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ASE 200 Small desiccant dehumidifier for sale.

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ASE 200 is a small desiccant dehumidifier for sale that goes a long way to protect your surroundings from moisture damage. Utilizing a silica gel material that traps and holds moisture from the air. This compact and portable unit is engineered to be highly efficient under diversified climate conditions. It has a humidity removal capacity of 18.75 kgs. Armed with advanced-grade components, this mini device finds a wide variety of applications and is not limited to marine adaptations.


ASE 200


ASE 200


Small desiccant dehumidifier


Compact desiccant dehumidifier



Small desiccant dehumidifier for sale

Features of ASE 200

Silent operation
Hour counter
Hour counter

Applications of ASE 200

Pharmaceutical units
Pharmaceutical units
Indoor swimming pools
Indoor pools
Food industry
Food industry
Refrigerating units
Refrigerating units
Marine industry
Marine industry
Cold storage rooms
Cold storage rooms
Warehouse facilities
Warehouse facilities
Alcohol storage rooms
Alcohol storage rooms
Compact desiccant dehumidifier

ASE 200 Small desiccant dehumidifier for sale - A preliminary outline.

ASE 200 is a small desiccant dehumidifier that is ideally suitable for protecting your home from moisture damage. Surplus humidity levels in residential habitats leads to dampness which catalyzes the growth of bacteria such as mold and mildew, enhances condensation on surfaces, corrodes metal structures, damages appliances and furniture, and much more.

Additionally, it also imposes adverse effects on the health of occupants in the form of difficulty in breathing and discomfort, and gives rise to respiratory issues, skin allergies, and irritation.

This desiccant dehumidifier for sale is portable and extremely convenient to use, making it easier to be transported across the entire floor space. Its compact design facilitates usage for spaces where limited floor space is a constraint, such as closets, basements, and bathrooms.

Unlike traditional humidity dryers that utilize compressors, ASE 200 is energy efficient and environmentally friendly that allows for an exceptionally smooth and efficient functioning.

In addition to this machine’s moisture absorption capabilities, ASE 200 also aids in filtering out dust, allergens, and other harmful contaminants from the air. Holding the ... capability of a silent operation, this desiccant container dehumidifier is suitable across a range of applications, and not limited to households.

Equipped with an user-friendly and intuitive control panel, it allows you to set the desired humidity levels which needs to be achieved. Accordingly, the machine will adjust its operations.

This unit utilizes a desiccant material - silica gel, that works by absorbing the moisture content present in the air. As an eventual result, overabundant moisture gets effectively removed from the atmosphere and dehumidification is what takes place.

With its sleek and aesthetic design, this device adds elegance and charm to the interiors of any room it is placed in. Expertly engineered to accommodate the spectrum of demanding environments, it has a high operational efficiency and can perfectly fit in small spaces like shelves or a countertop.

Overall, the ASE 200 is a small desiccant dehumidifier for sale that provides an effective solution for protecting your residence from moisture damage.

Bringing forth proficiency in the form of portability, energy efficiency, and easy to operate and control, this system is an ideal choice for people who want to eradicate excess humidity clutter and maintain a safe and comfortable surrounding.
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ASE 200 Desiccant dehumidifier for sale - Benefits at a glance.

Desiccant container dehumidifier
  • This unit has a humidity removal capacity of up to 18.75 kgs per day, making it highly efficient for implementation in residential and small-scale commercial settlements.

  • Works on the base principle of absorption with the help of a silica gel rotor that traps moisture from the air, resulting in a highly efficient means of dehumidification.

  • This unit consumes only 964 watts at full operational capacity, helping avoid skyrocketing utility bills.

  • Compact design and suitable for spaces up to 300 cubic meters. This makes this system highly versatile to be implemented in a wide variety of environments....

  • This mini desiccant dehumidifier has cavity and water damage drying capabilities, making it an excellent option for use in areas affected by moisture damage.

  • Silent operation with a noise production of only 48 dBA, causing no hindrance to the surroundings whatsoever.

  • Easy to use and operate humidistat knob, wherein users can adjust the humidity levels that needs to be achieved.

  • Equipped with an operational hour counter, which enables the user to track the efficient usage and perform maintenance as and when required.

