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Best commercial dehumidifier - Control humidity efficiently.

Control humidity levels efficiently in your business space and prevent moisture damage with the best commercial dehumidifier. Optimize humidity levels according to your comfort with our wide collection of the best commercial dehumidification systems tailored to your requirements. With the most comprehensive ranges in Dubai, UAE available in various capacities and models to choose from, prevent mold growth and protect your valuable inventory with us. Avail our diversified options and select from what suits your needs.
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Best commercial dehumidifier
Commercial dehumidifier Dubai

Best commercial dehumidifiers in UAE - A quick rundown.

Moderating and maintaining optimal humidity levels at industrial facilities is often an overlooked aspect. Spaces like warehouses and manufacturing units or storage facilities typically have excess moisture levels due to their continuous working processes.

Effective humidity management becomes a critical component in such surroundings, without which moisture damage would be a recurring process.

Excess humidity levels in the surrounding environment not only creates an uncomfortable workplace but also deteriorate business equipment, expensive machinery and inventory, produce pungent smell, corrode metal structures, and more.

Moreover, damp and moist environments provide the ideal conditions for bacterial growth. To avoid such circumstances, small commercial dehumidifiers are incorporated into such settings....

With models available in multiple dehumidification capacities, these commercial dehumidification systems are suitable to be utilized in a majority of spaces, including indoor swimming pools, commercial and recreational places, industrial settings, and much more.

Commercial dehumidifiers are designed to operate even under harsh climatic conditions and with high efficiency, normally because commercial vicinities are prone to more moisture-generation processes as compared to residential areas or certain industrial settings.

With long-lasting durability and huge dehumidifying capacities, these machines can be refurbished easily.

Their sturdy body structure makes used commercial dehumidifiers one of the most utilized systems in home basements, indoor swimming pools, small-cap industrial settings, and across a wide array of other applications.

The need of commercial inline duct dehumidifiers is not limited to commercial warehouses and storage facilities, but finds widespread use in medical clinics, laboratories, sensitive equipment rooms, pharmaceutical units, server rooms, and more.

These advanced machinery work on the same principle to that of other dehumidification systems.

They draw in moist air passing it over a condenser coil where moisture is condensed to water droplets, and the dry air is heated back and released in the environment, which in turn helps maintain optimal humidity levels and moderate room temperature.

CtrlTech is the oldest and among the best commercial dehumidifiers in UAE suppliers for over a decade.

With an impressive list of the best commercial dehumidifiers available in varying models and sizes, including commercial dehumidifier for basement & homes, our array of products are tailored to cater the spectrum of complex humidity requirements.

Whether you want to moderate humidity levels as per your needs to ensure a comfortable workplace, prevent moisture damage, avoid higher utility bills, or prevent musty odors, we are your one stop shop for all your dehumidification needs.
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Commercial dehumidifier in Dubai - A deeper analysis.

Over the past decade, we have reached the position where we can claim ourselves to be the oldest and among the best commercial dehumidifiers in Dubai suppliers. Our entire tail of products are curated for you keeping in mind the multifaceted nature of humidity in different environments. Choose from our wide array of portable, ductable, and ceiling mount units for your business space.

Small commercial dehumidifier for sale

CDM-50L small commercial dehumidifier for sale.

CDM-50L is a small commercial dehumidifier, ideally suited for smaller settlements, basements, & crawl places for effective humidity control.

With a daily dehumidification capacity of 50 liters, this compact commercial dehumidification system is ideal for atmospheres that require a small but powerful dehumidifier unit.

CDM-50L is the top commercial dehumidifier system for small-cap settings due to its heavy duty and the capability of processing a high airflow effectively. High airflow denotes processing of large volumes of air at once, which leads to quick and efficient dehumidification in a shorter span of time.

With a durable metal body and powder coating paint, this unit follows industrial grade specifications. Engineered to accommodate rough use under ... harsh conditions, this small commercial dehumidifier is suitable for use in a spectrum of applications.

This machine is equipped with an inbuilt tank for storage of condensate water, two wheels and foldable push handle for easy mobility across the entire floor space.

