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A rapid snapshot of dehumidifiers for swimming pool room.

Overabundance humidity levels in any surrounding can impose severe hazards to both the immediate vicinity and the health of occupants. Surplus water content in the atmosphere can lead to moisture damage and cause building structure disfigurement, corrosion of metal surfaces, condensation on walls and window panes, facilitate dampness while providing room for bacterial growth, slippery floors, and more. A swimming pool dehumidifier is an effective tool to solve all these issues.

Additionally, health hazards like respiratory issues, skin irritation, redness, and allergies become a concerning issue.

Due to the large surface area of swimming pools, evaporation is a continuous process and moisture generation becomes a recurring activity. Specifically when the pool is confined within an arena, reduced airflow leads to creation of a damp environment, which gives origin to discomfort.

Under such scenarios, a swimming pool dehumidifier is incorporated into such settlements to mitigate excess ... moisture and maintain optimal humidity and temperature levels at all times.

These units work on the base principle of absorbing humid air from the surrounding, purifying the air from any dirt particles or contaminants via a high-grade air filter fitted at the inlet, passing the air through a series of evaporator coils where the moisture is condensed to water droplets.

The dried air is then passed through condenser coils where the air is reheated and released back through the air outlet. In specific machines, the air outlet can be integrated with HVAC ducts for a more centralized and distributed airflow of dehumidified air.

Equipped with premium-grade components and resilient features that foster working efficiency without sacrificing performance under challenging climatic conditions, these units find extensive use in a wide variety of applications.
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Swimming pool dehumidification systems - A meticulous view.

Ctrl Technologies has surfaced to be among the most well-known and reputed swimming pool dehumidifier suppliers in UAE, with over a decade of experience. With an array of models that have been innovatively designed and engineered to meet the needs of challenging humidity conditions, our extensive list of swimming pool dehumidification system catalog finds utilization in a range of operations. Claim free site survey to avail customized solutions with dehumidifier calculation.

Dehumidifier for swimming pool room

SPD-240L Dehumidifier for swimming pool room.

With a humidity removal capacity of 240 liters that makes this machine suitable for heavy-duty use under different complex and demanding environments and in extreme conditions, this unit is equipped with high-quality internal components and outfitted with features that facilitates the working efficiency of this system and incurs negligible operational disruptions.

Despite its large capacity, this dehumidifier for swimming pool is compactly designed and can be used in areas with limited floor space. Additionally, it can also be installed above a false ceiling.

With a maximum airflow of 2800 CMH, this unit finds heavy utilization in industrial settlements such as factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, storage facilities, etc, and is not limited to indoor pool rooms.

This dehumidifier for pool rooms has a wall mounted design which occupies ... less floor space, can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, and is ideal for pool dehumidification purposes in large areas as well as small residential pools with limited space.

Armed with features such as LCD control, dual operation, delay timer, 3 fan speed, six installation configuration, and many more, this device makes it the ideal choice for pool environments where humidity levels are high and moderation is crucial, such as in commercial hotels, recreational centers, and more.

The LCD panel displays all the required information concerning the machine’s operations such as operating mode, present humidity levels, fan speed, desired humidity levels, among many other advanced settings.

Users can also adjust the humidity levels that need to be achieved. The pool dehumidification machine will adjust its operations and the humidistat will trigger the compressor to achieve the same and maintain optimal efficiency accordingly.

On the other hand, this swimming pool dehumidifier is extremely easy to repair in six distinctive methods, and maintain it. This unit can be installed parallel to the return ducts of an air conditioner.
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SPD-240L Dehumidifier for Swimming Pool

Features of SPD-240L

  • High airflow

  • Dual operation

  • 6 install types

  • 3 fan speed

  • Ductable

Swimming pool dehumidification system

SPD-138L Swimming pool dehumidification system.

To diminish the consequences created by excess moisture levels, a commercial pool dehumidification system like SPD-138L is implemented in such areas. With a moisture removal capacity of 138 liters, this unit finds extensive heavy-duty use in a wide spectrum of swimming pool environments where effective moisture control is crucial to prevent interior room aesthetics.

This machine has a ducted design which is extremely helpful in areas which might have limited floor space for a portable or wall mount dehumidifier. With the capability of being connected to duct systems, it conserves floor area by being installed on suspended or outdoor ceilings.