  • Designed with easy mobility in mind that allows this unit to be easily transported across different locations and shifted around the entire floor space.

  • This small desiccant dehumidifier is supplied with a push handle at the back side for enhanced portability and convenience.

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Specifications of ASE 200 small desiccant dehumidifier for sale.



18.75 Kg/day


230/50 Hz


694 Watts

Dry Air

210 CMH

Reactive air

110 CMH

Protection class


Running Temp

-10 to 35°C





Stainless steel


Radial type






PTC heating

Noise Level

48 dB(A)

Dimension and Weight

Product weight

14 kg

Package weight

15.5 kg

Product size

285 × 290 × 395 mm

Package size

310 × 315 × 420 mm

* At 20°C, 80% RH | Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.

Our tail of small desiccant dehumidifiers for sale are specially designed to accommodate the dehumidification needs of demanding environments.

Our encyclopedic range of residential desiccant dehumidifiers are innovatively engineered to accommodate the diverse spectrum of humid environments, and finds extensive use in a range of small-scale applications, from residences, offices, and even commercial recreational centers. Utilizing a silica gel rotor at the forefront which is among the most efficient ways for humidity removal, these units are designed to operate under challenging conditions. From eradicating surplus moisture content, mitigating human health hazards, to protecting moisture damage and avoiding bacterial growth, CtrlTech is your one-stop-shop for all your humidity removal requirements.

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ASE 200 Small desiccant dehumidifier - An in-depth working analysis.

The ASE 200 compact desiccant dehumidifier is incredibly simple to operate, making this unit ideally suitable for users who are looking out for effective ways to control moisture in their properties.

This unit operates on the absorption principle, using a simple silica gel rotor to remove overabundant levels of humidity from the atmosphere. On a more detailed note, they work by trapping moisture onto a desiccant material, such as silica gel, and then extracting the moisture through a specialized process of heating or cooling.

This small desiccant dehumidifier for sale is equipped with robust features that facilitate this unit’s high-efficiency operations even under extreme conditions.

Armed with a switch for turning on and off the unit, and a humidistat knob for adjusting the desired humidity levels, this unit has an operational hours counter, which can accurately track the number of hours worked, allowing you a seamless tracking of how many hours has the device been operating and when it is time for maintenance.

This feature enables this unit to achieve ... optimal efficiency, and avoid any working disruptions.

Outfitted with components that makes this device highly systematic, proficient, and easy-to-use, this portable desiccant dehumidifier is supplied with a push handle for enhanced mobility across the entire floor space.

With its compact size, aesthetic design, and a powerful dehumidification capacity, the ASE 200 is a great machine for streamlined moisture control.

Whether you are looking to remove surplus moisture content and maintain a healthy and comfortable environment, reduce stickiness, avoid musty odors, prevent building disfigurement and peeling paints, mitigate corrosion of metal structures and condensation on floors and walls, ASE 200 is your go-to choice.
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Mini desiccant dehumidifier
Absorption principle.
This mini desiccant dehumidifier works on the base principle of absorption by using a desiccant material - silica gel, which works by trapping the moisture onto itself and dehumidifying the air with a controlled process of heating and cooling.
Compact design.
This unit is compactly designed to be used in areas where limited floor space is a constraint. This device can be incorporated easily in areas with up to 300 cubic meters, and can be placed in shelves or countertops.
This portable desiccant dehumidifier is specifically designed with easy portability in mind for enhanced transportation across the entire floor space.
Operation hour counter.
Equipped with an ‘operational hour counter’ that can accurately track the number of operational hours of this unit, which allows the user to monitor an estimate when the device needs maintenance, and avoid working disruptions accordingly.
Silent operation.
Armed with an energy-efficient compressor that facilitates a silent operation. As a result, this humidity remover is the perfect solution in residential and office areas.
Energy efficient.
This equipment is outfitted with components that aid in efficient operations, and help lower costs on high energy bills.
Push handle.
Supplied with a push handle at the backside for enhanced mobility to be shifted effortlessly from one place to another.
Radial fan.
This small desiccant dehumidifier for sale is armed with a radial fan for more effective circulation of air through the unit, allowing for quick dehumidification.

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