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SPD-480L Ducted commercial dehumidification system.

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This ducted commercial dehumidification system is an advanced heavy-duty machinery for effective humidity management, designed for optimal operational efficiency under extreme conditions. Geared with advanced features and a dehumidifying capacity of 480 liters, this commercial ducted dehumidifier for HVAC systems finds extensive use in a wide array of large-scale corporations. It can be installed inline with air conditioner ductwork.






Ducted Commercial dehumidification system


Duct mount dehumidifier



Ducted commercial dehumidification system

Features of SPD-480L

G4 Filter
G4 Filter
LCD controller
LCD controller
Dual modes
Dual modes
2 fan speed
2 fan speed
Metal body
Metal body

Applications of SPD-480L

Food industry
Food industry
Industrial processes
Industrial processes
Pharmaceutical units
Pharmaceutical units
Flood recovery
Flood recovery
Defense industry
Defense industry
Indoor pools
Indoor pools
Equipment rooms
Equipment rooms
Marine industry
Marine industry
Commercial dehumidification system

SPD-480L Ducted commercial dehumidification system - A quick scan.

With constant moisture-generation processes that take place in industrial and commercial arenas, effective moisture control becomes a more critical aspect to maintain a safe and comfortable workplace for all.

Excess humidity levels are contributed by an indefinite number of factors such as reduced airflow, industrial equipment, heat-generation processes, number of workers, poor ventilation, and therefore, incorporation of a commercial dehumidification system gets a priority.

With ducted commercial dehumidification systems like SPD-480L, moisture control gets more efficient.

High moisture levels not only have adverse effects on building structure leading to damage, corrosion of metal parts and expensive machinery, stinky smells, but also create unhealthy working conditions such as respiratory problems, irritation, skin allergies, and more.

To mitigate such hazards that can create havoc for both workers, staff, and the establishment in general, SPD-480L commercial ducted dehumidifiers are put in place.

Equipped with features and robust components that makes this unit heavy-duty, this commercial dehumidification unit is suitable for areas with high levels of humidity involving continuous moisture-generating processes, and ... ideal for use under harsh climatic conditions.

With a humidity removal capacity of 480 liters, this unit is appropriate for utilization in a vast range of environments, namely industrial settlements, swimming pool arenas, industrial establishments, and many more.

Armed with features such as ducted design for HVAC integration, advanced G4 filter for air purification, ceiling or roof mount installation to save on floor space, LCD controller for easy monitoring and control of this unit’s operations, dual mode operation, and two-fan speed, this machine is adequately geared for even the most challenging and complex humidity conditions.

This ducted commercial dehumidification system has a powder-coated metal body casing which makes this system durable, long-lasting, and anti-corrosive, which is an added advantage when working under extreme warm or cold surroundings to avoid operational disruptions.

With such advanced features lined up, this commercial dehumidifier for indoor pool makes its space for use in a comprehensive range of applications, where continuous moderation of humidity is crucial to maintain a stable and safe environment for all.
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SPD-480L Commercial dehumidification system - Perks summarized.

Ducted commercial dehumidifier
  • Ducted design for easy integration with HVAC systems for a more efficient and centralized airflow of dehumidified air.

  • This commercial ducted dehumidifier is fitted with an advanced G4 filter (and optional HEPA filters) at the inlet that traps air contaminants and any dirt particles present in the drawn air, and purifies the air.

  • Powder-coated metal body makes this commercial dehumidifier for HVAC system sturdy, durable, and long-lasting, and anti-corrosive, which makes this unit ideal for heavy-duty use under extreme conditions.

  • This ducted commercial dehumidifier has the capability of processing large volumes of air quickly and effectively, which allows faster and efficient dehumidification in a short span of time....

  • Auto-restart function that enables this ducted commercial dehumidification system to start automatically after a power cut, and resume from the same settings that it was operating with.

  • Auto-defrost function to prevent frost buildup on the condenser and evaporator coils of this machine when working under extreme temperatures.

  • Digital LCD controller that displays all required information about the unit operations, such as present temperature, humidity levels, and other advanced settings.

  • Washable air filter to prevent dirt particles from accumulating.

  • Overheat protection to prevent this commercial dryer from overheating during operation and mitigating any risks associated with it.

  • Surface electrostatic spray process involves the coating of internal components with a thin layer of material using electrostatic charge, allowing improved efficiency and longer lifespan of this industrial dehumidifier.

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Specifications of SPD-480L ducted commercial dehumidification system.


Power Consumption

5.8 Kilo Watts


380V/50 Hz/ 3 Ph

Extraction (30°C, 80% RH)

480 Liters / day

Running Temperature

5 - 38°C


Hitachi/ Panasonic or equivalent




G4 Efficiency


<65 dBA

Air Volume

5600 CMH

IP Rating



Humidity Setting


Drainage point


Dimension and Weight

Inlet Duct Size

1004 x 524 mm

Dimension (W x D x H) mm

1100 x 1280 x 695

Weight (kg)


Outlet Duct Size

1004 x 524 mm

Our collection of commercial dehumidification systems are tailored to accommodate complex humid environments.

