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SPD-138L Swimming pool dehumidification system.

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This swimming pool dehumidification system is designed to accommodate the diverse humidity management requirements of different commercial pool rooms. With a humidity removal capacity of 138 liters and geared with high-grade efficient components, this unit effectively moderates moisture content and sustains a stable surrounding for a relishing swimming experience.






Pool Dehumidification System


Swimming pool dehumidification unit.



Swimming pool dehumidification system

Features of SPD-138L

Ceiling mount
Ceiling mount
Dual operation
Dual operation
LCD control
LCD control
Auto defrost
Auto defrost
3 fan speed
3 fan speed

Applications of SPD-138L

Warehouses facilities
Warehouses facilities
Greenhouse farming
Greenhouse farming
MRI and CT Scan rooms
MRI and CT Scan rooms
Jacuzzi and SPA
Jacuzzi and SPA
Residential areas
Residential areas
Pharmaceutical units
Recreational centers
Therapy centers
Therapy centers
Data centers
Data centers
Pool dehumidification unit

SPD-138L Swimming pool dehumidification system - A rapid peek.

Excessive humidity environments are one of the most overlooked aspects of swimming pool arenas that eventually results in the form of discomfort or specific health hazards in the long run, which can be easily prevented if proper precautions are taken and addressed on time. We will discuss here how a swimming pool dehumidification system is helpful for the pool owners.

Swimming pools are amongst those areas which are prone to excess moisture content and it is a continuous process. Evaporation takes place rapidly from the large surface bodies of these pools and adds surplus water content to the atmosphere.

Specifically in indoor pool rooms where the swimming pools are enclosed within a confined large area, reduce airflow combined with rapid evaporation results in the creation of damp and sticky habitat which acts as the paradise for bacterial growth, building structure disfigurement, discoloration, condensation on surfaces, and even impose human health hazards.

Evaporation rate increases especially in winters where heaters are used in the pool to keep the water warm and comfortable for occupants. This catalyzes the evaporation rate and hence, humidity rises.

In addition to that, not only the pool hygiene gets sabotaged with the formation of algae, but health hazards like respiratory problems and skin irritation becomes a normal affair...

To diminish these consequences, a commercial pool dehumidification system like SPD-138L is implemented in such areas. With a moisture removal capacity of 138 liters, this unit finds extensive heavy-duty use in a wide spectrum of swimming pool environments where effective moisture control is crucial to prevent interior room aesthetics.

This machine has a ducted design which is extremely helpful in areas which might have limited floor space for a portable or wall mount dehumidifier. With the capability of being connected to duct systems, it conserves floor area by being installed on suspended or outdoor ceilings.

Additionally, it has no noise constraints due to its remote installation from the location where pool room dehumidification is required.

This unit is equipped with features like LCD wall mount controller, advanced washable filter, hygrometer and humidistat, two-mode operation, automatic defrost mechanism, three fan speed, and many more that facilities the operational efficiency of this machine under extreme conditions and in unpredictable environments with excess humidity levels.

Without jeopardizing performance and finding heavy-duty application in an extensive range of spaces, this swimming pool dehumidification unit is ideally suitable for moisture control in swimming pools.
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SPD-138L Pool dehumidification unit - Brief benefits rundown.

Commercial pool dehumidification system
  • Usually mounted above a false ceiling, this pool dehumidification unit contributes no noise to the primary room where humidity removal is required.

  • This unit has a tiny and low profile, which makes the installation simple, even with a low ceiling height.

  • This machine has a silent operation due to its high-grade and intensely efficient compressor, which makes it suitable for utilization in residential properties, hotels, spas, recreational centers, and more.

  • Equipped with an advanced G4 filter at the inlet which traps any dirt particles and impurities when the moist air is being drawn in. As a result, the indoor pool dehumidification system air is free from any contaminants...

  • Fitted with an advanced LCD touch screen controller which makes monitoring and controlling this machine extremely simple and user-friendly

  • Outfitted with an internal memory that stores operational settings. The machine resumes operations from the same settings that it was operating with after a power cut.

  • Efficient rotary compressor uses environmentally-friendly R410a and R407c refrigerant gas.

  • Overheat protection to prevent compressor damage.

  • A programmable delay timer enables this swimming pool dehumidification system to automatically turn on/off the system and helps conserve energy when the machine is not in use.

  • Auto start feature after power is restored.

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Specifications of SPD-138L swimming pool dehumidification system.


Extraction (30°C, 80% RH)

138 Liters / day


220V/50Hz/ 1 Ph


1.85 Kilo Watts

Air Volume

700 CMH


R410A / 1.1kg

Running Temp

5 – 38°C


Hitachi or equivalent


Adjust Humidistat


Drainage point



G4 Efficiency

Noise Level

57 dBA

IP rating


Dimension and Weight

Product weight

45 kg

Product size

1085 x 620 x 465

* At 30°C, 80% RH | **Max power 1050 Watt | Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.

