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 Indoor pool room dehumidifier

A quick overview of indoor pool dehumidifier systems.

Indoor pool room dehumidifiers are advanced units that help absorb the excess moisture levels from the air surrounding the pool and maintain optimal humidity levels at all times. Due to the large surface area of swimming pools, evaporation from the water surface is a very common activity, which makes moisture-generation a continuous process.

The humidity levels are maximized with the pool being indoors and enclosed within a large space. Due to the reduced airflow into enclosed spaces, these indoor environments are prone to excessive humidity and can lead to structural damages, bacterial growth, suffocating odors, and can also compromise the health of residents inside the swimming pool.

Health hazards become an increasing issue specifically in cold climates where swimming pools are equipped with heating systems. Excess heat enhances evaporation from the water surface, contributing to increased levels of humidity ...

Enclosed areas like these not only impose critical hazards on human health but also are responsible for corrosion of metal components, slippery surfaces, respiratory and skin irritation, electrical malfunction and much more.

To avoid these from happening, a residential indoor pool dehumidifier is armed in major indoor pool settings to achieve precise control over the humidity.

They work on the principle of absorbing the moist air from the surroundings, passing it through a condensing coil where moisture is extracted from the humid air, the dry air is warmed up and released back to the environment.

There are a wide array of indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers available for catering to the complex needs of different pool environments. Available in multiple capacities and dimensions, indoor pool dehumidifier sizing varies greatly on pool size and average pool temperature.

Other external factors are also considered such as number of occupants in the pool, fresh air intake etc. before selecting a residential indoor pool dehumidifier.
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Indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers - A closer look.

We have reached to the best indoor pool dehumidifier supplier in Dubai. We are the One-stop pool dehumidification solution provider. Choose from portable, ductable, ceiling mount, and wall mount humidity remover machines for the indoor swimming pools. Claim free site survey to offer you customized solution with dehumidifier calculation.

Ducted inline dehumidifier

SPD-136L Ducted Inline Dehumidifiers.

SPD-136L is a ducted inline dehumidifier specifically designed for effective humidity management in swimming pools. With a dehumidifying capacity of 136 liters per day, this system is provided with a wall mount LCD humidity controller which can be connected to the unit via a special aviation plug.

Besides having a silent operation and being easy to use, this inline duct dehumidifier is equipped with an advanced digital controller with which we can set the required humidity levels. The LCD panel displays the current humidity, fan speed, mode of operation among other advanced settings.

When the present humidity level fluctuates from the required levels, the compressor gets triggered and dehumidification gets started. This duct mount dehumidifier works on the principle of absorbing moist air from the pool room, extracting the moisture and condensing it to water, and then ...discharging the warm air back into the room. This machine is designed to function effectively even when AC is switched off.

This small ducted dehumidifier has a customized G4 filter at the inlet duct that filters impure air and ensures effective functioning of this machine, compressor that enhances efficiency and operates at low noise, and complies with international standard EN60204.

Geared with advanced components such as automatic defrosting system and delayed start up feature, the SPD series small ducted dehumidifiers are the best dehumidifiers for indoor swimming pool surroundings with its compact design and low maintenance costs.
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SPD-136L Ducted Inline Dehumidifier

Features of SPD-136L

  • LCD wall mount controller

  • Ceiling mount or wall mount

  • Two mode operation

  • Automatic defrost mechanism

  • Heavy duty

Best dehumidifier for indoor pool

SPD-50L best dehumidifier for indoor pool.

SPD-50L is a commercial dehumidifier for indoor pools and is best suited for indoor swimming settings where humidity management is critical, without which constant evaporation from the water surface condenses on glass, building walls, ceilings, etc. which results in moisture damage.

The SDP-50L dehumidifier for indoor pool room works on the same principle to that of a SPD-136L ducted dehumidifier, except that this dehumidifier for pool room has a dehumidifying capacity of 50 liters per day.

Due to the small dehumidification capacity of this unit, this dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms is ideal for use in smaller pool environments with less humidity. This machine is designed to operate at high efficiency for controlling humidity levels effectively in indoor settlements... with its compact design, easy control and low operational costs.