Geared with robust and advanced features such as built-in humidistat which regulates the system for achieving the required humidity levels, branded compressor that runs with eco-friendly gas which enhances efficiency, auto defrost mechanism, delay timer, this humidity remover machine is specifically designed to perform heavy-duty functions without jeopardizing performance.

This unit consumes only 745 watts of power even at full operational capacity.

This commercial dehumidifier for sales comes fitted with an LCD control panel that displays all the operational parameters of the machine. Alongside displaying current humidity levels and room temperature, users can also set fan speed and change the operation mode.
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More Commercial Dehumidifier For Sale

Features of CDM-50L

  • Portable

  • Inbuilt tank

  • Auto stop

  • Delay timer

  • LCD panel

Top commercial air dehumidifier

AD-780 Top commercial air dehumidifier.

This commercial air dehumidifier is German made and manufactured by Aerial. This unit is designed for extreme heavy-duty usage and equipped with premium and high-quality internal components for the same reason.

Constructed primarily from impact and shock-resistant plastic, this commercial grade dehumidifier is non-corrosive, durable, and a long-lasting military-grade dehumidification device.

With a humidity removal capacity of 78 liters per day and an integrated condensate pump, the working temperature range of this commercial grade dehumidifier has no comparisons and is innovatively engineered to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

AD-780 is a top rated commercial dehumidifier and armed with the ... most premium quality components to achieve optimal performance and efficiency.

This unit features a copper and aluminum finned condenser and evaporator, and a two-stage EC axial fan, which consumes less energy and reduces higher utility bills.

Equipped with heat-pump technology that incorporates energy recovery, this industrial commercial dehumidifier is a hot-gas defrost machine that operates on demand.

With advanced features such as auto-defrost mechanism which enhances the performance of the evaporator coil, and utilizing advanced BlueDRY technology to enhance energy efficiency at low humidity and temperature levels, this top rated commercial dehumidification system is also armed with refrigerated circuits that feature an easy-to-maintain service terminal.

AD 780 is a top commercial air dehumidifier that comes with an advanced control panel which is fitted with sensitive sensors that triggers LED lights to illuminate for specific operational functions of this humidity dryer, such as when the condensate tank is full, or when required humidity levels are reached.

Expertly engineered with a sack of advanced and premium features, this system finds use in a wide variety of applications with its large dehumidifying capacity.
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Commercial Air Dehumidifier

Features of AD 780

  • Shock proof

  • Axial fan

  • Hermetic

  • Copper coils

  • Gas defrost

Ducted commercial dehumidification system

SPD-480L Ducted commercial dehumidification system.

This ducted commercial dehumidification system is a heavy-duty unit and is suitable for areas with high levels of humidity involving continuous moisture-generating processes, and ideal for use under harsh climatic conditions.

With a humidity removal capacity of 480 liters, this unit is appropriate for utilization in a vast range of environments, namely industrial settlements, swimming pool arenas, industrial sites, and many more.

Armed with features such as ducted design for HVAC integration, advanced G4 filter for air purification, ceiling or roof mount installation to save on floor space, LCD controller for easy monitoring and control of this unit’s operations, dual mode operation, and two-fan speed, this machine ... is adequately geared for even the most challenging and complex humidity conditions.

SPD-480L is a duct mount unit which offers two-mode operations of ventilation and dehumidification. This unit can be connected parallelly with the supply or return duct of an air conditioner. This allows for a centralized and more effective distributed airflow.

Users can set the required humidity levels. The LCD panel displays the current humidity, fan speed, mode of operation among other advanced settings.

This commercial dehumidifier for indoor pools is fitted with an advanced G4 inlet at the inlet (and optional HEPA filters) that traps any dirt particles and contaminants present and purifies the air. This in turn helps increase efficiency and aid in a smooth operation.
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Commercial Dehumidification System

Features of SPD-480L

  • G4 filter

  • LCD controller

  • Dual modes

  • 2 fan speed

  • Metal body

Do you need to buy commercial dehumidifier - 4 knowhow.

Product damage

Product damage

Surplus humidity levels in the environment can cause moisture damage to expensive industrial equipment and machinery, causing them to corrode and incur hefty costs in the long run.

High energy bills

High energy bills

Excess moisture content in the atmosphere compels the air conditioner to work hard to absorb the excess humidity, which results in higher utility bills.



