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ASE 400 Desiccant based dehumidifier.

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Maintain optimal humidity levels in your surroundings and eradicate surplus moisture that creates room for dampness which in turn leads to moisture damage. Ensure comfort with our ASE 400 desiccant based dehumidifier for effective moisture removal. With a capacity of 36 kgs and premium-grade silica drum that enhance energy efficiency, ASE 400 is an expertly engineered model finding use in a spectrum of applications like for car garages


ASE 400


ASE 400


Desiccant based dehumidifier


Desiccant rotor dehumidifier



Desiccant based dehumidifier

Features of ASE 400

Hour counter
Hour counter

Applications of ASE 400

Food industry
Food industry
Indoor swimming pools
Indoor pools
Refrigerating units
Refrigerating units
Alcohol storage rooms
Alcohol storage rooms
Cold storage rooms
Cold storage rooms
Pharmaceutical units
Pharmaceutical units
Warehouse facilities
Warehouse facilities
Marine industry
Marine industry
Desiccant type dehumidifier

ASE 400 Desiccant based dehumidifier - An abbreviated outline.

Surplus moisture content is an undeniable component of any environment, be it cold rooms, commercial cold storages, walking fridges, and recreational facilities, or any other. A desiccant type dehumidifier is perfect to reduce humidity in such places.

Overabundance of humidity catalyzes fatal effects to building structure causing disfigurement, peeling paint, swelling of wooden surfaces, condensation on floors, walls, and window panes, creation of pungent and suffocating smells, aids in bacterial growth, and more.

Additionally, over abundance of humidity in the surroundings also impacts the health of the occupants adversely. This can be in the form of difficulty in breathing, excess perspiration, skin irritation, allergies, and more.

When the question comes down to eradicating surplus moisture, there are diversified categories of dehumidification units to choose from. One of the most common of them being a desiccant rotor dehumidifier, which uses a desiccant material such as silica gel.

This unit works on the principle of drawing in moist air, passing the air over the desiccant material which is silica gel, rendering the moisture to be absorbed by the desiccant material, and the dry air is released back to the environment.

ASE 400 is not equipped with a compressor... as in the case of other dehumidification units, which enhances its operational efficiency under extreme conditions and diminishes workflow disruptions due to the frequent servicing required by compressor-based units for sustaining optimal performance.

Desiccant based dehumidifiers find extensive use habitats such as cold rooms, cold storages, refrigeration systems, walk-in freezers, server rooms, data centers, and as fresh air dehumidifiers.

This is primarily because they are specifically designed to achieve optimal performance efficiency even in low temperature conditions, where traditional refrigerant dehumidification system might jeopardize performance.

Desiccant drum dehumidifiers normally comprise a rotating wheel or rotor, which is coated with a desiccant or well-known as moisture absorbing material such as silica gel or zeolite. As the rotor rotates, the moisture-absorbing material traps and removes excess humidity from the air, leaving behind dry air that is suitable in cold climates.

Besides being equipped with the ability to perform under extreme conditions, desiccant rotor dehumidifiers have infinite other benefits over traditional refrigerant system. For instance, desiccant units are more quieter and energy-efficient than air refrigerant counterparts.

They are also easier to maintain and have a prolonged lifespan.

Contradictory to refrigerant-based dryers that utilize a compressor and a refrigerant to maintain optimal humidity levels and eradicate surplus moisture, ASE 400 silica gel dehumidifier leverages absorption technique and yields no hazardous chemicals, which makes this machine an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative for long-term use.

With its advanced technology and easy-to-use interface, our dehumidification units are the most ideal addition for use in an infinite range of habitats, especially in areas where moisture control is crucial like cold storage, refrigerators, server rooms, data centers, etc.

The desiccant based dehumidifier’s advanced moisture absorption technology combined with smart resilient features makes this device an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to remove excess moisture from the air.
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ASE 400 Desiccant type dehumidifier - Condensed perks.

Desiccant drum dehumidifier
  • ASE 400 desiccant based dehumidifier is equipped with a high performance ECODRY G3 rotor that holds the capability to absorb excess moisture effectively and has high mechanical firmness.

  • The exterior body is constructed from powder-coated steel sheet that makes this device anti-corrosive, making it durable and long-lasting for use in a diversified array of demanding environmental challenges.

  • The PTC heating system used to dry the desiccant rotor is dynamic, safe, and self-regulatory, ensuring efficient performance.

  • This desiccant rotor dehumidifier has a powerful, durable, and a silent-operating radial fan for effective circulation of dry air.

  • Armed with an inbuilt hygrostat, allowing users end control to set and adjust humidity levels that needs to be achieved...

  • This unit can easily be placed on the floor with its four rubber bumpers and comes with a carry handle for enhanced portability.

  • Outfitted with a large air filter to ensure the moist air entering the dehumidifier is free from any dirt particles and impurities.

  • This unit features an operational hour and energy counter, which enables users to track and monitor performance in real-time.

  • The ASE 400 desiccant type dehumidifier has a humidity removal capacity of 36 kgs, while consuming only 2200 watts, making this machine highly energy efficient.