Armed with advanced features such as LCD wall mount controller, filter, humidistat, hygrometer, two mode operational ability, and an automatic defrost mechanism, this commercial dehumidifier for indoor pool is ideally suited for an extensive range of applications in pool settings.
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SPD-50L Dehumidifier for Indoor Pool

Features of SPD-50L

  • Duct mount

  • Compact design

  • Silent operation

  • LCD wall mount controller

  • Two mode operation

Wall mount dehumidifier

FSD-240L indoor pool dehumidification system.

Indoor swimming pool areas are often prone to high humidity generation due to evaporation from water surfaces.

Under the effect of air conditioning, this air gets condensed to water droplets which cause moisture damage to building structure, compromise with pool hygiene, and creates damp environments which results in slippery floor surfaces, enhances mold and mildew growth, pungent odors like chlorine, and impose potential health hazards like respiratory irritation and suffocation.

To avoid these hazards, a dehumidification system for indoor pools is put in place. FSD-240L is a floor-mounted dehumidifier, specially designed for humidity management in large areas with high moisture content.

This indoor pool dehumidification system is equipped with four... universally lockable wheels for easy mobility and constructed from cold-rolled steel and powder coated for lasting durability, corrosion-free, and suitable for work under a variety of harsh conditions.

With a drying capacity of 240 liters, this unit is equipped with a high-performance rotary compressor which is resistant to heat and cold and operates efficiently even under extreme temperatures.

Utilizing an environmentally-friendly gas such as R410a and constructed with noise reducing components, the coils of the evaporator and condenser are coated with a hydrophilic aluminum wing film which aids in the condensing of water and formation of water beds.

Geared with high-quality and sensitive sensors backed up easy-to-operate mechanisms, this indoor pool dehumidification system is also widely used in large commercial warehouses, basements, storage facilities, and industrial floors.
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FDS-240L Indoor Pool Dehumidification

Features of FSD-240L

  • Floor standing

  • High airflow

  • HVAC duct connection

  • Portable wheels

  • LCD controller

  • Humidistat for auto cut-off

Indoor pool dehumidification system

DRY 400 wall mount dehumidifier.

Expertly engineered with advanced components with a keen eye towards aesthetics, the DRY 400 wall mounted dehumidifier is designed to conserve floor space in swimming pool habitats.

Indoor swimming pools typically produce large volumes of humidity due to the evaporation from water surfaces. Due to this phenomenon, the environment gets highly uncomfortable for occupants.

High humidity increases the weightage of the air and reduced airflow due to the enclosed surroundings results in the creation of a damp environment.

Wall mountable dehumidifiers like DRY 400 are implemented in pool settings to maintain the interior aesthetics of indoor swimming pools which adds to the overall appearance and elegance of the room...

Without jeopardizing performance, this wall dehumidifier is designed to operate continuously and efficiently. Available in three classic finishes - silver, metal, and plastic, the body casing is constructed with rust-resistant materials.

It is composed of galvanized powder-coated metal or plastic suitable for pools with a surface area of 66 square meters under normal conditions.

Equipped with a fiberglass duct filter at the suction, A+ energy-efficient compressors of the highest grade from world class brands, wired or wireless humidistat based upon your requirements, a user-friendly control panel, and an optional feature of microLIGHT+ integration that illustrates the room’s humidity levels using different colored lights, DRY 400 is counted among the best wall mount dehumidifiers.
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DRY 400 Wall Mount Dehumidifier

Features of DRY 400

  • Elegant design

  • Low noise operation

  • Delivered with wall bracket

  • Digital LCD controller

  • HVAC system integration

Do you need indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers? 4 approaches to determine.

Reduced pool hygiene

Reduced pool hygiene.

High humidity levels can catalyst bacterial growth in the swimming pools such as mold and mildew which can impose health hazards of occupants and create discomfort.

Damage to building

Damage to building.

Excessive humidity in enclosed surroundings like indoor pools can cause structural damage, corrosion, pungent chlorine smells, slippery floors, and damage to expensive pool equipment.

Shorter equipment lifespan

Shorter equipment lifespan.

Excess moisture levels in the air can damage pool equipment like pumps and motors, which leads to frequent repairs or replacement.

Excess energy use

Excess energy use.

High humidity levels in the environment can cause the air conditioner to work harder to maintain an optimal temperature, resulting in increased energy costs.