Overabundance of humidity in the surroundings results in the creation of damp environments, and provides room for bacterial growth, suffocating smells, and condensation on windows, walls, or ceilings.



Redundant moisture content can make your vicinity feel more claustrophobic and muggy. This not only leads to building structure disfigurement, but also can impose human health hazards.

Best commercial dehumidifiers - An operational overview.

Used commercial dehumidifier

A commercial dehumidification system is typically incorporated in large scale industrial and commercial facilities where moisture generation is a continuous process. This includes warehouse facilities, storage units, pharmaceutical plants, marine and defense industry, food sector, and more. The implementation of industrial commercial dehumidifiers is critical in such areas to prevent moisture damage.

  • Moist air is absorbed through the air inlet.

  • The air inlet of certain commercial dehumidifier for sale are outfitted with an advanced G4 filter (and optional HEPA filters) that traps the dirt particles.

  • Moist air is passed through a series of condenser coils where moisture is condensed to water droplets.

  • The condensate water is stored in inbuilt water tanks, if any, and then drained out through a hose pipe connection....

  • Dry air is reheated back and released into the environment.

  • The air outlet might have a ducted design that can be integrated with HVAC systems for a more centralized and distributed airflow of dehumidified air to a larger area than the immediate vicinity.

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Small commercial dehumidifier features - A quick snap.

The best commercial dehumidifiers are designed that can quickly and effectively moderate humidity levels from a large settlement with high efficiency. This is achieved through the robust features and premium components that these commercial dehumidifiers for sale are equipped with.

Commercial dehumidifier sale

Best Commercial dehumidifiers in Dubai - A brief wrap.

Commercial dehumidifier units are utilized extensively in habitats that involve excess moisture generation as a part of their working processes. Hence, dehumidification systems are an undeniable component of such atmospheres to avoid moisture damage, protect worker health, and maintain a safe and comfortable workspace. Dive deep into our comprehensive range of commercial dehumidifiers UAE and choose from what best aligns with your requirements.

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Benefits of Commercial dehumidifiers in Dubai.

landing - benefits
  • Mitigate excess moisture content and maintain optimal humidity levels at all times.

  • Protect worker health and provide a safe and comfortable workspace for all.

  • Prevent moisture damage to expensive equipment and machinery. Avoid building structure disfigurement, peeling paint, musty odors, condensation on surfaces and window panes, and much more hazards like these.

  • Reduces the load on air conditioners to work harder for absorbing excess moisture, which results in lower utility costs.

  • Adjusts its working operations accordingly to achieve the set required humidity, and auto shuts-down when the target is achieved. This helps keep a constant check on the present humidity levels and reduces power consumption when the unit is not in use.

Frequently asked questions

Commercial dehumidifiers are typically made for heavy-duty use under extreme conditions, which makes these units extremely long-lasting and durable for a prolonged period of time without jeopardizing its operational efficiency.

Due to the sturdy nature of these commercial dehumidification systems, these units are refurbished and then can be used as standalone units at a comparatively lower price. You can buy used commercial dehumidifiers in UAE at some of the most well-known and reputed brands like Amazon, Dubizzle, direct supplier, etc.

CtrlTech is among the oldest dehumidifier suppliers in UAE with over 10+ years of experience in the business. Bringing a comprehensive catalog of diversified ranges of industrial dryers in UAE at a competitive rate, CtrlTech is a one-stop-shop for all your dehumidification requirements.

Commercial dehumidifier costs vary widely depending on an array of factors - the most prominent of them being humidity removal capacity and features.

Industrial commercial dehumidifiers are specifically designed to tackle the humidity requirements for complex and challenging environments in large industrial factories where moisture generation is a continuous process.

For the same reason, commercial inline duct dehumidifiers have varying capacities, primarily 50, 78, and 480 liters, which directly affects the price fluctuation. It also depends upon the robust features the unit is equipped with.

For instance, if a user needs a condensate water tank to be fitted in the unit to avoid continuous water drainage and prevent operational disruptions, the price might hike up to AED 1500. The typical commercial dehumidifier price range begins from AED 4300.

Though commercial size dehumidifiers are equipped with features and energy-efficient advanced components that aids in quick and effective dehumidification in large spaces, there are specific features that a unit must possess to be identified among the best commercial dehumidifiers.

