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Ceiling Mount Dehumidifier.

Improve air quality and prevent mold growth with a ceiling mount dehumidifier. Discover the benefits and features when selecting a unit for your space. Discover the types of ceiling dehumidifiers available and the features to consider when buying a system for your home or commercial space. Improve air quality and reduce humidity levels today.
Ceiling mount dehumidifier

Features of Ceiling Mount Dehumidifier.

Silent operation
Compact design
high Airflow
high Airflow
Easy installation
Easy install

Applications of Ceiling Mount Dehumidifier.

Indoor pool
Indoor pool
Data centers
Above Ceiling dehumidifier

Above Ceiling dehumidifier.

High humidity levels can be a significant issue in homes and commercial spaces. It can lead to various problems, such as health issues, odors, and mold development. It is essential to maintain optimal humidity levels to combat these issues effectively by installing a ceiling mount dehumidifier.

An above ceiling dehumidifier effectively creates more comfortable and healthy living spaces by removing excess moisture from the air. As its name suggests, it is installed above the false ceiling, which makes it a space-saving and more practical solution than other types of units.

Some of the main types of ceiling dehumidification systems are suspended, ducted, and flush-mounted dehumidifiers.

A ceiling suspended dehumidifier is the most commonly used system and is ideal for use in larger spaces. They are typically suspended from the ceiling using chains or cables and are relatively easy to install. If you like to integrate your dryer with the existing central heating and cooling system, then a ducted type system is ideal for you.

It is installed in the ductwork of the HVAC system to cover the whole space.Flush-mounted dehumidifiers are installed directly into the ceiling and are designed to blend... in seamlessly with the surrounding decor. It is a good option for small rooms and those more concerned about interior looks.

So, it is not wrong to say that ceiling mounted dehumidifiers are an economical, convenient, and powerful solution to get rid of the menace of high moisture.

Considering the factors discussed above, you can choose the right ceiling mount dehumidifier for your specific needs and create a more comfortable and healthy living environment.
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Pros of ceiling mount dehumidifier.

Pros of ceiling mount dehumidifier
  • Ceiling mount dehumidifiers are ideal for larger spaces, such as basements or commercial buildings, as they can cover a larger area than portable dehumidifiers.

  • For spaces with high ceiling heights, portable dryers may not be able to remove moisture at a high level. But ceiling dehumidifiers can work effectively.

  • These units do not occupy valuable floor space, which can be a significant advantage in smaller homes or commercial spaces.

  • Ceiling hung dehumidifiers are designed to operate quietly, making them ideal for use in living areas or bedrooms. It is in contrast to portable dehumidifiers, which can be noisy and disruptive...

  • It requires less maintenance than portable units because they do not have to be emptied or cleaned as often.

  • Ceiling mount dehumidification systems typically come with customizable settings, allowing you to adjust the humidity levels to your specific needs.

  • Ceiling mount dehumidifiers are more efficient than portable dehumidifiers because they can cover a larger area and are designed to operate continuously.

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How to buy a ceiling mounted dehumidifier?

Buyers should consider several features when purchasing a ceiling mount dehumidifier. Firstly, the volume of the space is crucial to determining the unit's required capacity. Humidity levels should also be considered, as higher levels require more powerful units. ...

Drainage systems, noise level, energy efficiency, ease of installation, and maintenance requirements should also be considered. Buyers should also choose a reputable brand known for producing high-quality and reliable dehumidifiers.

By considering these features, buyers can select a unit that is effective, efficient, and easy to maintain, improving air quality and reducing the risk of mold growth and other humidity-related issues.
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Ceiling type dehumidifier
Choose the models with a sleek and modern design that blends well with the decor. The design should also consider the installation space and requirements, such as the ceiling height, ventilation, and wiring.
Drainage system.
You should also consider the drainage system when selecting a ceiling mount dehumidifier. Some models require a direct drain connection, while others use a reservoir with a pump.
Operation noise.
It is an important factor since units are going to install above the false ceiling in the living space. Choose the silent ceiling dehumidifier with sound not more than 55 dBA.
Select the models that have a digital display and touch buttons that allow the user to set the desired humidity level, timer, fan speed, and other features. The controls should be easy to use and access.
Size of the space.
You should select an appropriately sized unit for the area to ensure it effectively removes moisture from the air and maintains optimal humidity levels.
Maintenance requirements.
Look for models with washable filters that can be easily cleaned and reused. Consider the ease of accessing the unit's maintenance panel for repairs.
Brand reputation.
The brand's reputation is important when selecting a commercial ceiling-mounted dehumidifier. Look for brands like CtrlTech, which are known for their quality and reliability with decades of experience.
A longer warranty means more confidence and protection for the user in case of defects or malfunctions. The warranty should cover both the parts and labor costs for repairs or replacements.
A longer warranty means more confidence and protection for the user in case of defects or malfunctions. The warranty should cover both the parts and labor costs for repairs or replacements.
Power Consumption.
Energy efficiency is important when selecting a humidity dryer machine. Try buying a model with at least a four-star Energy Star rating from a certified agency to save money on your energy bills.
Ease of installation.
Choose a ceiling mount dehumidifier that is easy to install or have a professional install it. Consider the installation process and any additional equipment needed.
Humidity levels.
When selecting a system, the humidity levels in your home or commercial space should also be considered. Humid rooms will need a more powerful unit to remove dampness.

