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Comprehensive dehumidifier services at your doorstep.

Constructed for heavy-duty performance under an array of complex terrains and extreme conditions, dehumidifier repair and servicing become an integral part to sustain optimal operational efficiency of these units and achieve maximum performance output. At CtrlTech, you can avail yourself of a range of dehumidifier services, including installation, repair and servicing, rental, used humidity removal units, dehumidifier sizing, and much more. Backed by an experience of 10+ years, leverage our expertise and professional guidance to ensure effective moisture removal from your premises.
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Dehumidifier services
Dehumidifier repair near me

Dehumidifier services - A momentary glimpse at comfort.

Humidity removal machines are undeniably an integral component from an array of environments, to sustain and preserve optimal humidity levels at all times, and eradicate any risks associated with excess moisture accumulation in the surroundings, that can lead to moisture damage.

Specifically constructed for heavy-duty use under an array of extreme conditions that aid in achieving extreme operational efficiency without jeopardizing or downgrading performance, dehumidifier servicing becomes a critical aspect to sustain normal functioning and prevent wear and tears, as these machines have to work for extended periods.

Implemented in an infinite set of establishments to eradicate excess moisture and reduce the risks associated with water damage, be it industrial, commercial, or residential, these moisture management devices.. have grown extremely crucial to ensure a comfortable living and workspace.

Due to their continuous and heavy-duty operations, these units wear out over the course of time and need dehumidifier repair services to maintain optimal performance, which otherwise might result in malfunctioning and incur hefty costs on replacement, other than repairing.

Faulty compressors, not able to achieve desired humidity levels, noisy operations, are all indications of a malfunctioning unit. Under such circumstances, it is always advised to seek professional dehumidification system repair services, and allow the unit to undergo a complete diagnosis.

Equipped with advanced features and premium-grade components that facilitate a smooth operation, these machines also demand a hefty upfront investment to be bought upright, which fluctuates with the model capacity and the features they are outfitted with.

To save upon additional overhead costs, you can avail our industrial dehumidifier rental services, which are specifically beneficial if you are looking for an air dryer for short-term use or during seasonal peaks, such as during an event, home renovation, art exhibition, corporate programs, etc.

Commercial dehumidifiers for sale are available at a fraction of the price of the original equipment, and you only need to pay during your rental period, without worrying about future repair and maintenance.

If you are within a limited budget, our used dehumidifiers for sale are the go-to-option for you. CtrlTech houses a wide spectrum of multiple models with varying sizes and capacities, and phases out its models every year, at a discounted price.

With the same operational efficiency as compared to new units, you can seek our used industrial dehumidifiers for a hassle-free buying experience to effectively moderate the humidity levels in your vicinity, that too at an affordable price.

With an extended 6-month warranty period on used commercial dehumidifiers, CtrlTech provides you a safer side in case the unit malfunctions or is found to be defective, resulting in operational disruptions.

Last but not least, dehumidifier capacity and sizing turn the dice to be of prime importance, as correct capacity units are crucial for effective moisture control.

This is because low-capacity units might not align with the humidity removal requirements of the area where the device is located, and lead to inefficient dehumidification. On the contrary, large capacity units might consume unnecessary power.

Contact CtrlTech today for your indoor pool dehumidifier sizing, or dehumidifier calculator, and enjoy effective moisture management in your surroundings.
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Dehumidifier services from the convenience of your fingertip.

Backed by 10+ years of experience, leverage our professional expertise and guidance for all your dehumidifier services. Be it industrial dehumidifier hire, sale, or servicing, our team is here to help you. To reduce CAPEX expenditure, we can offer you the option of a used dehumidifier for sale at a great discount price. Also, we will offer our free service for dehumidifier sizing calculation by our panel of expert engineers and live hassle-free!

Commercial dehumidifier rentals

Commercial dehumidifier rentals.

Humidity removal units are advanced machinery that are incorporated into a large spectrum of establishments to maintain optimal moisture content in the surrounding atmospheres, and prevent damage that might occur due to the excess accumulation of water content in the air.