Additionally, it has no noise constraints due to its remote installation from the location where pool room dehumidification is required.

This swimming pool dehumidifier is equipped with features like LCD wall mount controller, advanced washable filter, hygrometer ... and humidistat, two-mode operation, automatic defrost mechanism, three fan speed, and many more that facilities the operational efficiency of this machine under extreme conditions and in unpredictable environments with excess humidity levels.

Featuring an efficient rotary compressor that operates on environmentally-friendly R410a and R407c gas, this machinery also utilizes round collars in both the air inlet and outlet. As a result, connecting with flexible ducts becomes a seamless task.

With a 500 CMH airflow capacity, this swimming pool dehumidification unit is outfitted with a G4 filter at the air inlet that improves the overall air quality and liberates the dehumidified air from any impurities.

This swimming pool dehumidifier unit is equipped with advanced features such as ducted design, auto defrost mechanism, advanced air filter, humidistat, hygrometer, and more that assists this unit to achieve optimal performance under heavy-duty climate conditions.

With a completely automatic operation requiring no manual intervention, this unit is the ultimate solution for addressing excessive humidity levels in swimming pools, and finding use in a vast range of other applications.
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Swimming Pool Dehumidification System

Features of SPD-138L

  • Ceiling mount

  • Dual operation

  • LCD control

  • Auto defrost

  • 3 fan speed

Commercial pool dehumidiifer

DRY 1200 Commercial pool dehumidifier.

Moisture damage is a conventional problem in swimming pool surroundings if proper measures are not taken on time to address the overabundance of humidity levels in the atmosphere.

These consequences are avoided by implementing a commercial pool dehumidifier like DRY 1200 in place. This unit is specifically designed for large pool areas that need high capacity units or moderating the moisture content for a prolonged period without compromising efficiency and performance.

A larger pool room means a vast pool size which directly multiples the rate of evaporation. Though large areas have adequate ventilation, it cannot compete with the ratio of humidity that is being produced at any instantaneous point of time.

This unit is packed with a batch of resilient features that aids in its working efficiency. Having a design ... that can be both floor or wall mounted to conserve floor space, this machine is suitable for a pool area of up to 120 sq. meters and is sufficient for effective indoor pool dehumidification from both mid-size and large pool areas.

Designed to accommodate the complex and unpredictable humidity requirements of large pool arenas, DRY 1200 wall dehumidifier for commercial pools can extract up to 120 liters of moisture per day at 30°C and 60% RH.

Though programmed to remove up to 181 liters of moisture from the air per day at 30°C and 80% RH, this device performs best at low temperatures with a humidity removal rate of 110 liters per day at 5°C.

With the capability of delivering up to 1200 CMH airflow, it consumes only 2150 watts of power while providing heat recovery of 5250 watts.

Equipped with a premium-grade efficient rotary compressor that operates on environmentally-friendly R410 refrigerant gas, this unit has a silent operation and produces no vibration, making it suitable for use in gyms and health clubs as well.

With an automatic shut-down feature when desired humidity levels are met to conserve power, and a single-phase power supply with 16A current needed for operating, this commercial swimming pool dehumidifier is extremely durable and efficient for surplus moisture removal under extreme conditions and finds a spectrum of uses under multiple applications.
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Commercial Pool Dehumidifier

Features of DRY 1200

  • Wireless

  • Radial fan

  • microLIGHT

  • Air exchanger

  • Vibrant colors

Do you need dehumidifiers in swimming pools? 4 ways to ascertain...

Suffocating smells

Suffocating smells.

Chlorine is generally fused with swimming pool water to keep it clean. Evaporation leads to moisture generation, which results chlorine to be dissipated in the atmosphere and provides room for bacterial growth, which leads to creation of pungent odors.



Overabundance of humidity means more water content in the air, which creates dampness and results in difficulty breathing and stickiness. A right sized swimming pool dehumidifier can remove air wetness and avoids allergies.

Moisture damage

Moisture damage.

Surplus moisture content results in moisture damage in the form of corrosion, building damage, deterioration of expensive pool equipment and machinery, slippery floors, electrical malfunction, and more.



Redundant levels of moisture creates dampness, which when combined with reduced airflow of fresh air provides the ideal condition of bacterial growth such as mold and mildew, and creates structural damage such as peeling paints, condensation, increasing the risk of accidents.