Indoor pool dehumidifiers in action.

Best dehumidifier for indoor pool

An indoor pool dehumidifier system is a critical component of indoor swimming pool areas due to the high amount of evaporation that takes place from the water surfaces which leads to excess humidity levels.

An indoor pool room dehumidifier removes the excess moisture from the air and prevents damp environments which can lead to structural damage, slippery floors, musty odors, high energy costs, health hazards, and more.

  • Residential indoor pool dehumidifiers utilize a refrigeration process to remove moisture from the air, which is similar to the one used by air conditioning systems.

  • The indoor pool room dehumidification system draws in moist air from the surroundings.

  • The air is passed over a cooling coil which condenses the moisture to water droplets.

  • ...
  • The cold dry air is then warmed and released back into the pool area which results in reduced humidity.

  • Some of these units feature a two way method - ventilation and dehumidification for effective humidity control.

  • It is essential to ensure accurate indoor pool dehumidifier sizing for optimal performance.

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Best dehumidifiers for indoor pool - A quick overview.

Indoor pool dehumidifier systems are specially designed to remove hefty volumes of moisture from swimming pool settings quickly and effectively. With continuous operational capacity and durability to work under extreme conditions and under excessive humidity levels, these dehumidification systems for indoor pools are equipped with advanced and high-quality components for efficient and optimal performance.

 indoor pool dehumidifier system
best Industrial dehumidifier icon

The best commercial dehumidifiers for indoor pool.

Residential and commercial dehumidifiers for indoor pools find extensive use in a wide array of pool environments which are prone to high levels of humidity.

Moisture control becomes a critical aspect for these environments to prevent accidents, protect pool hygiene, avoid damage of expensive pool equipment such as motors, and mitigate damages caused by moisture such as structural changes, pungent smells, slippery floors, electrical malfunctions, etc.

Browse our comprehensive collections of indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers and choose what best aligns with your requirements.

Explore Our Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Advantages of dehumidification systems for indoor pool

dehumidification system for indoor pool
  • Help remove excess moisture from the air, reducing the potential creation of damp environments and preventing mold and mildew growth, resulting in improved air quality.

  • Constant monitoring and regulating humidity levels, allowing the indoor pool environments to be more comfortable for swimmers and fellow occupants.

  • Avoids structural damage and material corrosion by keeping continuous humidity checks.

  • Reduce workload on air conditioning systems by quickly removing moisture from the air, leading to low energy utilization and lower electricity bills.

  • Prevents moisture damage to expensive pool equipment such as pumps, motorsheaters, etc.

  • Minimize condensation on surfaces and mitigates accidents like the risk of floor slips.

  • Effective humidity management can prevent excess chlorine use and improve overall pool water quality.

Frequently asked questions

Dehumidifying an indoor pool involves removal of excess moisture from the air and optimizing humidity levels to maintain a sustainable environment for swimmers and other occupants. The most effective way through which humidity levels can be moderated is by installation of an indoor pool room dehumidifier systems.

They work by absorbing moist air from the environment and passing the air through a cooling coil which condenses the moisture to water droplets. The dry cold air is then warmed and exhausted back into the surrounding area. This process is repeated until the required humidity levels are achieved.

Dehumidifying an indoor pool area not only helps in maintaining stable humidity levels but also prevents potential damages that can be caused by moisture, such as structural deterioration, pungent smells, slippery floors, bacterial growth, pool equipment damage, etc.

Yes, indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers are a critical component of indoor pools. Indoor swimming pools generate a lot of moisture due to evaporation from the water surfaces. Due to the enclosed area, there is little to no airflow which enhances the creation of a damp environment.

Under the effect of air conditioning, excess moisture condenses to water droplets and can damage building structure, corrode metals, compromise pool water hygiene, poor air quality creating unhealthy swimming environments for swimmers, and more.

An indoor pool room dehumidifier extracts the excess moisture from the air and releases back dry air which helps in reduced moisture levels and create a comfortable indoor environment for all occupants.

By effectively moderating humidity levels, these units reduce the load on air conditioning systems and consume less energy which leads to lower utility bills.

Indoor pool dehumidifier cost depends widely on the dehumidifier size, capacity, and specifically your requirements. They are typically more powerful than the most commonly used household dehumidifiers, and especially designed to operate at high efficiency under extreme conditions, which also impacts their pricing.