We hold an extensive array of ducted commercial dehumidifiers, that are specifically designed to moderate humidity levels for a vast range of surroundings, including small residential spaces, indoor swimming pools, and also large-scale commercial establishments and warehouse facilities. With availability in multiple models and capacities that can take on even the most complicated surroundings with excess humidity levels, we are your one-stop-shop for all your requirements of commercial dehumidification units.

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SPD-480L Commercial duct inline dehumidifier - Operations illustrated.

Large-scale commercial facilities have undoubtedly above required moisture levels, primarily because of its involvement in processes that generate moisture. Excess humidity levels are a majorly overlooked aspect and can create long-term hazards if not addressed in time.

Surplus moisture content in the environment is responsible for damaging building structure which leads to metal surface corrosion, condensation on window panes and swelling of wooden surfaces, and results in moisture damage of expensive equipment and industrial machinery.

Additionally, the health of workers and staff gets compromised in the process in the form of respiratory issues, throat irritation, skin allergies, skin burns, and more.

On the other hand, high levels of humidity also creates enough room for electrical malfunction that might create operational disruptions and bring all undergoing processes to a standstill.

Excess moisture content compels the air conditioner to operate more efficiently in order to maintain a moderate temperature, resulting in higher utility bills. To mitigate the same, ducted commercial dehumidification systems like SPD-480L are incorporated in such facilities. ...

This unit is equipped with advanced features, namely ceiling/roof mount installation, LCD controller, dual operation, sturdy body casing, two fan speed, and much more, that makes this commercial dehumidifier for HVAC system highly efficient to operate under extreme conditions, avoiding any disruptions.

SPD-480L is a duct mount unit which offers two-mode operations of ventilation and dehumidification. This unit can be connected parallelly with the supply or return duct of an air conditioner. This allows for a centralized and more effective distributed airflow.

With a dehumidifying capacity of 480 liters, this commercial dehumidification unit is armed with a wall mount LCD controller that can be connected to the machine via a special aviation plug, which makes the usage and operation of this machine extremely simple.

Users can set the required humidity levels. The LCD panel displays the current humidity, fan speed, mode of operation among other advanced settings.

This commercial dehumidifier for indoor pools is fitted with an advanced G4 inlet at the inlet (and optional HEPA filters) that traps any dirt particles and contaminants present and purifies the air. This in turn helps increase efficiency and aid in a smooth operation.

Geared with several other advanced components that make this system ideal for heavy-duty use under a vast range of conditions and environments, this unit is a critical component for spaces with complex and large volumes of moisture.
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Commercial inline duct dehumidifier
Ducted design.
This commercial dehumidification system follows a ducted design which allows this unit to be integrated with the ductwork of any building’s HVAC systems. This enables a more centralized airflow and allows quick and effective dehumidification throughout the entire space.
HVAC integration.
Can be easily connected with HVAC systems for more efficient air circulation and dehumidification to a larger area quickly and efficiently, rather than the immediate vicinity of the machine.
G4 filter.
This commercial dehumidification unit comes fitted with an advanced G4 filter (and optional HEPA filters) that traps dirt particles and contaminants and frees the dehumidified air from any impurities.
Ceiling/roof mount.
This commercial humidity dryer can be installed on both ceiling or the roof with the help of additional support brackets, and is the ideal solution for areas with limited floor space.
LCD wall mount controller.
The machine is armed with a digital LCD wall mount controller that facilitates control and monitoring of the unit’s operations. The LCD panel displays information such as present humidity levels, required humidity, fan speed, and many more.
Two mode operation.
This commercial dehumidifier ducted has two operational modes - dehumidification and ventilation. The ventilation mode is useful under circumstances where air circulation is critical along with dehumidification. With the dehumidification mode, this unit can remove large volumes of moisture from the air quickly and effectively.
High air processing.
This unit holds the capability to process large volumes of air quickly and effectively, resulting in dry air generation in a much shorter time.
Measures the Relative Humidity (RH) levels in the air and displays it in the LCD panel, after which the humidistat triggers the compressor to start de-humidification to achieve the required humidity levels.
Automatically triggers the compressor to start the humidity removal process when present humidity levels fluctuate than the limit which needs to be achieved.
Powder-coated body.
This commercial dehumidifier for indoor pool is constructed from powder-coated metal body casing which enhances the durability and lifespan of this unit, making this unit anti-corrosive and ideal for heavy-duty operations under extreme weather conditions.
Two fan speed.
The speed of the fan symbolizes the power at which the unit draws in air and passes it over the evaporator coils, which directly impacts the effective operation of this machine. Two speed means users have end control to adjust the speed and have control over the noise it produces.

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