Our comprehensive catalog of pool dehumidification units are engineered to adjust to the demanding humidity atmospheres.

We have an exhaustive range of swimming pool dehumidification systems that are designed keeping in mind the varied levels of humidity swimming pool arenas go through all round the year. Our catalog of products are made available in varying dimensions and capacities to tackle even the most complex humidity conditions under extreme temperatures. Whether you want to maintain a safe and comfortable environment, reduce the risk of health hazards, or simply eradicate moisture damage which leads to building structure mutilation and compromises with pool hygiene, CtrlTech is your one-stop-solution for all your humidity moderation needs.

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SPD-138L swimming pool dehumidification system - Revealed operations.

Efficient removal of surplus moisture is an undeniable aspect of swimming pool environments to mitigate the risk of health hazards of occupants and protect moisture damage from happening to the building parts.

Suffocating smells, stickiness in the atmosphere, slippery floors, breathing issues, corrosion of metals, condensation on certain surfaces and window panes, are all some of the most common effects that are seen as a result of overabundant humidity levels.

Without addressing the issue of sustaining optimal humidity levels and temperatures at all times, these symptoms cannot be diminished. To achieve this, swimming pool dehumidification machines become an undeniable part of such environments.

Starting from the base, this unit has a compact design which encourages the use of this unit even in tiny rooms or areas where limited floor space is a constraint. Additionally, it has a silent operation and can be installed above the false ceiling.

With the ease of installing this machine in six different ways, this indoor pool dehumidification system can operate either as a standalone system or connected with AC ducts for centralized and ... more distributed airflow of dehumidified air.

Geared with multiple sturdy and resilient features that enhance the overall functioning of the machine, the most distinguishing features are its reliability and ease of use. All the components are of the highest quality and the exterior body is constructed from strong steel which increases the durability and stability in the long run.

Featuring an efficient rotary compressor that operates on environmentally-friendly R410a and R407c gas, this machinery also utilizes round collars in both the air inlet and outlet. As a result, connecting with flexible ducts becomes a seamless task.

With a 500 CMH airflow capacity, this swimming pool dehumidification unit is outfitted with a G4 filter at the air inlet that improves the overall air quality and liberates the dehumidified air from any impurities.

Incorporating an overheat protection mechanism to prevent the compressor from damage, this device is attached with a smart touch screen LCD controller. Users can modify and adjust the humidity levels that need to be achieved with the help of a humidistat armed with this controller.

Armed with the capability of three fan speed, this humidity remover is also provided with an internal memory that stores the operational settings of this system. The machine will automatically start after a power cut and resume operations with the same settings that it was operating at.

With a completely automatic operation requiring no manual intervention, this swimming pool dehumidification system is the ultimate solution for addressing excessive humidity levels in swimming pools, and finding use in a vast range of other applications.
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Pool room dehumidification
Can be easily integrated with existing HVAC systems for a more centralized and distributed airflow of dehumidified air to larger areas quickly and effectively, rather than the immediate vicinity.
LCD wall mount controller.
The LCD panel displays all required information such as present humidity levels, fan speed, mode of operation, desired humidity levels, and many others which makes this pool dehumidification system extremely easy to operate.
This mini dehumidifier has a fitted washable G4 filter at the air inlet that traps impurities any dust particles from the moist air. As a result, the dehumidified air is liberated from any contaminants.
Ceiling or Wall mount.
Compact design with the option of both ceiling mount or wall mount to save floor space. This unit can be mounted above the false ceiling or securely mounted on a wall using other hardware units, to conserve floor space and maintain overall aesthetics of the pool room.
Measures the Relative Humidity (RH) levels in the air and displays it in the LCD panel. It helps users to monitor current room humidity so that they can set a desired value. It also avoids requirements of external device to monitor room moisture level.
Monitors and controls the operation of this device. Automatically triggers the compressor to start dehumidification when present humidity levels increase above the set humidity level. At the same time, it turns off the compressor when it is less than the set value.
Dual operation.
This swimming pool dehumidification system operates in two modes - ventilation and dehumidification. The ventilation mode facilitates air circulation without the need for dehumidification. With the dehumidification mode, this unit is capable of removing large volumes of moisture from the air quickly and effectively.
Auto defrost.
Auto defrost mechanism prevents ice buildup on the coils of this unit when working under extreme low temperatures that can lead to operational disruptions and interfere with the efficiency of the swimming pool dehumidification machine.
Three fan speed.
The fan speed indicates the power and efficiency at which the machine draws in air and passes it over the condenser and evaporator coils, allowing quick dehumidification. Three speed means users have end control to adjust the speed and have control over the noise it produces.

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