  • Capable of delivering airflow of up to 480 CMH, and regenerative air of up to 185 CMH, along with the capacity to achieve humidity levels as low as 10% RH in working temperatures ranging from -10° celsius to 35° celcius.

  • The round collars for dry air outlet and exhaust outlet can be connected to flexible ducts with the help of hose clamps, providing greater flexibility in installation.

  • This unit has multiple operational modes, including continuous operation, dehumidification operation, and external control mode, to suit the different environmental requirements.

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Specifications of ASE 400 dehumidifier for industrial use.


Dehumidifying capacity

at 20°C / 60% r.h. = 36 kg/d

Liter per kWh

0,75 l/kWh

KwH per Liter

1,33 kWh/l

Power cons.

2200 W (nominell)

Air flow ext. Pressure

-10°C up to +35°C

Working range

10% r.F. up to 95% r.F.

Power cord

230 V / 50 Hz

Power cord

4,5 m. with plug

Power cord

4,5 m. with plug

Protection class


Air entry

Process- and regeneration air together with air filter

Dry-air outlet

Hose connector 1 x Ø 125

Reg.-air- outlet

hose connector Ø 80 mm


Available accessory: Hose


Available accessory: Hose clamps


Noise level

60 dB(A) 3m

Dimension and Weight

Dimensions (Height / width / depth)

410/395/560 mm


25 kgs

Out tail of desiccant drum dehumidifiers for garage leverage moisture absorption technique and ensure optimal humidity levels at all times.

We hold an impressive tail of desiccant rotor dehumidifiers for garage that utilize moisture absorption technology using a desiccant material, than the traditional refrigerant-based and compressor dehumidification units, for effective moisture control and mitigate surplus water content from the atmosphere. Available in multiple models, sizes, and capacities, browse our curated range that are tailored to confront the demanding environmental challenges.

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ASE 400 Desiccant rotor dehumidifier - Operational briefing.

Undoubtedly, excessive moisture content in the environment can produce an indefinite number of hazards, from moisture damage to buildings, discomfort to occupants, health concerns, equipment damage, food spoilage, electrical malfunction, and many other acquainted damages.

To mitigate these risks and preserve a comfortable space for all, humidity removal machines are incorporated in such places, especially in areas where continuous moisture generation is an alarming issue.

The ASE 400 desiccant rotor dehumidifier utilizes absorption technology to eradicate over-abundant humidity water content from the air and has an absorption capability of 36 kgs of moisture per day.

In terms of airflow, the desiccant drum dehumidifier can generate up to 480 CMH of dry air with regenerative air of about 185 CMH. With the airflow rate being this high, this unit is able to dehumidify the air around its vicinity quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, this machine is armed with the capability to achieve humidity levels as low as 10% RH in working temperatures ranging from -10° celsius to 35° celcius, making it suitable in a wide spectrum of applications.

This desiccant type dehumidifier comes... with round collars for the dry air and exhaust outlet, which can be connected to flexible ducts using hose clamps.

This makes it extremely easy to redirect the dry air where it is needed most, or to exhaust the moist air outside.

The ASE 400 can also be integrated to an external controller using a socket connector, which enables enhanced operational flexibility. The radial fan allows users with the end control to set its operational mode.

It can be set in ‘continuous operation’ mode wherein the radial fan will operate continuously, or can be set to ‘dehumidification operation’ mode in which the fan will operate only when the unit’s dehumidifying process is running.

In a similar way, the unit can be set to a continuous operation mode, where the unit will not shut itself down or conserve power until the desired humidity levels are reached.

Alternatively, this desiccant based dehumidifier can be set to external control mode, in which the unit will stop operating when the humidity level reduces to the value that is set in the external controller by the user.

In a nutshell, the ASE 400 desiccant rotor dehumidifier is a powerful and extremely efficient system for removing moisture from the surrounding atmosphere effectively, finding use in a diverse range of environments and applications.
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Desiccant rotor dehumidifier
PTC heating.
The PTC heating system used to dry the desiccant rotor is dynamic, safe, and self-regulatory, ensuring efficient performance, and conserves energy.
Anti corrosive.
The exterior body of this desiccant based dehumidifier is constructed from stainless steel which is anti-corrosive in nature, making it suitable for use in vigorous environments and enhances the sturdiness and durability of this unit.
Operational modes.
This unit is equipped with features that support multiple operational models, namely continuous operation and dehumidification operation. This unit can also be adjusted to auto shut down once the required humidity levels are achieved.
Dual fan mode.
The radial fan can be adjusted to run continuously irrespective of the dehumidification. Alternatively, the fan can also be set to run only when the dehumidification function is on.
External controller.
This device can be connected to the external wall mount controller, allowing users the end control over adjusting the desired humidity levels that need to be met.
Radial fan.
Fitted with a radial fan for effective circulation of air within the unit, ensuring a silent and powerful operation.
Operating temperatures.
Geared with premium-grade components that facilitates working efficiency even under extreme temperatures, ranging from -10° celsius to 35° celsius.
This desiccant rotor dehumidifier features an operational hour and energy counter, which enables users to track and monitor performance in real-time.
Flexible mounting options allowing ease of use in multiple terrains. This top dehumidifier can be floor standing, wall mounted, or ceiling mounted.

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