The price chart also depends on what features the humidity remover is equipped with. Geared with advanced components that increase its overall efficiency with low maintenance costs, an average indoor pool dehumidification system cost can range from a few hundreds to a few thousand dollars, but that strictly depends upon your specific requirements and use cases.

CtrlTech is the reputed indoor pool dehumidifier manufacturer in UAE. They offer the best cost for a dehumidification system.

Indoor pools are enclosed within a confined space that restricts proper airflow inside the pool settlement. In addition to this, evaporation from the water surface enhances moisture levels and creates a damp environment.

This process is catalyzed during winters when water heaters are used to warm pool water that enhances heat generation and leads to increased evaporation from the water surfaces. Due to enclosed surfaces, the excess humidity is left with no room to escape and creates a damp environment which not only leads to moisture damage but also impose several health hazards to occupants.

The best way to remove excess moisture and maintain optimal humidity levels in such environments is the use of an indoor pool room dehumidifier. These advanced units work by absorbing moist air from the surroundings, extract moisture from the drawn air, and release the dry air back.

Indoor pool dehumidifier sizing varies on several factors such as pool size, room size, temperature of pool water, and type of pool.

Room size and pool size are crucial factors in determining the size of indoor pool dehumidifiers as they determine the capacity of the indoor pool dehumidification systems for effective moisture control.

Water temperature is essential because it directly affects the humidity levels in the room, which is the result of evaporation from the pool surface. Higher evaporation means higher humidity, which symbolizes that a powerful dehumidifier will be required for effective humidity management.

Pool type depicts the purpose for which the pool is used, such as residential, commercial, club, therapy, etc. The purpose for which the pool is used is significant to understand the approximate size of the indoor pool, which is essential for determining what size of indoor pool dehumidifier will be appropriate.

Indoor swimming pool dehumidification systems work by absorbing moist air from the environment and releasing back dry air while maintaining optimal humidity levels in indoor pool establishments at all times.

Due to the high rate of evaporation from the pool water surfaces, indoor surroundings are prone to excess moisture levels. These units work by drawing the moist air in and passing over a cooling coil.

This cooling coil condenses the moisture into water droplets which are collected in a tray before being drained out of the machine. The cool and dehumidified air is then heated back and released into the environment.

Reheating the air is a critical aspect of dehumidification as these units can cool the air in the entire surrounding which can make the space extremely uncomfortable for occupants. Heating the dry air helps maintain an average room temperature while removing the excessive moisture.

Some of the best dehumidifiers for indoor pools are equipped with advanced components such as high-quality sensors and humidistats that automatically senses the current humidity levels in the present habitat and adjust the operations of the dehumidifier accordingly to achieve the set required humidity.

When it comes to choosing the best dehumidifiers for indoor pools, both wall mount and ceiling mount options are good. Though both of them are ideally suitable for indoor pool spaces, they have functionalities that cater to different environments.

Ceiling mount duct dehumidifiers are best suitable for large pool rooms. Large pool spaces have higher evaporation rates from the water surfaces and thus, increased humidity concentration.

Ceiling mount dehumidifiers can handle a high airflow rate, and can be integrated with existing HVAC systems that allows the distribution of the dehumidified air across the entire space area and moderate humidity levels in a shorter span of time.


  • Specifically designed for larger pool rooms and have a much higher dehumidifying capacity, ideally suitable for use in commercial properties, therapy centers, etc.

  • Low noise operation and can be installed away from the pool room, maintaining an overall decorum of the pool environment.

  • Easy integration with HVAC systems, allowing for a centralized space for airflow for faster distribution of dehumidified air.


  • More expensive than wall mountable dehumidifiers. Typically, additional ductwork is required during installation.

  • Professional expertise required for installation.

Wall mount dehumidifiers are suitable for use in smaller or residential pool rooms. Residential indoor pools are comparatively smaller than commercial pools, which tend to have less moisture levels.

Being less expensive as compared to ceiling mount duct dehumidifiers, compact design, and ease of installation, these units are best suited for residential purposes with low humidity levels and save up on floor space.

These residential indoor pool dehumidifiers are designed to remove large volumes of moisture from the air quickly and effectively from smaller pool rooms, without the need for integration with any HVAC systems.


