Why dehumidifier for swimming pool ?

Why dehumidifier for indoor pool room

High humidity is major problem in all indoor pool room. Swimming pool Dehumidifier is equipment which helps to reduce humidity in indoor pool room. But we need to understand first why we need dehumidifier particularly in indoor pool area? In this article we will understand answer of this question.

Why you need dehumidifier for swimming pool?
Why dehumidifier for swimming pool

Need of swimming pool dehumidifier

High humidity generated by pool water surface in indoor swimming pool area due to evaporation. If pool water is heated then evaporation rate will be more which will generate more humidity in pool area. This high humidity not only create unpleasantness but also it damages property. High humidity in indoor pool room causes pilling of wall paint, black spot on wall, swelling of wood, malfunctioning of electronics and development of mold and fungus. Humidity generated in indoor pool room is depend on surface area of pool, water temperature, room temperature and it usages.

Indoor pool room dehumidifier can reduce humidity in room and protect your property and keep property safe.

Types of Indoor pool room dehumidifier

CtrlTech offers following type of dehumidifiers for indoor pool room.

  • Duct dehumidifier for indoor pool room.
  • Floor mount dehumidifier for pool
  • Wall mount dehumidifier for pool room.
  • Portable dehumidifier for swimming pool.

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