These machines demand a hefty amount of upfront cost to be bought upright, and that is exactly why commercial dehumidifier rentals are preferred, especially if the use purpose is short-term.

Though renting and buying will always be a matter of debate and having their own set of benefits, the end purpose always lies upon how long the equipment will be in use.

For specific periods or use only during peak ...times such as summer months, or during a residential renovation, family ceremonies, etc, renting is advised to be the most cost-effective solution.

This is because it allows you to pay only for the specified rental tenure without worrying about the costs associated with repairs and maintenance, rather than buying the equipment upright, which needs to be properly maintained and require servicing at periodic intervals to maintain optimal efficiency.

Businesses can save the upfront expenditures of buying, maintaining, and equipment repairing by availing industrial dehumidifier hire.

Renting provides the freedom to adapt to the alterations in your needs, such as momentary increases in humidity brought by sudden climatic fluctuations or unit malfunction.

If you want to avoid the upfront expenditures of owning and maintaining advanced machinery like these upright, renting goes a long way.

Ctrl Technologies holds a widespread array of products which are available in multiple models and capacities, equipped with features to accommodate the diversified humidity fluctuations of an array of heterogeneous environments.
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Used dehumidifier for sale

Used dehumidifier for sale.

Budget is often a limiting constraint when the question comes down between buying firsthand or secondhand equipment. Demanding a thick investment, these units are as good to moderate humidity levels from small residential buildings, mid-size commercial pool rooms, or even a large warehouse facility.

Though there are not many considerable or distinguishing factors that might influence the buying decision between choosing a new unit or used industrial dehumidifier, the role of supplier matters which directly imitates the machine quality and reliability.

Also, when these machines are required only for a periodic season, such as a backup for the primary unit, or seasonal art exhibitions, events, second hand dehumidifiers .. are the go-to choice.

By opting for used commercial dehumidifiers, you are giving an extended life to a system which would have ended in a landfill. This also helps save additional resources and costs associated with manufacturing a new appliance.

Besides being affordable and cost-effective as compared to brand new appliances, these machines are the ideal go-to choice for establishments and corporations within a limited budget.

Well-known and reputed suppliers of dehumidifiers in UAE like CtrlTech offer phased out models of new units every year, in addition to refurbished dehumidifiers, that are packed with resilient components and features, which allows these units to achieve the same working efficiency to those of new units.

Comparatively available at a much lower price than the new equipment, you can save on additional hefty costs if budget constraints are holding you back from ensuring a comfortable workspace with optimal humidity levels.

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Industrial dehumidifier for sale

Industrial dehumidifier for sale.

There is no doubt in affirming that moisture management devices are an expensive buy, which compels users to go for on-sale units as the preferred option.

From industrial, commercial, to indoor pool rooms, these devices find extensive use cases in a large array of infinite applications.

Industrial dehumidifier for sale is typically available at a lower cost, as contrasted to models that are not listed on a sale. Dehumidification units on sale can offer substantial cost savings, which also means that you can avail high-grade and heavy-duty machinery at a comparatively cheaper price.

Additionally, commercial dehumidifiers for sale allows .. you with greater flexibility in comparing multiple models across multiple suppliers, and choose that best align with your humidity moderation requirements.

Furthermore, during a sale, there are a plethora of suppliers that offer incentives such as extended warranty period, free servicing, and additional accessories, that makes these units on sale an attractive buy.

The perk of investing in a humidity dryer are the resilient features of the unit and the capabilities that the system is being geared with that facilitates it in achieving optimal performance efficiency under diverse climatic conditions, that too at a nominal price.

CtrlTech offers a curated range of dehumidifiers for sale, that are innovatively designed and engineered to cater to the humidity scenario from an array of demanding environments, while being equipped with steadfast features, and available at a fraction of the new appliance.
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Dehumidifier repair services

Dehumidifier repair services.

Air dryers are constructed and built to be extremely strong and sturdy for long-term use and ideal for incorporation in environments where continuous moisture generation is a concerning issue.