High capacity - With the primary utilization of these units being in large-cap industrial and commercial settlements such as factories, storage units, warehouse facilities, etc, the best commercial dehumidifiers should hold a high humidity removal capacity as these surroundings involve processes like heat generation and manufacturing, and where moisture generation is a continuous process. Effective humidity control in such habitats is crucial to prevent moisture damage to expensive equipment and machinery.

Sturdy construction - Specifically designed for heavy-duty use in a vast range of environments under extreme conditions, these units need to have a durable and sturdy construction that enables them to operate efficiently without jeopardizing performance, even under extreme climatic conditions. Generally, a sturdy construction facilitates these systems to be anti-corrosive, shock-proof, and much more.

Energy efficient - The commercial dehumidifier for sale integrates energy-efficient and premium components that enhances the working efficiency of these systems, and also leads to less power consumption. Energy efficient units are normally armed with an auto shut-down feature that gets triggered specifically under two circumstances - when the required humidity levels are achieved and when the condensate water tank is full to prevent overflow. This ensures less power consumption when the machine is not in use.

Hygrometer - All industrial commercial dehumidifiers are outfitted with an LCD panel that is armed with a hygrometer. This unit senses and displays the present humidity levels, and thereby allows you to set the required humidity levels that needs to be achieved accordingly.

Humidistat - Humidistat triggers the unit’s as per the humidity levels that needs to be achieved and starts or stops dehumidification accordingly.

Internal condensate pump - Due to the use of these units in spaces with surplus humidity content, the best commercial dehumidifiers should have an inbuilt condensate water pump for storage of condensate water to help prevent continuous water drainage that can lead to working disruptions.

CtrlTech is the oldest and one of the most reputed suppliers of used commercial dehumidifiers in UAE with over 10+ years in the business.

CtrlTech has an encyclopedic list of commercial dehumidifiers for indoor pool, available in multiple models and capacities designed for demanding environments with unpredictable humidity conditions.

CtrlTech offers humidity absorber machines at a discounted price. Being the oldest suppliers in UAE, all the commercial dehumidification systems are engineered for optimal performance under extreme conditions. Thereby, the commercial dehumidifiers for sale operate with the same efficiency as the new model without compromising performance.

Additionally, CtrlTech sells their phased model every year as a used commercial dehumidifier at heavy discount.

When it comes to making a decision between owning or hiring a commercial dehumidifier, we need to consider a few facts. In simple terms, if you need a dryer for a very short duration then it is always better to go for dehumidifier rental. On the other hand, for long periods of use, buying a unit is economical.

Buying and industrial dehumidifier hire, both have its disadvantages also. When you rent a commercial dehumidifier, you have limited choice on ratings and features. You need to choose from the limited options that rental companies have. When you decide to purchase it, you can choose from a wide range of models from different manufacturers.

There is no doubt that commercial dehumidifiers are ideal for spaces that involve continuous moisture generation processes, and where effective moisture control is important to prevent damage from excess levels of humidity.

Ideally suitable in large-scale units such as factories, warehouses, business centers, etc, it finds use in a wide array of applications and can prove to be a long-term fruitful investment to help maintain a safe and comfortable working environment.

A commercial dehumidifier UAE is specially designed to address the complex and excess moisture levels in the surroundings and help maintain optimal humidity levels at all times that leads to a comfortable and safe workspace.

Excess humidity levels in spaces that involve continuous moisture generation processes can impose adverse effects and dangers to both building structures and the people within.

Surplus humidity can lead to building disfigurement, generate suffocating chlorine smells, peel off paint, swell wooden surfaces, corrode metal surfaces, and also results in respiratory problems and skin irritation in humans.

To mitigate these hazards, a commercial size dehumidifier is implemented in such places that help reduce the redundant moisture content and help prevent mold and mildew growth, protect moisture damage to expensive industrial equipment and machinery, improve air quality, reduce utility bills, and create a more comfortable workspace.

Available in multiple models, sizes, and capacities, CtrlTech’s diversified range of commercial dehumidifiers for basement are engineered to accommodate the different humidity requirements for varied types of environments.

Equipped with features that make these units highly efficient, these commercial dehumidification systems are incorporated into a wide spectrum of applications.