Swimming pool dehumidifier systems in operation.

pool dehumidification

Eradicating surplus moisture levels is a critical component of pool environments to mitigate the risks associated with moisture damage and safeguard the health of occupants as well as preserve the interior aesthetics and decorum of the room, which is specifically important in commercial hotel pools.

  • Pool dehumidifier units utilize a refrigeration process to remove moisture from the air, which is similar to the one used by air conditioning systems.

  • The swimming pool dehumidification system draws in moist air from the surroundings.

  • The air is passed over a series of evaporator coils which extracts the moisture and condenses it to water droplets.

  • The cold dry air is then warmed by passing it through a series of condenser coils and released back into the pool area which results in sustaining optimal humidity levels.

  • Some of these units feature a two way method - ventilation and dehumidification for effective humidity control.

  • It is essential to ensure accurate indoor swimming pool dehumidifier sizing for optimal performance.

Best swimming pool dehumidifiers - A brief inspection.

Swimming pool dehumidification systems are explicitly engineered to accommodate unpredictable and high moisture levels from different arrays of environmental conditions. Bringing forth proficiency and high operational capability, these units are outfitted with advance-grade features that are ideally suitable for effective moisture control in a vast range of applications.

pool dehumidification 1.png
best Industrial dehumidifier icon

The best hotel pool dehumidifiers.

Effective moisture control is not only limited to residential areas, but also in commercial properties, recreational centers, and more, which makes leveraging the use of hotel pool dehumidifiers even more crucial.

In addition to safeguarding the comfort of occupants and preserving optimal temperatures, overabundance of humidity in the vicinity can result in moisture damage in the form of building structure detriment, paint discolouration, dampness, suffocating smells, stickiness, slippery floors, electrical malfunction, and more.

Hence, humidity removal machines are an undeniable component of surroundings where moisture generation is involved. Browse our catalog of swimming pool dehumidifiers and select that aligns with your needs.

Explore Our Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers

Benefits of dehumidifiers for swimming pool room.

Swimming pool dehumidification system 1
  • Help removes excess moisture levels from the atmosphere and mitigates the risk of creation of damp environments, which leads to moisture damage, bacterial growth, pungent smells, difficulty breathing, etc.

  • Real-time monitoring of present humidity levels allows the device to regulate its operations accordingly and sustain the desired humidity levels at all times.

  • Avoid wreckage and corrosion of expensive pool equipment and machinery such as pumps and motors, reducing additional costs.

  • Evaporation results in the amalgamation of chlorine that is mixed with pool water into the surrounding air, leading to musty odors. Effective dehumidification helps avoid the production of such smells.

  • Commercial swimming pool dehumidifiers facilitate reduced energy bills by not overloading the air conditioner to work for prolonged periods. Efficient humidity removal prevents excess water content from accumulating in the air and avoids stickiness.

  • Reduced condensation on surfaces such as walls, window panes, floors, and electric circuit boards helps reduce the risk of accidents and electrical malfunction.

Frequently asked questions

There are an infinite number of external factors that directly affect the swimming pool dehumidifier sizing. Some of the factors that needs to be taken into consideration are:

Pool size: Pool size directly impacts the swimming pool dehumidifier sizing as a larger pool area will require a dryer with more humidity removal capacity to tackle the excess humidity load.

Surrounding humidity levels: The more the humidity levels in the surrounding air, the more dehumidification will be required. In such scenarios, a unit with a larger capacity might be needed to make room for the surplus humidity.

Pool water temperature: This is an important factor that needs to be taken into account because it affects the amount of moisture that evaporates into the air. The warmer the pool, the more evaporation will take place, adding more moisture content to the air.

Pool usage: The more frequently the pool is used, the more water content it will add to the atmosphere, and will need effective dehumidification continuously.

Ventilation: Ventilation plays an important role in deciding the dehumidifier’s capacity. Poor ventilations means reduced airflow, which adds up to the surplus moisture levels. Hence, a large size dehumidifier might be required.

Outdoor climate: In humid climates, a large size humidity remover might be required to handle the increased moisture loads.

There are a range of external factors that are critical to accurately calculate the swimming pool dehumidifier capacity. The factors that need to be taken into consideration are:

  • Present temperature of the surroundings.

  • Current humidity content in the pool area.

  • Desired humidity levels that need to be acquired.

  • Cubic footage of the room.