Over time, they lose their capability to operate efficiently and experience seasonal wear and tears that downgrade performance and might result in operational disruptions, compelling the need for periodic maintenance and servicing.

By investing in periodic dehumidifier repair, you can increase the lifespan of your device and mitigate the risks associated with the machine malfunctioning.

Additionally, it will also help you reduce overhead costs on purchasing a replacement unit, which would be an otherwise case if you don’t focus on maintaining your humidity remover from time to time.

A malfunctioning system might not only hold the potential ... to cause severe damage to itself and the electrical circuits, it also leads to higher electrical costs due to its lack of energy-efficient operations.

Repair and servicing from time to time helps enhance the overall efficiency and performance of the dryer.

With an extremely easy and streamlined process, leverage CtrlTech’s professional guidance and expertise in dehumidifier servicing, backed by a panel of dedicated service technicians, providing quality and reliable service over the past 10+ years.
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Do you actually need to avail dehumidifier services?

Budget constraints

Budget constraints.

Dehumidification units demand hefty upfront costs, and might be an expensive affair. Under such circumstances, opting for a used industrial dehumidifier or a used humidity removal unit might be the best cost-effective solution.

Short-term use

Short-term use.

Industrial dehumidifier rentals are by far the best budget option when you need effective moisture management for short-term use cases, or during peak seasons, such as during an event, a corporate celebration, family ceremonies, art exhibitions, property renovations etc.

Trial units

Trial units.

Humidity removal devices are an expensive buy, and that’s the reason why businesses at most times need a trial unit to check if the units are at par with their moisture management concerns, before making the buying decision of a new appliance. In such cases, industrial dehumidifier rental is the best option.

Overburdened costs

Overburdened costs.

Despite working for prolonged periods of time, these systems are designed to work continuously without compromising performance. However, with time, you need to avail for dehumidifier repair at periodic intervals, without which the unit might malfunction due to overwork, and you might incur additional costs on replacing the unit than repairing.

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Dehumidifier services - A brief description of the process.

Dehumidifier repair service near me
  • You can send us your enquiry pertaining to dehumidifier rental, on-sale units, used models, or dehumidifier repair services.

  • We schedule a visit of our expert service technicians to your doorstep and evaluate your requirements in detail. We assess a diversified range of metrics. For dehumidifier servicing, we repair the unit on-spot if possible, or schedule a pick-up.

  • Upon preliminary assessment and inspection, we prepare a pricing quotation. Upon mutual agreement, we prepare the final purchase order and proceed with the confirmation of your unit.

  • Post the confirmation of the purchase order, we accept a 100% advance payment.

  • Upon payment confirmation, we deliver the unit to your doorstep, or you can pick the unit from our warehouse as per your convenience.

  • Our service engineer will visit your door and do free commissioning and testing of the unit, wherein it will be ensured that the unit is not defective or not experiencing any wear or tears at the time of delivery...

  • For commercial dehumidifier rentals, pick-up of the unit will be arranged after the rental tenure is over. In case any discrepancies are found concerning any defects or damaged components that were not present during the time of delivery, the final payment claim will be settled accordingly.

  • For used dehumidification units, there is an extended 6 month warranty period, wherein the user is entitled towards free repair or servicing if the unit suffers from any malfunctioning during the paid period.

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Frequently asked questions

Though both renting and buying equipment are ideal for their definite set of purposes, there are certain distinguishing factors that influence the decision between whether you should rent a unit or buy a machine upright.

Temporary dehumidifier rental is beneficial considering the following factors:

Periodic needs: If you need a humidity removal machine for short-term use, or only during seasonal times, or as a backup of your existing unit, renting is considered to be more practical and cost-effective, as buying directly demands hefty upfront investment.

Limited budget: If you run a facility like a warehouse or storage unit where moisture generation is a continuous process, then air dryers are an undeniable component of such areas. However, these spaces demand higher capacity units. For the same, you can consider renting first to have a look through of the efficiency and then invest in a new unit.