  • These units are more affordable and budget-friendly than ceiling duct mount dehumidifiers, which makes wall mount dehumidifiers a popular choice for residential settings.

  • Easier to install and no professional expertise required.

  • Compact design, which allows for effective dehumidification in pool rooms with limited floor space.


  • Not suitable for large pool spaces, as these machines have smaller dehumidifying capacity.

  • May produce noise during operating, which might create havoc in residential places.

Overall, the use of wall mount dehumidifiers and ceiling mount duct dehumidifiers depend upon your specific requirements and use cases.

There are a wide array of indoor pool dehumidifiers. Every unit has its own set of advantages over others, and their use cases depend upon several external factors including pool size, room size, average pool water temperature etc.

Portable: Portable dehumidifiers are typically standalone units that allow for easy mobility to be transported from one location to another throughout the floor space. These units are best suited in residential settlements, and are less expensive compared to other dehumidifier types, and usually have a smaller dehumidifying capacity.

Wall mounted dehumidifiers: These are fixed units that are normally mounted on the walls of the pool room, and are used in smaller residential indoor pool settings. They have a larger moisture removal capacity than portable systems.

They are specially compact-designed to save up floor space and fit into any small pool environment and efficiently moderate humidity levels without the need for integration in HVAC systems.

Ducted dehumidifiers: Ducted dehumidifiers have a large moisture removal capacity, and are integrated with HVAC systems for effective distribution of the dehumidified air throughout the entire space. This mechanism allows for optimal humidity management.

Ceiling mount dehumidifiers: Ceiling mount dehumidifiers are usually installed in the ceiling of the pool rooms and have a higher moisture removal capacity, ideally suitable for large commercial pool spaces. They have low operational noise levels and can be integrated into HVAC systems for optimal performance.

Floor standing dehumidifiers: These are units that operate on the same principle as a portable dehumidifier, except the fact that these units do not allow for easy movement across the floor space. They have moderate moisture removal capacity and occupy a significant amount of floor space.

In wall dehumidifiers: These indoor pool dehumidification systems are installed within the walls of the pool room and are not visible. These units are typically incorporated in places where interior aesthetics of the pool room are important and where limited floor space is a viable issue.

Residential indoor pool dehumidifiers and commercial dehumidifiers for indoor pools in Dubai, UAE have always been a growing and emerging market. With multiple suppliers available in the UAE market for indoor pool dehumidifier systems, you can buy dehumidifiers for indoor pools on Amazon, Carrefour, and Noon.com.

CtrlTech is the oldest indoor pool dehumidifier supplier in UAE, with a comprehensive and impressive catalog of some of the best dehumidifiers for indoor pools. CtrlTech offers dehumidification systems for indoor pools with multiple capacities and models to cater to the complex needs of different swimming pool environments.

Advantages of buying indoor pool dehumidifiers from old and reputed dealer like CtrlTech:

  • With over 10+ years of experience, delivery quality products lie at the core.

  • Expert advice on the best dehumidifiers for indoor pool and what best suits your requirements, based on factors such as room size, pool size, and budget.

  • Comprehensive array of options with multiple dehumidifier capacities for you to choose from.

  • Free calculation of indoor pool dehumidifier sizing.

  • Professional and prompt service delivering a seamless buying experience.

  • After-sales support including dehumidifier repair, dehumidifier servicing, and more.

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We bought eight CD-60L units from CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai for our villa in Jumeirah Golf Estate. These portable dryers are excellent. It has an exquisite look and outstanding performance. The best part is we can set humidity, fan speed, and timer. In addition, we got immediate free delivery and assistance for installation and demo. CD-60L is the best portable dehumidifier in UAE at a very reasonable price.




Happy with ceiling mount duct dehumidifier supplied by CtrlTech for our warehouse in Logistic city Dubai. Delivery and installation was very smooth. We strongly recommend this dehumidifier supplier.




I am living in Mudon Dubai. Called CtrlTech to solve the high humidity issue in my indoor swimming pool. They visited my swimming pool, did dehumidifier calculation, and installed a swimming pool dehumidifier at my villa. Since then, there is no condensation of glass and no bad smell. I strongly recommend this supplier.



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