Overall, commercial dehumidifiers aids in the following activities:

  • Reduce excess humidity level and prevents moisture damage.

  • Leads to lower utility bills through effective dehumidification, thereby allowing air conditioners to not have to work harder for maintaining an optimal environment.

  • Prevents building disfigurement, condensation on wooden surfaces and window panes, eradicate foul smells, and more.

Commercial dehumidifiers are primarily used in large industrial and commercial settlements for effective humidity management, and finds extensive utilization in a wide range of applications, including factories, warehouses, marine industry, food industry, pharmaceutical units, indoor pools, and also equipment rooms.

Commercial dehumidifiers in Dubai are specifically used in industries where overplus humidity is a critical concern and where moisture control is necessary to prevent damage.

For instance, excess moisture content in industrial places can lead to corrosion damage of expensive equipment and machinery. In pharmaceutical units, excess humidity means more water content in the atmosphere that has the capability to react with the chemical composition of medicines and alter them.

To eradicate such fatal hazards from happening, commercial dehumidification systems are used.

Small commercial dehumidifiers work on the same base principle to that of other dehumidification units. They absorb moist air from the surroundings, passing it over the condenser coil where moisture is extracted and condensed to water droplets, and the dry air is reheated and released back into the environment.

The overall working principle also varies from unit to unit as these commercial dehumidifiers for sale are equipped with different features that depend upon the model and dehumidification capacity. The more heavy-duty the machine is, the more advanced features and components the system is geared with.

For instance, certain commercial dehumidifiers for indoor pool are equipped with an advanced G4 filter at their air inlet that traps dirt particles and frees the dehumidified air from any contaminants.

Additionally, few commercial inline duct dehumidifiers have a ducted design which can be integrated with HVAC systems for a more centralized and distributed airflow of dehumidified air to a larger area than the immediate vicinity.

In a nutshell, the overall working principle of all dehumidification units are similar to each other, but might involve additional and advanced processes according to their armed features and design.

Comparison pointer Home dehumidifiers Commercial dehumidifiers
Capacity Home dehumidifiers are made for small-scale use in residential properties, offices, basements, etc, and have a comparatively lower humidity removal capacity. Designed and engineered to handle complex humid environments and can effectively remove moisture from large spaces conveniently and efficiently, and have a high dehumidification capacity.
Durability Durable but not suitable for heavy-duty use under extreme conditions. Sturdy, long-lasting, and durable construction for heavy-duty use under harsh conditions and climates. Typically anti-corrosive and shock-proof in nature, due to their metal body casing and with high-quality materials.
Features Simple basic controls that are ideal for use cases in small spaces with no special agenda for dehumidification under complex environments. Equipped with robust features that make humidity removal from large-scale establishments a seamless task, such as complete automatic controls, delay timer, LCD panel, internal memory, dual operations, and much more.
Noise Typically have a silent operation, making home dehumidification units suitable for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, and even offices. Depending upon the model, may or may not have a silent operation.
Pricing More affordable and budget friendly than commercial dehumidification systems. Comparatively higher price due to their large capacity, features, size, etc.

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We are the oldest dehumidifier supplier in Dubai, UAE. Our product gamut includes dehumidification systems for home, industrial, commercial, and indoor swimming pool humidity control. As per our core value, we ensure the best product & service at affordable prices. We serve our clients in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and African countries.

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We bought eight CD-60L units from CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai for our villa in Jumeirah Golf Estate. These portable dryers are excellent. It has an exquisite look and outstanding performance. The best part is we can set humidity, fan speed, and timer. In addition, we got immediate free delivery and assistance for installation and demo. CD-60L is the best portable dehumidifier in UAE at a very reasonable price.




Happy with ceiling mount duct dehumidifier supplied by CtrlTech for our warehouse in Logistic city Dubai. Delivery and installation was very smooth. We strongly recommend this dehumidifier supplier.




I am living in Mudon Dubai. Called CtrlTech to solve the high humidity issue in my indoor swimming pool. They visited my swimming pool, did dehumidifier calculation, and installed a swimming pool dehumidifier at my villa. Since then, there is no condensation of glass and no bad smell. I strongly recommend this supplier.



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