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CDM-150L | Best industrial dehumidification system.

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This industrial dehumidification system is specifically designed to create a dry climate for commercial processes. It uses a refrigeration cycle to extract moisture from the air. CDM-150L has a moisture removal capacity of 150 liters. This large industrial dehumidifier is ideal to use in heavy industries and a wide array of applications.






Industrial dehumidification system


Industrial dehumidification unit



CDM-150L - industrial dehumidification system

Features Of CDM-150L

Heavy duty
Heavy duty
Hose pipe
Hose pipe
LCD display
LCD display
Sturdy body
Sturdy body
High airflow
High airflow

Applications Of CDM-150L

Pharmaceutical units
Pharmaceutical units
Equipment rooms
Equipment rooms
Marine industry
Marine industry
Food processing industries
Food industry
R&D labs
Defense industry
Industrial processes
Industrial processes
Flood disaster recovery
Flood recovery
Indoor swimming pools
Indoor pool
CDM-150L large industrial dehumidifier - A quick brief

CDM-150L large industrial dehumidifier - A quick brief.

Large industrial dehumidifiers are an undeniable component of the manufacturing, processing, and storage industry. Also, these moisture absorbers are essential for moisture control in the surrounding environments.

Excess moisture levels, especially in industries that are prone to moisture generation processes, can lead to damage to properties. For example, it can lead to the destruction of expensive machinery, structure disfigurement, probability of condensation resulting in swollen wooden surfaces and peeling paints, mold growth, and much more.

Heavy industries like steel production, shipbuilding, aerospace and defense manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries utilize industrial dehumidification systems like CDM-150L for effective humidity control and to maintain stable humidity ranges at all times, preventing any sort of moisture damage.

CDM-150L is a heavy-duty dehumidifier unit designed to operate at high efficiency and is commonly implemented by large-scale industrial and commercial zones, where humidity management is critical for a healthy and sustainable working environment and can function under rough conditions, such as construction sites, oil yards, etc.

This machine has a dehumidifying capacity of 150 liters, geared with caster wheels and a push handle at the back, making this unit portable for effortless movement around the entire floor space. This unit is a commercial dehumidifier with the largest dehumidification capacity...

This professional dehumidifier machine is equipped with a color LCD controller, which provides an intuitive interface to display critical information such as timer settings, current humidity levels, fan speed control, filter replacement reminders, and more.

Armed with robust and advanced features such as a humidistat, hygrometer, sturdy body casing for lasting durability, and hose pipe connection for continuous water drainage, this industrial dehumidification unit has a heavy airflow intake capacity. It is capable of removing large volumes of moisture from the air in a short interval of time.

CDM-150L is an advanced heavy-duty machinery, and with all these features combined, this industrial dehumidification system makes an ideal use case in vast spaces.
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CDM-150L industrial dehumidification unit - Summary of benefits.

CDM-150L industrial dehumidification unit - Summary of benefits
  • Completely automatic operation with limited human intervention.

  • CDM-150L large industrial dehumidifier dyers have advanced and high-quality internal components, which makes this machinery reliable, efficient, and ideal for heavy use.

  • Unit body is made of steel with powder-coated paint to protect it from corrosion and is suitable for refurbishment due to its extended durability.

  • Installation is extremely simple and effortless with its plug-and-play feature.

  • Sturdy wheels and push handle makes this industrial dehumidification unit highly mobile and allow for easy mobility across the entire space without scratching or scuffing the floor...

  • Power consumption of this commercial air dehumidifier is less, saving up bulk costs on electricity bills.

  • Humidistat is equipped with highly sensitive sensors which sense the present humidity and trigger the compressor to start dehumidification to achieve the set required humidity.

  • A centrifugal fan delivers high airflow, which allows this machine to quickly and efficiently process more moist air at once and moderate humidity levels faster and effectively.

  • Automatic defrosting mechanism prevents frost or ice buildup on the cooling coils of this dehumidifier, especially when operating under extremely cold conditions.

  • Copper condenser with the hydrophilic aluminum foil treatment for enhanced working efficiency.

  • Sealed copper motor increases the durability of this industrial dehumidification system.

  • Easy-to-set required humidity levels with the help of ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons located beside the LCD panel.

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Specifications of CDM-150L industrial dehumidification system.