No storage space - If you require a dryer machine only during distinct periods, such as during an event or exhibition, or after a home renovation, finding a storage space for the unit is crucial. Hence, renting is the best solution here to avoid hassles and potentially deal with frequent dehumidifier repairs in the long run.

Buying an equipment directly is advised under the following conditions:

Long term use: If you live or work under an atmosphere with high humidity levels, or involved in activities where effective moisture control is crucial to prevent damage, buying a system is more cost-effective.

Large spaces: If you have large commercial establishments such as commercial swimming pools, recreational centers, manufacturing plants, multiple dehumidification units might be required for effective humidity control and air circulation. In such cases, buying the unit will save on additional costs in the long run.

Personal preferences: If you prefer to have complete control over your environment, be it residential or commercial, and safeguard the health of occupants from allergies or skin irritation, then buying should be your go-to-option.

Yes, you can avail for industrial dehumidifier rental for your residential use. However, it is advised to only go for units that exactly align with your moisture management requirements.

When you book for an industrial dehumidifier hire with us, we schedule a site visit by our expert technicians to your doorstep, for offering you size and capacity calculation.

The sizing accurately determines what capacity dehumidification system you will need for effective moisture control in your residence. Typically, residential properties require a small capacity unit as compared to industrial establishments, primarily due to heavy moisture loads in industrial spaces.

However, if you want to rent an industrial dehumidifier for your residence and you have a specific model in mind, you are free to do so.

CtrlTech is among the oldest and reputed suppliers of dehumidifiers in UAE, holding a varied spectrum of humidity remover machines for sale.

From industrial to home, commercial to swimming pools, and desiccant, our curated range of industrial dehumidifiers for sale are specifically engineered and designed to accommodate the diversified humidity requirements of an infinite number of unpredictable terrains and environments.

Known for providing reliable and quality products, take away our desiccant dehumidifiers for sale at an affordable price. Available at a comparatively lower cost than the original price, buying on-sale dehumidifiers are the ideal solution for those within a budget.

Generally, dehumidifier machines are sturdy constructed that makes them long-lasting and durable for use under an array of heavy-duty and demanding conditions. However, over the period of time, these systems lose efficiency and need periodic maintenance to sustain and preserve optimal performance capability.

Here are few pointers that can help you determine if your unit needs repair:

  • Not operating: Despite being plugged into a power supply; the unit is not operating. This can indicate that the required voltage is not being distributed effectively to the internal components of the machine and is a sign of electrical fault.

  • Not reaching the desired humidity levels: This might happen due to a number of reasons, such as a clogged air filter, set humidity levels are incorrect, or the air inlet and outlet are being obstructed, leading to ineffective dehumidification. Inability to adjust the right settings requires professional guidance from an experienced technician.

  • Not collecting water: The condensate water tank not collecting water is a major issue pertaining to dehumidifier repair. Check for clogs or blockages in the drainage pipe. If not, professional help is recommended.

  • Unusual loud noises: This might be the result of a faulty compressor, defects in the radial fan, or accumulation of debris in the condenser and evaporator coils of the unit. You need to avail yourself of professional dehumidifier repair services.

  • Error LED indications: Check for any error symbols or LED flashes that the unit might display during its operations. This might indicate error or failure of a distinct component of the unit and needs repair to avoid working disruptions.

Yes, there are certain safety precautions that you need to keep in mind when using a used or rented dehumidification unit. Some of them are as follows:

Inspection of the dehumidifier: Before making your buying decision concerning a used or rented machine, inspect it thoroughly for any visible damage such as wear and tears, loose parts, exposed wires, etc. Any potential damage can lead to wreckage of the unit, and cause damage to the surrounding in which it is placed, including electrical circuit malfunction.

Placement: Ensure the dehumidifier is not placed in a confined area, and the air inlet and outlet should not be obstructed by any walls or potential blocks. Inadequate ventilation results in overheating and might damage internal components.

Power supply: Use a grounded power supply and eliminate the need of extension cords. Use a multimeter to check only the required voltage is being supplied to the components required for performing efficiently. Oversupply of power might lead to hazardous accidents.