Accurate swimming pool dehumidifier calculation can be a complex task, and can hinder performance if capacity is not selected carefully, as it might not be able to accommodate the increased moisture loads.
Click here for accurate pool dehumidifier sizing and choose a unit that best aligns with your requirements.

Swimming pool dehumidifier cost varies upon a range of factors such as model, capacity, and the features the unit is equipped with.

Pool humidity remover machines are expertly designed and engineered to tackle the diversified range of humid climates under demanding conditions, which adversely affects the price range of such units.

Typically, the pool dehumidifier price can vary up to anywhere beginning from 10,500 AED, and increases with the unit’s capacity and its packing of resilient features, combined with premium-grade and energy-efficient components that aid in high operational performance under extreme environmental conditions.

CtrlTech is reputed and well-known for being among the oldest swimming pool dehumidifier suppliers in UAE, bringing over 10+ years of experience in the business.

Known for delivering reliable and quality products for over a decade, Ctrl Tech is your one-stop-solution for all your dehumidification needs.

Ctrl Tech holds an impressive spectrum of hotel pool dehumidifiers, available in a range of different models and dimensions, that are explicitly designed and outfitted with robust features to achieve extreme heavy-duty performance under an infinite range of climatic conditions.

Additionally, CtrlTech sells their phased model every year as a used swimming pool dehumidification machines at heavy discount.

Swimming pool arenas are often prone to continuous moisture generation processes due to the evaporation that takes place from the pool surfaces. Surplus moisture content in the surrounding atmospheres often create havoc and compromise the health of occupants, as well as with the pool hygiene.

To eradice excess moisture content from the air and maintain optimal humidity levels at all times, a swimming pool dehumidifier is implemented in such spaces.

They work by absorbing the moist air, passing it through a series of evaporator coils where the moisture is extracted and condensed to water, the dry air is passed through the evaporator coils where the air is heated and released back into the environment.

This process continues until the desired humidity levels are met. Through this process, pool dehumidification systems keep a constant check on the moisture levels and eradicate any hazards that might happen due to the accumulation of abundant humidity levels.

Commercial pool dehumidification systems are explicitly designed to accommodate the diversified climatic conditions of varied humidity environments. Under such circumstances, these units need to be equipped with resilient features that aid in achieving optimal operational efficiency.

Some of these features that a best swimming pool dehumidifier should have are:

Dehumidifiers for swimming pools typically have a ducted design for easy integration with HVAC systems, for a more centralized and distributed airflow of dry air to a larger area more efficiently, allowing for quick dehumidification.

Automatic operation
Armed with a completely automatic operation. Users can set desired humidity levels according to which the machine will adjust its functions, delay timer, and require negligible manual interference.

LCD controller
These units are fitted with a digital LCD wall mount controller that facilitates control and monitoring of the unit’s operations. The LCD panel displays information such as present humidity levels, required humidity, fan speed, mode of operation, and many more.

On/Off delay timer
Allows for manual setting of on or off timer directing the machine when to begin operating and when to shut down. This helps in reduced power consumption and increased efficiency of the device.

Air filter
The best swimming pool dehumidifiers are typically fitted with a washable filter at the air inlet that traps impurities any dust particles from the moist air. As a result, the dehumidified air is liberated from any contaminants.

Auto defrost
Auto defrost mechanism prevents ice buildup on the coils of this unit when working under extreme low temperatures that can lead to operational disruptions and interfere with the efficiency of the swimming pool dehumidification machine.

Multi-speed fan
The fan speed indicates the power and efficiency at which the machine draws in air and passes it over the condenser and evaporator coils, allowing quick dehumidification. Two or Three speed means users have end control to adjust the speed and have control over the noise it produces.

LED indications
A pool room dehumidification system is provisioned with smart LED lights that trigger off for specific functional operations of the unit. For instance, LED lights will glow up when the condensate tank gets full, delay timer is set, power is turned on, fan speed, and many more.

Measures the Relative Humidity (RH) levels in the air and displays it in the LCD panel. It helps users to monitor current room humidity so that they can set a desired value. It also avoids requirements of external device to monitor room moisture level.

Monitors and controls the operation of this device. Automatically triggers the compressor to start dehumidification when present humidity levels increase above the set humidity level. At the same time, it turns off the compressor when it is less than the set value.

Dual operation
These swimming pool dehumidification systems usually have two operational modes - ventilation and dehumidification. Ventilation facilitates air circulation without the need for dehumidification, and the latter enables effective moisture control quickly and efficiently.