Frequently asked questions.

A ceiling mount dehumidifier is generally installed above the room's false ceiling, and it removes moisture to control humidity. Ceiling dehumidifiers are typically used in spaces with limited floor space or where high humidity levels can cause damage to equipment, materials, or health.

The ceiling mount air dehumidification system draws in humid air through a fan and passes it over a cold coil. Here it condenses the water vapor into liquid. The liquid is then collected in a drain pan or a hose and disposed of.

The dry air is then reheated and released into the room or the building. By creating a dry climate, it prevents mold growth and reduces allergens and odors. Also, it protects sensitive items from corrosion or deterioration.

A ceiling dehumidifier can be useful for spaces that have high humidity levels to avoid issues due to dampness. It is commonly recommended for basements, crawl spaces, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or indoor pools. Some signs that you may need a ceiling-type dehumidifier are:

  • You notice condensation on the windows, walls, or pipes.

  • You smell musty or moldy odors in the air.

  • You see mold or mildew growth on the surfaces or fabrics.

  • You experience allergic reactions or respiratory problems due to poor air quality.

  • You have damage to your furniture, flooring, or electronics due to moisture.

If you have any of these issues, you can install a ceiling-mounted dehumidifier to improve the comfort and health of your space.

Some of the distinct benefits of using a ceiling mounted dehumidifier are: It saves floor space and avoids cluttering the room with wires and hoses. Also, it does not interfere with aesthetics.

  • A ceiling dehumidification system can cover a large area. When it is connected to the ductwork, it can provide uniform dehumidification.

  • It can operate quietly and efficiently, as it does not have to overcome gravity to move air and water.

  • A ceiling-hung dehumidifier can prevent mold growth, corrosion, condensation, and other humidity-related problems.

  • These systems reduce the risk of water damage on the walls and ceilings by removing excess moisture from the air.

  • It can be controlled remotely or automatically depending on the humidity level and user preferences.

  • It improves indoor air quality and comfort by maintaining a healthy and consistent humidity level.

A ceiling mount dehumidifier can be used for various applications, such as:

  • It is used at indoor swimming pools, spas, and jacuzzis, where high humidity can cause structural damage and health issues.

  • Commonly installed inside warehouses, factories, and storage facilities, humidity can affect the quality and safety of goods and equipment.

  • It is suitable for Museums, libraries, and archives, where humidity can damage valuable artifacts and documents.

  • Due to its silent operation, it is ideal for Hospitals, laboratories, and clean rooms, where humidity can affect the hygiene and performance of medical devices and procedures.

Please consider the following factors while doing the dehumidifier calculation.

  • The size and shape of the room or space that needs dehumidification.

  • The desired humidity level and temperature of the room or space.

  • The source and amount of moisture in the room or space.

  • The type and availability of power supply and drainage system in the room or space.

  • The budget and maintenance requirements of the dehumidifier.

Installing a ceiling dehumidifier can be challenging, requiring technical skills and tools. It is designed to fit in a drop ceiling or a suspended ceiling, and it needs to be connected to a drain line and an electrical outlet. The installation process involves several jobs like:

  • cutting a hole in the ceiling tile.

  • mounting the dehumidifier unit.

  • attaching the drain hose and the power cord.

  • securing the unit with screws and brackets.

If you are not trained for the above-listed jobs, hiring a professional contractor who can do it safely and efficiently is advisable. A poorly installed ceiling mount dehumidifier can cause water damage, fire hazards, or malfunctioning of the device.

The average cost of a ceiling mount dehumidifier depends on several factors. Mainly it is determined by its dehumidifying capacity, the airflow rate, the energy efficiency, the features, and the brand. Based on some online sources, the price range of a ceiling mount dehumidifier can vary from AED 8000 to AED 17000.

Please note that this mentioned cost is only for the equipment supply. Installation charges will be separate depending on the site condition and project location.

Therefore, consulting a professional contractor to get all costs involved before purchasing a ceiling mounted dehumidifier is advisable.

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