150 Liters / day


220V, 50 Hz 1Ph

Power Consumption

Max 1495 Watts

Air Volume

1500 CMH



Running Temp

5 – 35°C




Adjust Humidistat


Automatic defrost


Hose Connection


Noise Level

55 dBA


Fixed Handle




Delay start protection, IPX21

Dimension and Weight

Product weight

55 kg

Product size: (W x D x H) mm

690 x 530 x 985

Our wide spectrum of industrial dehumidification systems are tailored to all your industrial needs.

We have a comprehensive and impressive list of industrial dehumidification units that cater to the need to improve the quality of industrial processes. With an array of products of multiple capacities, dimensions, and models, we serve even the most complex industrial requirements. Our entire range of industrial room dehumidifiers is curated to solve all your humidity problems. Whether you want to control excess moisture or prevent excess humidity from damaging your industrial equipment, you should opt for our large-capacity portable air dryer dehumidifier. We are your one-stop shop for all your dehumidification needs.

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CDM-150L industrial dehumidification system in operation - Optimize humidity levels efficiently.

Effective moisture control and optimizing humidity levels is a major critical aspect for all industrial sites, especially where manufacturing involves moisture-generation processes.

Excessive humidity levels can lead to musty odors, high electricity bills, structure damage, rusting and corrosion of expensive machinery, peeling points, respiratory and skin irritation on human health, and much more.

Humidity issues are most common in establishments like large-scale manufacturing units and warehouses due to large equipment and processes, continuous working conditions, greater heat generation, and more.

Hence, a large industrial dehumidifier like CDM-150L is incorporated in establishments like these, which has the capacity to remove large volumes of moisture from the air quickly and effectively, with its advanced features equipped with high-quality and reliable internal components.

CDM-150L industrial dehumidification... unit is a portable dehumidifier with the largest moisture extraction capacity of 150 liters, ideally designed for use in large-scale zones and beneficial for operation under extreme and rough conditions. This unit is equipped with a hose pipe attachment which allows the feasibility of continuous water drainage without operational disruption and prevents water spillage.

Besides bringing mobility as a feature for this heavy machinery, this unit is equipped with resilient features such as a humidistat armed with sensitive sensors which trigger the compressor to operate accordingly to achieve the required humidity, hygrometer, auto-defrost mechanism, centrifugal fan for enhanced airflow, copper condenser, and much more.

An intuitive LCD control panel shows the working functions of this dehumidifier unit and the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons located beside the panel can be used to set the humidity levels that need to be achieved.

With sealed copper motors and a steel body case, this large-scale dehumidifier is long-lasting, durable, and suitable for various industrial applications.
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Industrial dehumidification system
Color LCD display controller.
Intuitive and user-friendly visual interface that allows for effortless monitoring and control of dehumidifier’s operation. Displays information such as current humidity level, temperature, fan speed, operating mode, moisture level, etc.
High airflow.
A centrifugal fan delivers high airflow to this unit which leads to processing of more air quickly, leading to extraction of moisture in a much shorter interval of time.
Controls the operations of this industrial dehumidification system and triggers the compressor to achieve and maintain the required humidity levels at all times.
Measures and displays the Relative Humidity (RH) present in the air, after which the humidistat triggers the compressor to start dehumidification to maintain the set humidity levels.
The CDM-150L unit is specially designed keeping heavy-duty usage in mind. This machine has a sturdy body design and high operational efficiency to work under harsh and extreme environmental conditions, excess moisture levels, while consuming less power.
Push handle.
The back of this dehumidifier machine is geared with a push handle for ease of movement of this dehumidifier across the entire floor space.
Large wheels.
In addition to the push handle, the bottom of this equipment is fitted with large caster wheels for enhanced mobility and transportation, without causing any damage like scratch or scuff to the floor.
Sturdy body casing.
The exterior of this large industrial dehumidifier is made of steel with powder-coated paint for long-lasting durability. Sealed copper motor also increases the durability of this unit.
Hose connection.
This machine has a hose pipe attachment for effective and continuous water drainage. This is specifically beneficial in areas where immediate or close proximity to water drainage is not available.
CDM-150L industrial dehumidification system is a portable dehumidifier with the largest dehumidifying capacity of 150 liters. With well-fitted wheels and push handle, this heavy unit can be transported from one place to another across the entire floor space without much effort.

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