High airflow
Due to the large volumes of moisture that are being constantly generated in pool arenas, these devices are outfitted with a centrifugal fan that allows for high airflow through this pool dehumidifier system. High airflow allows moisture removal from a larger area more quickly and effectively.

There are a spectrum of dehumidifiers for swimming pool room that are expertly designed to cater to the multiple environments that varying humidity requirement demands.

Some of the different types of swimming pool dehumidifiers can be categorized as follows:

Portable: These are typically small capacity units and lightweight in size. They are engineered to effectively moderate the humidity levels in small pool rooms, where evaporation is comparatively lower than commercial pool areas. A portable unit is ideally suitable for use in a range of habitats where limited floor space is a concerning issue. Enhanced mobility allows the device to be transported across the entire floor space.

Wall mount: Wall mounted dehumidification units are suspended in the wall using additional hardware brackets to save floor space. They are usually more powerful and efficient than portable units, which makes them suitable for use in both small as well as midsize pool rooms.

Additionally, certain wall mounted pool dehumidification systems have a ducted design that allows the air outlet of such systems to be integrated with HVAC ducts for a more centralized and distributed airflow of dehumidified air to a larger area.

Ceiling mount: Though there are not many distinguishing features that differentiate between wall mount and ceiling mount units, ceiling mount pool dehumidifiers are specifically designed to be more powerful and efficient, and normally implemented in large and commercial settings, such as hotels, recreational centers, therapy pools, etc.

Contradictorily, wall mount machines are incorporated in small spaces such as public residences in rooms, jacuzzi pools, small indoor pool rooms, etc. They are explicitly designed to be compact in size and installed in the wall to save floor space, and not above the false ceiling.

Ducted: Ducted swimming pool dehumidifiers are most commonly found in large commercial pool arenas where effective moisture control is crucial to safeguard the health of occupants, as well as the interior decor of the room.

Commercial pool dehumidification systems have a ducted design which can be easily integrated with HVAC systems for a more centralized and distributed airflow of dry air across the entire area that ensures quick and effective dehumidification to the entire area evenly, rather than the immediate vicinity.

First and foremost, ducted dehumidifiers with large capacity are easily available, which are also equipped with bigger compressors and coils, allowing for effective dehumidification.

So, with a maximum humidity removal capacity of 1200 liters per day, the duct unit’s physical size is less than portable for the specified capacity. The majority of duct dehumidifiers can also be installed above a mounting wall or above the false ceiling, which is ideal for use in places with limited floor space.

Saving space is a crucial aspect of indoor pool rooms. To eliminate excess moisture, air must flow over the buckets attached to the duct. The amount of air that the system can handle strictly depends on the airflow capacity of the device.

Additionally, ducted pool dehumidifier systems can be integrated with HVAC systems to provide a more centralized airflow of dehumidified air across the entire region than the immediate vicinity.

Wall mounted dehumidifiers for swimming pool room is ideally suitable for small indoor pools. These units have shown to be more advantageous for pools that have an area of 50 square meters or less.

The device is equipped with wall brackets for easy installation on the wall, and a perfect solution for places that have limited floor space. Additionally, certain models come equipped with a remote control. Wall mounted dehumidifiers for indoor pools are narrowly constructed.

With only the air intake grills visible at the forefront of the room, this unit adds elegance to the interior room aesthetics. Geared with efficient components that facilitate a silent operation, wall mounted units find broad use in multiple types of pool environments.

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We bought eight CD-60L units from CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai for our villa in Jumeirah Golf Estate. These portable dryers are excellent. It has an exquisite look and outstanding performance. The best part is we can set humidity, fan speed, and timer. In addition, we got immediate free delivery and assistance for installation and demo. CD-60L is the best portable dehumidifier in UAE at a very reasonable price.




Happy with ceiling mount duct dehumidifier supplied by CtrlTech for our warehouse in Logistic city Dubai. Delivery and installation was very smooth. We strongly recommend this dehumidifier supplier.




I am living in Mudon Dubai. Called CtrlTech to solve the high humidity issue in my indoor swimming pool. They visited my swimming pool, did dehumidifier calculation, and installed a swimming pool dehumidifier at my villa. Since then, there is no condensation of glass and no bad smell. I strongly recommend this supplier.



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