tenure, etc.

Dehumidifier rental near you. - Convenience at your doorstep.

We offer an extremely streamlined process for renting an industrial dehumidifier in UAE, following a 6 step process. Choose us as your reliable temporary industrial dehumidification system provider, and experience the convenience.

Follow above instructions to make your dehumidifier rental hassle free.

Frequently asked questions

The primary purpose behind an industrial dehumidifier hire are plenty, the major of them being saving upfront investment costs. Industrial and commercial dehumidification systems find extensive use in a range of environments, specially implemented for heavy-duty use under difficult terrains, for effective moisture control and prevent damage to expensive industry equipment and machinery, sustain and preserve optimal humidity levels and maintain a comfortable workspace for all.

Binding a plethora of use cases together, these humidity removal machines demand hefty investments, which is outrageous in the first go. Additionally, buying the equipment is not necessary under certain circumstances.

To be specific, when you need dehumidifier units for any specific event, for a short-term period, as a backup due to the malfunctioning of your primary machine, etc. Under these cases, dehumidifier renting should be your go-to option as it aids you in saving upon overhead costs.

Though commercial dehumidifier rentals are an inseparable part of industries where moisture-generation is a continuous process, it finds heavy utilization in a wide spectrum of arenas.

Some of the most common industries that require industrial dehumidifier hire include construction, manufacturing plants, warehouse and storage facilities, museums and art galleries, sports arenas, etc.

Effective moisture control in such areas is of critical importance and prevents damages that might occur due to the accumulation of excess humidity in the atmosphere.

Yes, you can opt for industrial size dehumidifier rental for both short-term and long-term projects. Depending upon your specific use case and rental tenure, hiring a dehumidifier machine can save you from hefty upfront investment.

It is strongly advised to go for industrial dehumidifier on rent for short and mid-term projects, as buying equipment might be the most feasible option for the long run.

Ctrl Tech offers on-site setup and installation services of the rented dehumidification devices, as mutually agreed upon the quotation terms.

Upon request, Ctrl Tech arranges for a site visit by the engineers to offer capacity calculation and suggest right model capacity.

Upon mutual agreement of the price quotation, our engineers will deliver the rented unit at your doorstep, and provide on-site setup and installation services, and ensure the proper functioning of the device at the time of delivery to prevent the unit from malfunctioning or breaking down during the rental period and avoid operational disruptions.

Typically at the time of delivery of the rented unit, engineers ensure that the machine is in proper working condition, and have no potential damage that might hamper the working performance.

Before finalizing the purchase order of the unit, the dehumidifier rental company and the purchaser usually agrees to a pricing quotation prepared by the supplier, wherein the payment for the entire rental tenure is collected in advance.

After the end of the rental period, the unit is checked thoroughly before pick up. Upon finding any potential damage that was not present during the time for delivery, a certain amount is levied from the user.

Hence, it becomes crucial to maintain the equipment during the tenure and not overwork the unit, which might result in damages.

Rented industrial dehumidifiers usually hold the same operational capability and efficiency to that of a new model, and hence chances of malfunctioning or breaking down are mitigated. Additionally, they are thoroughly commissioned by engineers before dispatching it to the user.

However, if the rented industrial dehumidifier breaks down during the rental tenure, you can contact the supplier directly and a site visit by the engineer will be arranged for a quick fix.

Yes, dehumidifier rental suppliers in UAE like CtrlTech provide training on how to operate the equipment properly.

CtrlTech sends engineers to your doorstep for unit setup and installation, and commissioning of the unit that involves adjusting the operational settings of the unit.

Additionally, CtrlTech engineers provide a brief walkthrough of the unit to the user for easy control and monitoring during the entire rental period.

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Control Technologies FZE (CtrlTech) is based out of SAIF Zone Sharjah and serves in all countries across the Middle East. We offer Power, Cooling, Monitoring, and dehumidification solutions. We have a diversified range of dehumidifier models, capable of catering to the needs of various house and industrial requirements.

We are the oldest dehumidifier supplier in Dubai, UAE. Our product gamut includes dehumidification systems for home, industrial, commercial, and indoor swimming pool humidity control. As per our core value, we ensure the best product & service at affordable prices. We serve our clients in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and African countries.

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We bought eight CD-60L units from CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai for our villa in Jumeirah Golf Estate. These portable dryers are excellent. It has an exquisite look and outstanding performance. The best part is we can set humidity, fan speed, and timer. In addition, we got immediate free delivery and assistance for installation and demo. CD-60L is the best portable dehumidifier in UAE at a very reasonable price.




Happy with ceiling mount duct dehumidifier supplied by CtrlTech for our warehouse in Logistic city Dubai. Delivery and installation was very smooth. We strongly recommend this dehumidifier supplier.




I am living in Mudon Dubai. Called CtrlTech to solve the high humidity issue in my indoor swimming pool. They visited my swimming pool, did dehumidifier calculation, and installed a swimming pool dehumidifier at my villa. Since then, there is no condensation of glass and no bad smell. I strongly recommend this supplier.



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