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DRY 1200 Commercial pool dehumidifier.

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Bringing proficiency in the forefront by combining innovative design that adds up to the elegance of the interior room aesthetics with resilient features and premium-grade components that aids moderating moisture levels under any conditions extremely fundamental, this commercial pool dehumidifier is the ultimate showstopper for all your humidity management needs in your pool area with its wall mounted configuration.






commercial pool dehumidifier


Wall dehumidifier for pools



Commercial pool dehumidifier

Features of DRY 1200

Wall mount
Wall mount
Wireless control
Radial fan
Radial fan
Aesthetic body
Aesthetic body
Air exchanger
Air exchanger
Vibrant colors
Vibrant colors

Applications of DRY 1200

Recreational centers
Recreational centers
Warehouses facilities
Therapy centers
Therapy centers
Residential applications
Residential areas
Data centers
Data centers
MRI and CT Scan rooms
MRI and CT Scan rooms
Jacuzzi and SPA
Dehumidifier for commercial pool

DRY 1200 Commercial pool dehumidifier - A condensed synopsis.

An unpleasant and uncomfortable swimming experience is the last thing we want to imagine. Unfortunately, excess humidity levels are one of the most common problems that are seen in swimming pool arenas. A commercial pool dehumidifier plays an important role in combating dampness.

Swimming pools typically involve continuous moisture generation due to the never-ending evaporation that takes place from the surface of the pool area. This process is catalyzed during the winters when water heaters are used to warm the pool water for the comfort of occupants.

Moisture damage is a conventional problem in such surroundings if proper measures are not taken on time to address the overabundance of humidity levels in the atmosphere.

It can lead to damage of expensive pool equipment and machinery, corrode metal structures, aid the formation of algae growth in pool water, cause electrical malfunction, impose health hazards like breathing problems, and many more.

These consequences are avoided by implementing a commercial pool dehumidification system like DRY 1200 in place. This unit is specifically designed for large pool areas that need high capacity units or moderating the moisture content for a prolonged period without ... compromising efficiency and performance.

A larger pool room means a vast pool size which directly multiples the rate of evaporation. Though large areas have adequate ventilation, it cannot compete with the ratio of humidity that is being produced at any instantaneous point of time.

Hence, DRY 1200 is expertly engineered to accommodate the complex and demanding challenges that these large and commercial environments bring.

The utilization of this commercial pool dehumidifier is varied, from large hotels to recreational centers, industrial establishments to sports complexes, and not limited to swimming pools itself.

This unit is packed with a batch of resilient features that aids in its working efficiency. Having a design that can be both floor or wall mounted to conserve floor space, this machine is suitable for a pool area of up to 120 sq. meters and is sufficient for effective dehumidification from both mid-size and large pool areas.

Available in tiger and white color casing that adds charm and sophistication to the interior aesthetics of the pool room and makes it visually appealing, it also has a silent operation and no vibration which causes no hindrance to the occupants present in the pool room.

This device is armed with robust features such as wireless controller, radial fan, aesthetic metal and acrylic body cover in different colors, high quality air exchanger, and an elegant design that makes this commercial dehumidifier for pools one of the most effective and efficient dehumidification devices for large pool areas.
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DRY 1200 Dehumidifier for commercial pool - Advantages elaborated.

Commercial wall mounted adehumidifier
  • This unit is available in multiple metal and plastic finishes, as well as color variants. Users can customize their order as per their preference of colors.

  • DRY 1200 has an inbuilt heat recovery system. For additional heating, there is a provision to install extra heating coils.

  • Elegant design combined with anti-corrosive construction, which protects all the metal parts of this dehumidifier for commercial pool from rusting. This makes this machine extremely durable and strong for long-term use.

  • Can be customized with the ‘microLIGHT’ feature. This adds a polished coat of grace to the room this unit is mounted in. This feature enables generation of background light according to the fluctuations of humidity levels.....

  • This commercial pool dehumidifier can be installed both indoors and outdoors. With outdoor installation, a winter feature helps to defrost the condensate tray, and keeps the compressor at optimal temperatures to maintain the viscosity of the oil.

  • Integrated option to connect wire or wires external humidistat.

  • Equipped with a radial fan which allows effective distribution of more air while producing less noise.

  • Features A+ energy-efficient compressor from world-class brands to conserve energy and operate silently with no vibration.

  • This commercial wall mounted dehumidifier is built on heat recovery principle providing up to 3.5 times more energy than it consumes.

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Specifications of DRY 1200 commercial pool dehumidifier.