Water management: If your unit has a water collection bucket, ensure that it is being emptied at periodic intervals to prevent overflow and spillage of condensate water.

Repair and maintenance: Over the period of time and frequent usage, humidity removal machines wear out and experience downgraded performance in achieving their optimal working capacity. If overused without periodic maintenance, it can lead to severe damage, and compel the need to buy new equipment in place of repairing.

We have a wide range of rental options for air dryers that find extensive use in an infinite range of applications. Available in multiple dimensions and capacities, we do offer rental options for portable and residential dehumidifiers.

You can choose any model as per your personal preference and what best suits your humidity management requirements.

Yes, used dehumidifiers for sale are reliable. Due to the operation of such devices under harsh and extreme conditions, they are constructed in a way which can withstand a diversified range of conditions under stern conditions.

Their sturdy build-up and premium-grade components backed by resilient features makes no distinguishing differences between refurbished and used units in contrast to new devices. Used commercial dehumidifiers hold the same operational capability to those of new units, and do not jeopardize in performance.

Reliable and reputed providers of used dehumidifiers for sale like Ctrltech offer an extended warranty period of 6 months even on used units, providing you a safer side if the device malfunctions within the said period.

Yes, we do provide dehumidifier installation services. When you choose industrial dehumidifiers for hire or used dehumidifiers for sale with us, we schedule a site visit to your doorstep by our experienced engineers who take care of the entire installation process, at an additional cost.

Additionally, our engineers will also conduct free testing and commissioning of the unit, ensuring the device is in proper working condition, and there is no room left for potential malfunctions. Also, we will guide you thoroughly concerning the process of unit operations, monitoring, and functioning.

For portable dehumidification units, installation is done free of charge.

Yes, we provide guidance on choosing the right dehumidifier for your specific needs, and which aligns with your surrounding requirements.

Upon request, we schedule a site visit by our engineers to your doorstep for sizing and dehumidifier calculation. Based on the evaluation of certain metrics of the area where you want to implement the unit, we suggest the ideal model for effective moisture control.

Dehumidifier servicing depends on a number of external factors, namely frequency of usage, recommendation from the supplier, and the environment in which the unit is placed. For instance, an air dryer which is incorporated in an industrial setting which is prone to overabundant humidity levels is more likely to need dehumidifier maintenance than the one which is placed in a residential property.

As a matter of fact, it is always advised to avail professional dehumidifier servicing at least once every 2 to 3 months.

If you have been using a dehumidification unit which is really old, chances are the unit might not be equipped with modern features and components that aid in achieving high operational efficiency. In such scenarios, buying a new unit is highly recommended. In addition, you also get a warranty period with the new appliance, that ensures you free servicing and repairing if the unit malfunctions or is diagnosed with any defects within the warranty period.

It is advised to only go for dehumidifier repair if the total cost fits within less than 50% of the total cost of buying a new equipment.

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We are the oldest dehumidifier supplier in Dubai, UAE. Our product gamut includes dehumidification systems for home, industrial, commercial, and indoor swimming pool humidity control. As per our core value, we ensure the best product & service at affordable prices. We serve our clients in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and African countries.

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We bought eight CD-60L units from CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai for our villa in Jumeirah Golf Estate. These portable dryers are excellent. It has an exquisite look and outstanding performance. The best part is we can set humidity, fan speed, and timer. In addition, we got immediate free delivery and assistance for installation and demo. CD-60L is the best portable dehumidifier in UAE at a very reasonable price.




Happy with ceiling mount duct dehumidifier supplied by CtrlTech for our warehouse in Logistic city Dubai. Delivery and installation was very smooth. We strongly recommend this dehumidifier supplier.




I am living in Mudon Dubai. Called CtrlTech to solve the high humidity issue in my indoor swimming pool. They visited my swimming pool, did dehumidifier calculation, and installed a swimming pool dehumidifier at my villa. Since then, there is no condensation of glass and no bad smell. I strongly recommend this supplier.



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