Capacity* [l/24h]


Capacity* *[l/24h]


Airflow [m³/h]


Humidity range [%]


Temp. range [°C]


Power consp. [W]


Power [V/Hz/f]


Heat output [W]





Casing Type


Casing color


Sound level [dB(A)]


Dimension and Weight

Product size [mm]

1250 x 950 x 310

Weight [kg]


* At 30°C, 80% RH | ** At 30°C, 60% RH | Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.

Our assorted catalog of commercial pool dehumidifiers are innovatively engineered to tackle the complex humidity adversities that large pools bring forward.

Our diversified tail of products is spread across an array of wall dehumidifiers for indoor pool that are specifically manufactured to cater to the different humid environments that large commercial pools have to offer. Without jeopardizing performance and bringing optimal efficiency at the forefront, our tailored range of products are available in a spectrum of vibrant models, capacities, and colors that adds up to the overall visual appeal of the room. Contact CtrlTech today for commercial pool dehumidifier to address your humidity removal requirements.

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DRY 1200 Commercial wall mounted dehumidifier - A quick operational rundown.

Moisture control is one of the most critical aspects, especially in large commercial pool zones which can impose health threats to numerous occupants if not addressed properly and on time.

Large commercial properties need to have an effective commercial pool dehumidifier for sustaining and nurturing optimal moisture content and temperatures at all times to avoid dampness, stickiness, and prevail a comfortable space for all.

This gets utmost important when the swimming pool area is taken into consideration, mainly because the rate of evaporation is comparatively higher than other areas, which makes moisture generation a continuous process.

Evaporation takes place from the pool surface which directly adds more weightage to the existing humid levels of the vicinity. To mitigate the same, DRY 1200 commercial wall mounted dehumidifier is incorporated.

This unit works on the principle of absorbing moist air from its inlet which is located below the condenser which enables the incoming fresh air to be effectively heated at no cost ... due to the heat recovery mechanism.

The moist air is then passed over a series of evaporator coils where the moisture is extracted and condensed to water droplets. The dry air is now heated back with the help of condenser coils and released back.

Designed to accommodate the complex and unpredictable humidity requirements of large pool arenas, DRY 1200 dehumidifier for commercial pools can extract up to 120 liters of moisture per day at 30°C and 60% RH.

Though programmed to remove up to 181 liters of moisture from the air per day at 30°C and 80% RH, this device performs best at low temperatures with a humidity removal rate of 110 liters per day at 5°C.

With the capability of delivering up to 1200 CMH airflow, it consumes only 2150 watts of power while providing heat recovery of 5250 watts.

Equipped with a premium-grade efficient rotary compressor that operates on environmentally-friendly R410 refrigerant gas, this unit has a silent operation and produces no vibration, making it suitable for use in gyms and health clubs as well.

Fitted with the best-in-class components, this commercial pool dehumidifier draws in moist air from the lower side and has a vertical upward discharge. Geared with an LCD control panel, users can view and adjust the desired humidity levels that need to be achieved.

Condenser and evaporator coils of this machine have copper tubes which are prior-treated with Goldfin epoxy coating. As a result, the coils become anti-corrosive in nature, life span and overall performance gets a drastic increase, and in turn helps the DRY 1200 commercial dehumidification for swimming pools to have a long lasting and durable efficiency.

Constructed from high-quality materials that can withstand aggressive humidity levels, all internal metal components are galvanized and powder coated, which also saves this system from chlorine or when working under salty surroundings.

With an automatic shut-down feature when desired humidity levels are met to conserve power, and a single-phase power supply with 16A current needed for operating, this commercial swimming pool dehumidifier is extremely durable and efficient for surplus moisture removal under extreme conditions and finds a spectrum of uses under multiple applications.
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Wall dehumidifier for indoor pools
Wall / Floor mount.
This device is specifically designed that can be both floor mounted or wall mounted. This unit can be placed as a freestanding unit on the floor or mounted on the wall with the help of additional hardware brackets to conserve floor space.
Wireless controller.
This machine is supplied with an optional wireless controller that allows you to control and adjust the operational functions of the machine remotely, leveraging any wireless technology such as bluetooth or WiFi.
Radial fan.
This wall dehumidifier for indoor pool is armed with a radial fan for more effective circulation of air through the unit, allowing for quick dehumidification.
Aesthetic design.
This machine holds an aesthetic design that adds elegance to the interiors of any room, thereby making this model ideal for use in properties where interior room decor is crucial, such as in commercial properties.
Equipped with a microLIGHT feature wherein the device has different LED indications pertaining to the different humidity levels in the environment.
Silent operation.
This commercial pool dehumidifier features an A+ energy-efficient compressor from world class brands. As a result, this system has a silent operation with no vibration.
Air exchanger.
Efficient air exchanger that allows for effective circulation of fresh air into a room while removing humid air. Aids in improving air quality by exchanging moist indoor air with fresh outdoor air.

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